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Chainless databases.

A place where users can directly ask and answer questions, both Chinese and English are available, and Chinese is the best. The answer is Chinese.

Chainless System Product Design

Mr. Zhu Weisha

Cryptocurrency-related achievements:

1. Using “all scanning” and “deep thinking” methods for careful analysis, the worldwide mystery of who Satoshi Nakamoto is was finally solved, demonstrating the research method’s effectiveness. For the first time, a new simulation model is provided for future algorithmic advances in artificial intelligence.

2. Using the same research method, he systematically summarized the theory of cryptocurrency, reconstructed the production relationship of cryptocurrency represented by the community, and wrote more than 400,000 words and more than 100 related articles, fully expounding the thoughts of Satoshi Nakamoto and cryptocurrency. For the first time, the Web3 chainless financial platform competing with Web2 was proposed.

3. The POP algorithm for token distribution based on the number of people is proposed for the first time. POW is an algorithm based on time, POS is an algorithm based on equity, and POP (Poof of People) is based on heads.

4. For the first time, a Bitcoin-standard overall plan was designed to launch the decentralized currency DW20 as an application project for a chainless platform.

5. For the first time, relying on the chainless user community and indirect incentive plan, proposing a business model where the fleece comes off the “pig + sheep.”

6. the ultimate plan to establish a bubble-free financial system on a global scale was proposed for the first time.


Graduated from the Automatic Control Department of Beijing University of Technology. After that, he researched at the Institute of Industrial Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In 1991, he resigned and founded Yuxing Company. In 2000, Yuxing became the first private high-tech enterprise in mainland China to be listed on the Hong Kong GEM. In 2015, Yuxing Company was sold, and in 2019, he participated in repurchasing the company. Since then, he has been the major shareholder of Yuxing Technology and served as a consultant.

He is a legend in China’s industrial circle.


Characterized by rigorous scholarship, in-depth research and practice on product design and market operations, and research and accumulation of macroeconomics, monetary science, capital operations, management theory, and investment theory.

He started studying cryptocurrency in 2017. The writing of the chainless system white paper and the series of articles on the chainless website are based on years of learning and understanding, research results, and product capabilities.

The chainless financial system demonstrates Zhu Weisha’s comprehensive capabilities across multiple economic, finance, stocks, currency, products, markets, and technology fields.

He created a new legend again.


Mr. Li Bing


Graduated from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Arizona State University, with a Ph.D. Work experience in Lucent Technologies (Beijing) and IBM Research Center (New York). In September 2020, he began to work as a professor at Zhuhai College of Beijing Institute of Technology.

Since 2005, he has focused on researching and developing basic Internet software. He has written more than 1.3 million lines of code and has accumulated rich programming experience. GreatFree has been designed and implemented since December 2010, and the basic code has been tested for a long time. After comparing with hundreds of existing concurrent distributed programming technologies worldwide, GreatFree is the first general-purpose distributed programming technology for the Internet computing environment. This project has been released to GitHub as open source. It is still being improved and is gradually evolving into a new programming language. The core program of the chainless system is realized by Mr. Li alone using GreatFree. This point has excellent advantages for financial projects. It is hoped that GreatFree will become the primary tool for Web 3.0 project development through efforts.

Main work: one man implementation of a chainless system. All over 60,000 lines of code. With machine-trusted maximum security.

 POP Algorithm
Mr. Lu Tiegeng

Cryptocurrency Achievements:

In 2013, he began participating in research and related investment activities on the commercial application environment of Bitcoin and digital currencies. The POP algorithm for token distribution based on the number of people was designed and implemented for the first time. POW is an algorithm based on time, POS is an algorithm based on equity, and POP (Poof of People) is based on heads. This algorithm is universal. The number of people issuing coins on the chainless platform and the DW20 standard currency differ. The structure of the formula is the same; only the parameters are different. The POP algorithm is a prediction algorithm based on the natural growth model of the number of people.


He graduated from the Department of Mathematics of Heilongjiang University in 1982 with a major in computational mathematics. After graduation, he worked in the Computer and Information Center of the Bureau of Statistics for a long time. He presided over and participated in the research on China’s national production statistical indicator system and the design of population development and elderly population prediction models.

Joined Yuxing Technology Investment Group in 1999 and served as general manager of sales, director of future development, and vice president of investment.

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