93. What is a decentralized currency?

Answer: The legal tender currency, also known as the sovereign currency, is a country’s legal currency that serves as the price standard. Decentralized currencies are decoupled from sovereignty and are not priced by a single regulating agency. After DW20, which relies on Bitcoin, becomes the standard currency, it will become a decentralized standard currency.

The current dollar and euro are the international currency benchmarks, the pricing units. The U.S. dollar has an issuing department, the Federal Reserve, but the Federal Reserve does not price the U.S. dollar. The pricing of the U.S. dollar is distributed; that is, the market determines it. DW20 does not have an issuing entity like the Federal Reserve. It mainly relies on mortgage issuance to correspond to the currency settlement volume in international trade. It issues as much as needed. Initially, the 210 billion DW20 airdropped was not a fraction of the total issuance.

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