Learning methods for adults

——Answering questions from group members

Group members asked me why I have such a wide range of knowledge across multiple disciplines; how did you do it? In fact, I am a “pseudo” expert and lack a wide range of basic skills. However, the research’s conclusions may not be incorrect. For adults, the purpose of learning is to solve problems, not to become an authority in a specific field, so the methods are naturally different.

The golden rule of adult learning in the Internet era

The chapter on persuading learning says: “A gentleman is not born different, but he is good at using other things.” What is “good at driving” is different in different eras. Lin Biao said: “You must learn with questions, learn first when you need it urgently, and work hard on using words.” This statement is not outdated and is the golden rule of adult learning in the Internet era.

The learning habits developed in school are the biggest obstacle to adult learning

Children’s learning is step-by-step. After more than ten years, this method has been engraved into the bones and has influenced our learning of new knowledge. It is believed that learning any new knowledge starts from the basics. This is good, but the learning time is too long, the efficiency is too low, and the knowledge gained is insufficient. In the Internet age, it only takes a week to understand a new subject, and in a month, you can look like an “expert” in the eyes of outsiders. If you can’t achieve this, the method must be wrong.

In the Internet age, you must be good at using tools to learn

“Good driving” means using the Internet; learning with questions means keyword search, and reading 3 to 10 pages of articles for one keyword is enough. The keywords for entering a new industry are what, why, history, who is the best, problems, etc. Internet search is a filter, and the most read ones float on the top, which is also the principle of not having to learn from scratch. There is no need to read books because they are too old; just reading WeChat is not enough; it lacks overall understanding, knowledge is fragmented, and it is easy to fool. WeChat represents the sender’s background, how can we have his background, and often we are talking at cross purposes.

Understanding must have basically the same background. Suppose you don’t have Satoshi Nakamoto’s background. In that case, you can literally understand the Bitcoin white paper, but how can you really understand it? Nick Szabo, the founder of Bitcoin, said that only he, Hal Finney, and Satoshi Nakamoto really understand Bitcoin. To understand Bitcoin, you must start with David Chaum and also know about cypherpunks.

Artificial intelligence tools are currently good at dealing with uncertainty issues and summarizing problems. Still, they cannot replace human research with deterministic research. They are just auxiliary tools.

Don’t miss a concept you don’t understand

You will encounter new concepts if you don’t have a basic reading. You can’t let them go. You must continue looking for the meaning of the new concept on the Internet. It should become a habit, just like looking up new words. In the recent hot Dong Yuhui incident, I saw the word “food circle culture.” I checked it, and it turned out to be fan culture. If you read further, you will understand what others are talking about. You don’t know what others are discussing if you don’t check.

In order to understand the problems that I didn’t know about the central bank’s operation, I searched for Xu Zhe’s related articles on the Internet and found that he explained it well. When he described the article, he mentioned his other articles, one article after another. I read more than ten of his articles in one breath before returning to the first article. Later, I simply read more than 60 of his articles and had a clear understanding of the operation of the central bank. Comparing the currency ecology of cryptocurrency with legal currency, you will know that legal currency is full of loopholes, and you will understand that the RMB is an application of the U.S. dollar ecology. If the dollar collapses, we will inevitably collapse, and the result will be worse than the dollar. China’s hold on U.S. Treasury Bonds has decreased a lot, but what about the exchange rate? Is breaking away from the dollar ecosystem and building our own ecosystem okay? There is such a trend. What is the future? It is not something that I, a “pseudo” expert, dare to say.

Browsing and learning are not the same thing

Browsing cannot be very in-depth, and learning requires taking notes. Write down your own experience and make the knowledge your own. It is more convenient to make copies on the computer. Obviously, paper books are more suitable for browsing, and e-books are more suitable for learning.

Writing is the best learning because it organizes fragmented knowledge. If you become a master, there must be a book.

Searching all and deep thinking

The characteristic of Internet learning is searching all. The valuable information on the Internet is floating on the surface. For small topics, use a keyword; look at the articles on the first 3-5 pages of search results. It is enough to use no more than 15 keywords.

Deep thinking is based on searching. The so-called deep thinking is comparing the similarities and differences of facts. The article “Invite out Satoshi Nakamoto to Welcome the New World” is a comparison of similarities and differences. It is easy to deny and difficult to affirm.

The logic of confirming who Satoshi Nakamoto is

Finding who Satoshi Nakamoto is? It is a big question. No one in the world can see it. How can you find it? This is also a question from the group members.

First of all, this is not a new question. After more than ten years of Internet search accumulation, the data is extremely rich and regular, and the valuable information is floating on the first few pages. The scope of Internet searching is just a few people. Using the elimination method, more than ten people can be screened individually. In fact, it took one day to determine the goal and two months to prove it. The proof is hard work. I have more than 1 million words of reading notes. There are still 300,000-400,000 words of reading notes about Satoshi Nakamoto that have not been deleted. Most of the others have been deleted. It is about 100,000 words to write an article. The full text is called “Invite out Satoshi Nakamoto to welcome the new world,” with 36 articles (chainless.hk).

The purpose is to solve problems

For adults, the purpose of learning is to solve problems. After my chainless white paper was written, some people thought that I didn’t understand blockchain, saying that chainless is a centralized one, which does not conform to the trend of blockchain and is very amateurish. The purpose of confirming who Satoshi Nakamoto is is to prove that I understand Bitcoin and the development of cryptocurrency. The chainless transparent centralization I proposed is not a fantasy. Abandoning distributed accounting and retaining and improving the centralized Bitcoin ledger is a path of inheritance and development and the only way for cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin system is a centralized ledger with distributed accounting. What is the purpose of distributed accounting? If you don’t understand these, you don’t understand cryptocurrency.

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