44. How to Get Profits from Rising DW20 by Mortgaging Bitcoin to Issue DW20?

Answer: For example, during the stablecoin stage, when the price of DW20 is higher than 1 USD (assuming it is 1.05 USD), the market maker can mortgage Bitcoin to issue DW20, stipulating a 50% mortgage rate. Tokens can issue DW20 worth 1 U.S. dollar, which is 1 DW20 (the DW20 issued as collateral is calculated as 1 U.S. dollar). After the DW20 issued by this part of the mortgage enters the market, it is sold at US$1.05. Then, when the price of DW20 recovers to US$1, another DW20 is bought, which can then release the mortgaged Bitcoin, and the arbitrage income is US$0.05. In the same way, if the price of DW20 is US$0.95, which is lower than US$1, the market maker can buy DW20 at a low price and sell the DW20 at a high price of 1.05 yuan. The Bitcoins mortgaged by DW20 are released, and the arbitrage income is US$0.10.

If the above methods are adopted, ordinary users can have profit opportunities.

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