33. Why is it necessary to lock the DW20 coins airdropped?

Answer: Since our airdrop coins are all given away, the entry of customers is random, and we have different lock-in periods for customers. If there is no lock-up period, customers often sell out as soon as the market opens after receiving the airdrop, which is not conducive to the long-term development of DW20 coins. Lock-up combined with linear release allows customers to pay attention to DW20 coins long-term and deepens their learning and understanding of DW20 coins. and observation of the board.

In addition, when the currency price reaches 10% below the lower Bollinger Band, we will temporarily lock the currency in the lock-up period until the currency price returns to the middle Bollinger Band and the lock is released. It will be beneficial to the overall stability of the DW20 currency price.

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