Emergency Announcement
We have discovered that criminals are using fake website links, under the guise of real-name authentication, to steal customers' Bitcoin private keys. The Chainless team hereby solemnly states that we will never ask customers to provide any private keys. Anyone asking for private keys is a scammer. Please only recognize the official Chainless addresses: chainless.hk and eco.chainless.top. Any other unofficial channels are scammers!!
Selection of seed players for the sixth round and policy announcement for the seventh round
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Announcement: There are some flaws in the statistics of the third seed round
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Promotion Strategy of DW20
The rewards recommended by users are based on the people POP algorithm model. Taking the user model as an example: the principle is halving in three cycles, a total of 30 cycles, a total issuance of 210 billion, DW20 registration reward tokens 168 billion, and the first cycle reward is 200,000 , starting from the 28th cycle, 100 rewards will be given, a difference of 2000 times. The total issuance of CLY is 2 billion, and the registration reward is 600 million. The first cycle reward is 377.31, and the 30th cycle reward is 0.28.
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16-6 Wei Dai comes out like Washington from mountain

we and Wei Dai are people of different eras. If I hadn’t seen him willing to change the world, I have no confidence that he would have come out. They like happy days and don’t care about fame and fortune, but they care about contributing to society, which is essentially altruism. It’s not that he can’t work; the condition is that he doesn’t move and get paid. It is selfless work.

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16-5 Fight the world do not do the world of Wei Dai

Some people say Satoshi Nakamoto is an alien representing a high-level civilization. It is not unreasonable. To conquer the world is not to rule the world. Satoshi Nakamoto’s answer from the perspective of future civilization is from his practice.

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16-4 Wei Dai who let others tell lies for him

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto was an inventor in his early 20s, according to Wei Dai. He understands this knowledge in this tiny cypherpunk circle. The cypherpunk community disbanded in 2000, 10 years before Bitcoin was invented; Satoshi Nakamoto was only about 12 years old. Logically unlikely. Although the above are “oral confessions,” they are all narrations by experts in the industry, and they can be mutually confirmed as evidence.

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16-3 Hal Finney is covering for Wei Dai

Hal didn’t necessarily know who Satoshi Nakamoto was at the beginning. Nick had already published a famous article in May 2011, “Bitcoin, what took ye so long?” and Hal must have seen it. I can understand the mystery. Hal is a top player in the circle, so that he can understand it.

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16-1 Wei Dai is Prometheus Stealing Skyfire

There is also a great figure, Satoshi Nakamoto! Wei Dai, the sole creator of Bitcoin, is what we are looking for. Wei Dai fits my profile. I am thrilled because he is our clan. The Chinese are the greatest contributors to the world in modern times. The goldlord is his father, Mr. Dai Xiwei, who is also a legend. Mr. Dai Xiwei gave the name Satoshi Nakamoto. I will explain the meaning of Satoshi Nakamoto at the end of the article. I will provide proof for each of the above sentences. It is the power of deep thinking.

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Q&A series on basic concepts of Bitcoin (Part 8)

Three application characteristics of currency
The above definition cannot accurately measure economic growth
The rules of currency issuance
Both the gold standard and the fiat currency do not meet the requirements of currency issuance
Currency is not a means for the government to develop the economy
Reconstructing the social theoretical system after the Bitcoin standard

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Mr. Zhu Weisha, author of "Invite Satoshi Nakamoto to Welcome the New World", was interviewed by iSunTV
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