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Announcement of Round 6 Angel Round Rewards and Angel + Round 1 Policy
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Angel round DW20 Incentive Plan
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Emergency Announcement
We have discovered that criminals are using fake website links, under the guise of real-name authentication, to steal customers' Bitcoin private keys. The Chainless team hereby solemnly states that we will never ask customers to provide any private keys. Anyone asking for private keys is a scammer. Please only recognize the official Chainless addresses: and Any other unofficial channels are scammers!!
Promotion Strategy of DW20
The rewards recommended by users are based on the people POP algorithm model. Taking the user model as an example: the principle is halving in three cycles, a total of 30 cycles, a total issuance of 210 billion, DW20 registration reward tokens 168 billion, and the first cycle reward is 200,000 , starting from the 28th cycle, 100 rewards will be given, a difference of 2000 times. The total issuance of CLY is 2 billion, and the registration reward is 600 million. The first cycle reward is 377.31, and the 30th cycle reward is 0.28.
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Community and indirect incentives

In the previous article, “Solving the contradiction between customers being users and contributors, the POP algorithm based on heads” we mentioned that the POS algorithm only solves the average value of heads, but each user’s contribution is different. How do we measure it? The POP algorithm is effective for users’ fixed contribution behaviors, such as

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To solve the contradiction between customers being users and contributors, the POP algorithm based on heads

Based on this principle, we designed the POP (Poof Of People) algorithm. As the issuance principle, the logic of the main formula is that the currency issuance in each cycle decreases according to the increase in the number of people. The issuance is halved in 3 cycles. Halving is not based on time; it is based on headcount. It is a general algorithm that adapts to the token distribution methods of all Internet projects involving people. As an Internet project, the POP algorithm is a tool for calculating the average value of users.

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Marketing funnels and inverted funnels

In the previous article, I introduced the concepts of absolute trust, relative trust, and no need to trust. There are different ways to play in different trust states. To sum up, Internet marketing methods are not surprising. There are marketing funnels and marketing inverted funnels. The marketing funnel is to place advertisements in the media,

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Fourth Angel Round Rewards and Fifth Round Policy Announcement

Registration Statistics Summary: 2024/05/15 00:00 to 2024/05/23 24:00 Total Registrations 28367 Verified Users 23318 Anonymous Users 5049 Including 17059 accounts with incorrect verified information or suspicious behavior 6259 correctly verified users  Activity Review: The total of anonymous and verified users this round is 39.9%. Anonymous users will still need to complete KYC verification when the

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Why don’t we advertise

Different advertising methods in different trust zones are different People often suggest that we should advertise, and today is the answer. Generally speaking, advertising faces a market that does not require trust. Before the emergence of cryptocurrencies, products were launched after they were basically mature, and many cryptocurrencies were launched in the conception stage. It

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Opportunity Lies in Every Moment, The Challenge is “Recognizing Opportunity”

— Applauding a 68-Year-Old Forbes Veteran’s New Venture The “opportunity” I wrote about today may only become apparent when viewed from the future. When we look at so-called “good opportunities” in the present, they often seem exaggerated and fail to gain much traction or understanding. This is merely a record of my investment judgments for

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Principles of price formation, valuation of meme coins

——Why I don’t need to be the banker How prices are formed is most famously known as Mises’ Law of Regression, where today’s prices are determined by yesterday’s and can be traced back to the formation of the initial price. That is, the transaction determines the price. Transactions are generated based on the theory of

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Third Angel Round Rewards and Fourth Round Policy Announcement

Registration Statistics Summary: 00:00 on May 6, 2024 to 24:00 on May 14 Total number of registrations 9040 Verified users 7759 Anonymous users 1281 Among them, 4790 accounts with incorrect verified information and suspicious behavior 2969 correct verified users Activity Review: This round is the third round of the Angel Round. The Chainless community has

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A Letter to Musk Elon

Dear Elon and the X team, The article about X forwarded to you earlier was conceived when Mr. Weisha Zhu discussed the CLChat project with us. At the time, Mr. Zhu greatly admired Mr. Musk’s acquisition and transformation of X. He also pointed out specific areas in which X could be further improved. While we

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The most potent brain and details are the devil—Musk’s thoughts and suggestions on acquiring Twitter

The author of this article is a super product manager with a wide range of interests. The author affirms Musk’s vision and believes he has bought a treasure. At the same time, he affirmed Musk’s improvements to Twitter’s company structure and products. However, the author pointed out Musk’s shortcomings in product improvement. He believed that although auxiliary functional enhancements such as audio and video, live broadcasts, etc., were useful, they neglected to strengthen the core business of Twitter’s social news media. The article provides an incisive analysis of social media’s commonalities and Twitter’s characteristics.

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Mr. Zhu Weisha, author of "Invite Satoshi Nakamoto to Welcome the New World", was interviewed by iSunTV
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