A blessing in life

——If I could understand Bitcoin standard and DW20 earlier

The continuous rise in BTC prices is essentially a process of global awakening. More and more people realize that:

1. People can choose BTC as a haven asset when facing inflation and depreciation of fiat currency;

2. People can manage their wealth independently through BTC without relying on traditional financial institutions;

3. People can trust that the blockchain technology behind BTC provides a high degree of transparency and security;

4. People can break geographical and political restrictions, and BTC provides cross-border transactions and payment methods;

5. More and more people are dissatisfied with the traditional financial system because of the high cost, low efficiency, and frequent financial crises of the banking system, and use BTC as an alternative;

6. As more institutional investors, enterprises, and governments begin to accept and recognize BTC, the social consensus for it continues to increase.

7. When the world enters chaos, bottlenecks, regional conflicts, wealth differentiation, and stagnation, it will accelerate people’s awakening and improve BTC consensus.

8. DW20 needs to become the ruler of BTC, take BTC as the “credit root,” build consensus, and speed up the arrival of the BTC standard currency era.

9. Why does investing in BTC allow investors to have a high error rate? The essence is that it is an upward incremental market.

10. Why is DW20 promising? Because what DW20 is doing is to realize the Bitcoin standard currency, which is an objective law and cannot be transferred by human will.


10.1 DW20 is going with the trend;

10.2 To accelerate the consensus of Bitcoin standard currency, it is necessary to go to the public stage and get out of the small circle. What is needed is more than 2 billion “people” and a “ruler” for Bitcoin. DW20 solves the problem of “people” and “ruler.”

10.3 DW20 needs world-class product managers. It needs to span philosophy, politics, economics, law, finance, legal currency, stocks, community, management, marketing, products and cryptocurrency, and other fields of knowledge not possessed by the lucky people who succeeded in the early years of the coin circle. It is also why it has been difficult for cryptocurrency to break through the circle in the past 15 years. Fortunately, the leader of DW20 is Mr. Zhu Weisha, whose experience is at the level of a world-class product manager.

10.4 DW20 does not require investment; it is free and also free for referrals to build consensus. Practicing consensus is the greatest competitiveness, so a considerable barrier is also established in marketing. Other projects cannot be compared because DW20 does not cost money.

If you can understand Bitcoin and DW20 early in your life, it will be a blessing.

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