89. If DW20 develops well in the future, competitors are likely to plagiarize it in the market. How should we prevent it?

Answer: In cryptocurrency and web 3.0 projects, the industry most recognizes the value of first-of-its-kind projects. The value of non-first-of-its-kind projects is generally much lower than that of first-of-its-kind projects. This is manifested as the 2:8 phenomenon; 20% of the leading projects own about 80% of the market value, which is mostly the case for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Therefore, good first-of-its-kind projects are generally not afraid of competitors. DW20 is an excellent and original project, which is of groundbreaking significance in realizing the Bitcoin standard. In the future, DW20 is not about preventing competitors from emerging. More competitors will promote the progress of the industry and the growth of projects. DW20 has a community decision-making mechanism that can collect opinions through suggestions, proposals, voting, etc., to achieve continuous improvement and stay ahead.

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