8. Answers to basic concepts

119. What is DW20?

Answer: DW20 is an essential application project of the chainless platform. It is a decentralized currency issued through the chainless platform using the BRC20 protocol and the smart program of the chainless platform. In its name, the D.W. is to pay tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto (DAI WEI), so the pinyin abbreviation DAI WEI is used.

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118. What is the BRC20 protocol?

Answer: BRC20 is the format standard for fungible tokens issued on the Bitcoin system. It was anonymously created by @domodata on Twitter on March 8, 2023, based on the Ordinal protocol. Like Ethereum’s ERC20 standard, it stipulates the name, issuance amount, transfer, and other functions of the issued token. BRC-20 uses the Bitcoin network for

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117. What is an intelligent program?

Answer: Smart contracts are the concept of cryptocurrency, and the chainless system is a transparent centralized platform. Its transparent and centralized technical environment is better than an environment based on blockchain. The smart contract of the chainless platform is more like the ecological APP of the Internet. It adheres to the principles of open-source code

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116. What is a smart contract?

Answer: A smart contract is a code written on the blockchain. Once an event triggers the terms in the contract, the code is automatically executed. In other words, it will be executed when the conditions are met, without human control. Smart contracts further broaden the usage scenarios of blockchain. Smart contracts cannot be modified once

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112. What is a meme coin?

Answer: Memecoin is a cryptocurrency inspired by memes or jokes on the Internet and social media. It is named after “Meme”. The famous meme coins are Dogecoin and Shitcoin. Behind them are Cultural support serves as a purpose. Meme coins had no actual use at first. The earliest Bitcoin was also a meme coin. It

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111. What is the standard currency?

Answer: There are gold standard and fiat currency standard. The gold standard is outdated. The fiat currency standard is a credit standard. The legal currency standard issued with national credit endorsement is the only legal currency unit used for national and regional pricing and settlement. An international standard currency is a freely convertible currency that

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