8. Why is it said that “registration is mining” and “the earlier the registration, the better”?

Answer: After the user registers chainless into the airdrop procedure, he can wait for the system airdrop. There is only one chance to get coins through airdrop. In this sense “registration means mining.” As long as you register, it is equivalent to completing the mining work. When a certain number of DW20 coins “fall from the sky” and enter, you are After adding your wallet, congratulations, you have successfully “mined.”

Since each registered user’s Bitcoin address has only one chance to receive an airdrop, and the airdrop of DW20 coins will be carried out within 30 currency issuance cycles, the airdrop coins obtained in each cycle are different. The airdrop coins issued in each previous cycle are relatively more, and the number of coins issued in subsequent cycles will decrease. In this sense, the earlier you register, the more advantageous it is. Those who register earlier can get more DW20 coins and CLYs than those who register later.

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