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Many new people are in the group, and new people have something in common. This is an old article. I have found it, revised it, and sent it again, and it is published on the chainless website ( The articles on the website will help you quickly improve your understanding of cryptocurrency. Many people only know the value of Bitcoin and why blockchain cannot come out after reading many articles and videos on the website.

There are websites with richer content than the chainless website, but no cryptocurrency project has the depth and clarity of understanding of cryptocurrency in the articles on the chainless website.

The chainless airdrop model is legal

There is no unified model for promoting products. Mature products can compare functions and prices, but an immature product’s price and function cannot be compared. This product type is still in the venture capital stage, and ordinary people cannot participate.

Cryptocurrency has set a precedent for the launch of immature products. It can be listed in the story stage because it can issue coins. Early coin issuance financing was too risky for ordinary customers, so it was quickly banned.

Cryptocurrency projects have returned to the venture capital model in the seed and angel rounds and can raise funds from professional institutions or invest on their own. Satoshi Nakamoto used his money to make Bitcoin issuance software, and enthusiasts brought their own equipment ——computers to mine. Satoshi Nakamoto did not ask customers for cash, and airdrops do not require money. The model of airdrops is to replace mining computers with people, and customers invest themselves in it.

In fact, human resources are valued, and there is currently no law that can control people as capital investments. Chainless is this model, and after many investigations by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, they finally could not oppose Chainless’s model, nor did they propose any amendments because the chainless project is reasonable and legal.

That is, there are no legal issues in any country during the project airdrop stage, and no country prohibits or cannot prohibit C-to-C transactions. Even in China, it is legal to hold Bitcoin, but it is illegal to open a cryptocurrency Exchange in China. Hong Kong’s cryptocurrency is in full swing. This is a “sandbox” in the mainland, and the Hong Kong Exchange requires a license. Hong Kong’s experiment could be successful and transplant its successful experience to China, or maybe not.

Chainless’s airdrop model is not a pyramid scheme

The most stringent regulations on pyramid schemes are in China. There are many standards for identifying pyramid schemes, and there are two standards for identifying pyramid methods of schemes :

More than 30 people and more than three levels of interest chains.

That is, the downline of the party concerned cannot exceed two levels. If it is only more than 30 people, it is not illegal. Otherwise, the WeChat group’s micro-business and group buying are unlawful. The identification of the interest chain is that the source of the party’s interests cannot exceed two levels. Otherwise, word of mouth will be considered illegal. In the seed round and angel round stages, Chainless algorithmically ensures that the downline of the party concerned does not exceed two levels. In the A round stage, it returns to the traditional practice with only one reward level.

Airdrops start from acquaintances to build credit

Chainless first made the airdrop function in the APP; other functions were still in the design drawing stage. It was almost the same as a piece of paper at this time. Who could believe it? So, it must be acquaintances. Only acquaintances can have trust without reasoning. The characteristic of the seed round is your credit, which is your credit realization opportunity. Find people who believe in you, believe in you, and have potential. Generally, a person’s acquaintances range from 10 to 50 people. I see that there are more than 100 group members.

Among acquaintances, believers are the best. The believers I have pulled in have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency and have watched videos and articles on the website. They have good promotion and coin-hoarding abilities. Only a few acquaintances become community managers, meaning acquaintances only play a staged role.

That’s it. Everyone has limited acquaintances. You will enter the relative trust stage to develop more people. At this time, in addition to trusting in yourself, you also rely on the principles you talk about. So, if you want to promote well, you must participate in community activities and learn about articles and videos on the website, and strive to become an expert. Now, the administrators of the community answer questions better than me. I can’t answer many specific questions.

The trick to a relatively trusted market is to find big customers

After the acquaintance stage, you enter the stage of relative trust, which is the current stage. The trick at this time is to find big customers. Our two-level interests are designed for this. The person who controls the big customer is relatively capable. He may be a factory manager or a leader. This big customer must first trust your character, and then you must impress him with rich knowledge. Airdrops are beneficial to everyone who accepts coins. Our tokens are constantly rising. As leaders, it should treat it as a benefit for employees. In the seed stage, the project is hazardous. After a few months of airdrops, the project enters the angel round. Although it is more expensive, the risk of failure is smaller. It is a favor for the leader. If employees make a fortune, the employees will be grateful to the leader.

The leader’s concern is the law. As mentioned earlier, our project is not illegal. The founder’s past experience and knowledge of cryptocurrency are enough to endorse the promoter. If the project is not in the early stage, there is no opportunity for huge profits. Investment should be made in the initial stage of the project.

Strange markets test knowledge and marketing capabilities

Strange markets are also called trustless markets. What impresses this market is its interests and needs. Either you are a big V, or you are a group owner.

It is challenging to be a big V. You must be very clear about cryptocurrency and write many articles. Such people are scarce.

As a group owner, you play a crucial role in the chainless system. Chainless is designed with group owners as the service system, and you provide essential after-sales and in-sales services.

Motivate your downline to promote. In theory, it is not better to develop a new person than to motivate the old ones because it is not difficult for each person to establish dozens of relationships. Your downline will build trust by constantly receiving your services, which is an uninterrupted in-sale service. Build your own group instead of pushing everything to the project party because the long-term profit of the group owner depends on the number of downline group members. And the group members can choose the group owner in the future. Chainless’s promotion policy and Clchat tools are to help the upline and downline to keep close contact. The only way to turn strangers into acquaintances is to have more contact. Discover the potential of cultivating your downline, and you will also benefit from the promotion of the downline. This is the characteristic of the chainless promotion system.

Promote chainless. Maybe this is your opportunity to achieve a class leap. Of course, the sooner, the better.


The Clchat software we are developing is a Web3 structure, does not store private chat data, and is still a bit slow in download speed. Its ease of use cannot be compared with WeChat. The product starts with the private domain, and the private domain function is not yet complete. It is still far from the goal of creating a community product suitable for cryptocurrency. The product has been launched; you are welcome to test it.

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