134. Why can the BRC20 protocol help DW20 become Bitcoin’s standard currency?

Answer: DW20 is issued according to the BRC20 protocol and is a BRC20 token that is intelligently distributed based on a chainless system.

The chainless system is a transparent and centralized payment platform. It uses the BRC20 protocol, the space of Bitcoin’s Segregated Witness, and the reliability of the tested POW consensus to upload the hash value of the second-layer chainless system’s running account book. It can be queried using Google Chrome, giving the unilateral accounting system the credibility of the Bitcoin system.

The Bitcoin standard requires a standard currency for pricing and a token for small payments. DW20 uses the Bitcoin system ledger as one layer through the BRC20 protocol and chainless platform, significantly improving the convenience of transactions and demonstrating how to use the Bitcoin system correctly.

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