129. DW20, what is the relationship between the Bitcoin and chainless systems?

Answer: We will answer this question by referring to the diagram below:

1. The Bitcoin and chainless systems are connected through cross-chain conversion, and the user controls this process entirely. Chainless systems need to verify this.

2. The chainless system is the second layer of the Bitcoin system. It closely links the chainless platform with the Bitcoin system through the BRC20 protocol and also realizes an ecological model of Bitcoin.

3. The chainless system is also a payment platform. It uploads the hash value of the chainless system’s ledger to the Bitcoin system, giving it the credit of the blockchain system.

4. DW20 currency will form a complete Bitcoin-based financial system with Bitcoin and chainless systems.

5. DW20 and multi-signature multi-backup wallet are two application projects of the chainless platform. They resemble the relationship between Contra, Mary Brothers, and Nintendo game consoles.

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