51. Why does DW20 have the advantage of micro-payment?

Answer: What we call micropayment is payment similar to WeChat Pay and Alipay. Such payments must be fast and require minimal handling fees. If people put micropayment settlement on a layer of the Bitcoin system, it would be too expensive.

The operation and management costs of the chainless system are meager, and the fees are lower than those of banks. When DW20 becomes a stablecoin, there will be no charge for transfers of less than 1 DW20 on the chainless platform, and the speed is equivalent to that of the centralized payment system.

Therefore, the chainless system can serve as the second layer of the Bitcoin system and closely connect the chainless platform and the Bitcoin system through the BRC20 protocol. That enables micropayments through DW20. (Micropayments are one of the uses of DW20 coins.)

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