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Announcement of Round 6 Angel Round Rewards and Angel + Round 1 Policy
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Angel round DW20 Incentive Plan
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Emergency Announcement
We have discovered that criminals are using fake website links, under the guise of real-name authentication, to steal customers' Bitcoin private keys. The Chainless team hereby solemnly states that we will never ask customers to provide any private keys. Anyone asking for private keys is a scammer. Please only recognize the official Chainless addresses: and Any other unofficial channels are scammers!!
Promotion Strategy of DW20
The rewards recommended by users are based on the people POP algorithm model. Taking the user model as an example: the principle is halving in three cycles, a total of 30 cycles, a total issuance of 210 billion, DW20 registration reward tokens 168 billion, and the first cycle reward is 200,000 , starting from the 28th cycle, 100 rewards will be given, a difference of 2000 times. The total issuance of CLY is 2 billion, and the registration reward is 600 million. The first cycle reward is 377.31, and the 30th cycle reward is 0.28.
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Second, Innovation of production relations in Chainless systems

In layperson’s terms, production relations are the relationships between people. One of the most important relationships between people is money. The second chapter of the chainless white paper,” Incentives,” and the third chapter, “Community Governance and Indirect Incentives,” are about innovatively designing relationships between people’s interests under legal conditions.

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First, Product innovation of Chainless systems

Starting today, we will unveil the mystery of Chainless System and introduce the white paper.
The product innovation of the chainless system contains several aspects. The chainless system captures the essence of the cryptocurrency idea, achieves the payment speed of the centralized system, and conforms to the idea of Web3. At the same time, the chainless system also inherits the technical advantages of Web2. The cost of bookkeeping is extremely low, and the bookkeeping system can be automatically expanded on demand, and the throughput is not limited. The smart contract is easy to write and upgrade, and the wallet is safe and easy to use, which is no different from the centralized wallet in terms of ease of use.

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Special edition – correctly understand the origin of currency and the nature of digital currency

This article is the communication between reader Peter Pan and me about the DW20 decentralized currency. He was the first reader to comment on my article on the website. The world makes friends through literature. He is a lawyer with a wide-ranging vision as a career need. He recommended a book, “Money: The Unauthorised Biography,” and attached his opinion on “a correct understanding of the origin and essence of currency.” Our discussion helps readers understand the DW20 currency.

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The role of cryptocurrency foundations

The emergence of the cryptocurrency foundation is the need for ICO (initial coin offering). It has not yet been found who first proposed the cryptocurrency foundation. The earliest ICO appeared in the form of “token crowdfunding.” This article describes why cryptocurrencies need foundations rather than companies.

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Use airdrops to accumulate users’ energy

Speaking of airdrops, we have to talk about Gavin Andresen, who made significant contributions to the development of Bitcoin. Gavin set up a website called Free Bitcoins. Users can receive 5 Bitcoins if they post their Bitcoin payment address on the website. It can be considered the origin of cryptocurrency airdrops to popularize Bitcoin. This purpose was inherited by subsequent airdroppers and used to promote the project. However, the market and product functions have changed, and airdrops have not kept up with this change.

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11. Looking at cryptocurrency from 12 leading projects

In this series, we analyze 10 of the top 12 cryptocurrency projects. As the last article in this series, this article is written at the request of readers to study the commonalities of these leading projects further. By analyzing the people and things involved, we may see the future development trend of cryptocurrency.

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10. DAI’s stumbling road of exploration

Rune Christensen co-founded MakerDAO in 2015. The project issued the decentralized mortgage lending stablecoin DAI, which has a price ratio of 1:1 with the U.S. dollar and the equity currency MRK. In addition to its governance function, this currency also has the stabilizing effect of underpinning DAI. On September 17, 2023, DAI ranked 12th on the Coinmarketcap with a market value of 5.3 billion. Equity currency MRK ranks 37th, with a market value of US$1.25 billion. The idea of stablecoins originated from J.R. Willet in 2012. No one outside of the industry knows about Willett. He was responsible for the initial public offering of digital currency (ICO). The cryptocurrency industry is full of such geniuses.

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9. TON I don’t understand

The Open Network (TON) was initially launched in 2019 by Telegram founders Pavel and Nikolai Durov as “Telegram Open Network.” On September 4, 2023, the total circulation of TON tokens was 5,093,825,297, the annual inflation rate was 0.6%, and there were 3,370,488 online accounts. The TON project covers all blockchain technical ideas and aims to replace all blockchain projects.

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8. the successful king and defeated bandits to Justin Sun

Justin Sun respectfully calls him Brother Sun and is nicknamed “Sun Cut” by people. On September 11, 2023, TRX ranked tenth on the coinmarketcap website, with a market value of US$6.9 billion. The total market value of Justin Sun’s TRON currency TRX in 2018 reached US$13 billion, and it once entered the top ten and fell all the way. At that time, many Chinese-issued blockchain projects were ranked ahead of him, among which There was no shortage of cryptocurrency veterans and people with auras. Time is like a butcher’s knife. Only Brother Sun is back in the top ten in the same environment.

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7. Solana may be underestimated

Anatoly Yakovenko, a Ukrainian-American and former Qualcomm engineer, released the Solana white paper – “Solana: A new architecture for a high performance blockchain” in November 2017. Anatoly called up his old friend Raj Gokal in early 2018 and founded Solana together. It targets Ethereum and launched in 2020. At first, it did not receive much attention and popularity from the market because cryptocurrency is no longer in the early stage of the market, and successful projects in the early stages are the mountains that stand in the way of follow-up people.

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