74. Since DW20 is “registered mean mined,” how is the value of DW20 formed without mining?

Answer: We estimate that around 50 million Bitcoin accounts will receive airdropped DW20 coins. In “mining” terms,” registration means mining.” Our airdropped Bitcoin customers are high-quality customers. DW20 activates the value of these users. User value is recognized in the capital market. When valuing DW20 coins based on user value, according to the valuation rules for Internet financial users, each user is worth 500-1,000 US dollars. During the airdrop stage of DW20 coins, we valued each Bitcoin address at 100 US dollars. Valuation (a very conservative estimate): everyone can easily calculate the total valuation of DW20 based on this. Judging from the performance of the coin circle market, the market price of general cryptocurrency is higher than the valuation of its user value. This is true for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc.

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