What is Zhu Weisha, who wrote “Invate out Satoshi Nakamoto”, doing?

——Answering a group member’s question

Written on January 10, 2024, revised on June 8

BT: Group member

ZW: Zhu

BT: Hello, Mr. Zhu! After the release of “Invite Out Satoshi Nakamoto to Welcome the New World,” Satoshi Nakamoto appeared soon. Not only did Wei Dai activate his Twitter account, which had been dormant for many years, but also Nakamoto’s wallet, which had been silent for many years, had activities. It has a solid supporting force for your “conclusion that DW is Satoshi Nakamoto.” At present, similar activities around Satoshi Nakamoto will gradually increase. We would like to know if this is related to your activities to invite Satoshi Nakamoto out. Have you communicated privately with Mr. Wei Dai, who is suspected of being Satoshi Nakamoto?

ZW: Many netizens asked me similar questions. Please forgive me for being unable to tell the public whether I have contact with Mr. DW. It is not ruled out that after the release of my TV program and article, Satoshi Nakamoto changed his mind, and he had some activities. Bitcoin is a decentralized product; it doesn’t matter whether it exists. Satoshi Nakamoto is the real pioneer of cryptocurrency. He has long said that his purpose is “not for money”, he wants to use his influence to do something big for the entire web3 industry, no matter what form it takes, I think Satoshi Nakamoto is willing to do it. If it is to prove that the fruits of victory, Bitcoin, belong to him, it will not mean much to him. Satoshi Nakamoto must have something big enough to come out. And this big enough thing, apart from Bitcoin standard, there is no other more meaningful thing. His coming out is worth leading people worldwide to work together to realize the Bitcoin standard.

BT: This is the first time I have heard you talk about Bitcoin becoming a standard currency. In fact, many years ago, a best-selling book also discussed the possibility of Bitcoin becoming a standard currency. Unfortunately, it was all the voices of the people. There was no real leader to realize it. It was indeed a distant and beautiful imagination. Do you have any way to realize it?

ZW: Nothing is difficult in the world. As long as you are willing to climb, our generation has caught up with the miracle of China’s reform and opening up. Know that nothing is impossible. I have also created many things that are miracles in the eyes of others.

My goal is to realize the Bitcoin standard. I recently launched a distributed stablecoin (standard currency) DW20 based on community credit, focusing on the vision of Bitcoin standard and building a community of more than 100 million people (see the white paper of DW20 for details). This project has just been airdropped, and there are 80,000 places in the seed round (Note: there are now 370,000 registered users in the angel round). People with faith, belief, and confidence in Bitcoin standards are welcome to join. The white paper and series of articles have refined the essence of the thoughts of Satoshi Nakamoto and many masters in the cryptocurrency industry. Combined with my understanding and practice of macroeconomics, monetary economics and financial markets for many years, it has been summarized into a feasible plan standing on the shoulders of predecessors. I believe that the currency standard can be initially realized in the near future through this plan. Such a vision and a community of 100 million people are also beautiful to Satoshi Nakamoto. It is better to rely on yourself than on others. Entrepreneurial projects rely on the market. The success of Bitcoin is entirely due to market forces, and then Big shots are paying attention.

Postscript: On January 6, 2024, an anonymous user sent 26 BTC to the wallet of Satoshi Nakamoto, the developer and founder of BTC, sparking speculation about the purpose behind the transfer of more than $1 million in digital assets. American lawyer Jeremy Hogan speculated on social media X that this move was to force Satoshi Nakamoto to reveal his identity. According to regulations recently implemented by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), any cryptocurrency transaction exceeding $10,000 must be reported, including providing name and address, within 15 days of receiving the transaction. Jamie Hogan also said: “Why do this? The only reason that makes sense is that the sender wants to get Satoshi Nakamoto out. According to the new regulations of the US Internal Revenue Service, crypto assets received exceeding $10,000 must be reported. Therefore, Satoshi Nakamoto must take risks or break the law.”

It is now June 2024. We have seen that as the market value of Bitcoin rises, it has emerged as a force of capital. It is not ruled out that Satoshi Nakamoto and his allies are behind the political changes in the United States. The three presidential candidates in the United States can no longer avoid the topic of Bitcoin. The Biden administration is the least fond of cryptocurrencies. It approved the Ethereum ETF in Hong Kong, and the US SEC had to bow to “politics” and hurriedly approved it. As for the other two, Trump and Robert. Trump said he was the “crypto president.” Robert’s views are very consistent with the requirements of cryptocurrency holders. He promised No taxes on #Bitcoin, Backed the US dollar with Bitcoin, and Put the US budget on blockchain.

In Chapter 13, “Bitcoin Natural Growth Curve” of “Invite Out Satoshi Nakamoto to Welcome the New World,” I predicted that the fourth cycle of Bitcoin would be a turning point, with a price of $60,000. It looked like a joke at the time, but the turning point in 2024 came as expected, and there was a will of heaven in the dark. The following five cycles are Bitcoin’s high-speed growth cycle that you won’t believe. President Trump hopes to use Bitcoin to solve the US national debt, and I have designed such a solution in Chapter 12. Everything is planned in advance and wins with a forward-looking vision. The general trend of Bitcoin has been established, and the United States will elect a president who supports Bitcoin. The votes of 50 million to 70 million cryptocurrency voters will influence the US election. If the United States changes, the world will change, and every country needs to face this change.

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