How does cryptocurrency understand the concept of community?

Community is an ambiguous concept. The Bitcoin community and the Ethereum community are very different. The Bitcoin community has no actual controller, while the Ethereum community has the Ethereum Foundation as the actual controller. Most cryptocurrency projects have actual controllers. The most famous case is that the Ethereum Foundation killed all the miners and replaced them with a POS algorithm that does not require mining to issue Ethereum ETH tokens. The power of this actual controller is centralized power, which is far from the so-called decentralization advocated. The community decision-making methods of Ethereum and Bitcoin are entirely different. Although they are both called communities, the meanings are completely different. The concept needs to be clarified.

The community has a unified attribute

Community: The direct source of the concept of community is residential communities, and members all have houses. It is the unified attribute of the community.

Different communities have different unified attributes. The country is a large community divided by geographical attributes. In addition to geographical divisions, there is also population.

Using population attributes, who is the largest community? It is Facebook, which has 3 billion registered users, but its number of users is inflated. The relationship between users and them is a relationship of interest. Is a community a community with unified attributes?

Community members should have power

Facebook users obviously have no power, so it is accurate to say that Facebook is not a community. If Facebook users had power, it would be the world’s largest community beyond the country. Facebook and YouTube don’t realize their massive value because they are still corporate structures. Cryptocurrency projects have currency and the conditions to realize power. What would it be like if the community population reached the level of Facebook and YouTube? In my previous article, “Community and Indirect Incentives,” I pointed out that the community mechanism is a mechanism that matches the characteristics of the Internet. The chainless community is a mechanism that hopes to innovate the community. Its favorable condition is that members all have CLY chainless equity tokens and can exercise power. Power is a concept corresponding to interests, and there is also a faith community.

Faith communities are communities that combine the tangible and the intangible

Christianity is a faith community. Its population is about 2.5 billion, and they have a common faith as a unifying attribute. It is a community with the same faith. However, the community organization of Christianity is relatively scattered, and power and interests do not correspond, while faith communities are more of a word of mouth among believers. In addition to the technical community, Bitcoin has the characteristics of a faith community at the user level through word of mouth. A faith community must be organized to be powerful. Bitcoin has the foundation of a community, but it is not organized enough. How to let community members exercise their power needs to be improved. Gold has faith (consensus) but no organization, and it is a mess, which makes organized fiat currencies defeat them. Faith in Bitcoin is good; anarchists who believe in Bitcoin are idiots.

The community must have the most advanced mechanism

The organization does not necessarily lead to victory. The assertive Russia through Ukraine shows Russia’s true colors, which means that morality, advanced weapons, and tactics are more important. For the community, the mechanism must be advanced. The community must have management, which can be divided into centralized and decentralized governance. Decentralized management is widely adopted from the practice of listed companies and blockchain.

A group is a community with centralized management

Group: The group’s concept is directly connected to WeChat.

The difference between community and group: A group does not necessarily have unified attributes and is relatively loose, without interests and any binding force. However, the group owner has great power and status, like the head of the family. Those who identify with the head of the family will stay. Another feature of the community is that it is small. WeChat practice has 500 people, while the number of people in the community is unlimited.

Interests can also form a community

People with the same interests would not form a large community. It can. Neihan Duanzi is a community of 200 million people. There must be something mysterious in it. Unfortunately, it was closed before I had time to study it. The naturally growing community is practice, and then the mechanism design. The chainless community designed in the chainless system is one of the three major innovations described in the white paper. Although it takes the most time, it is also the most uncertain part.

Classification of communities and groups

They have three commonalities:

  1. Interest
  2. benefit
  3. Belief.

When the commonality they rely on disappears, the community or group disappears. The group is easy to create and disappears quickly.

The level of the community should be used as a critical point to examine Web3 projects

Bitcoin did not have a community at the beginning. It borrowed a boat to sea and then established the Bitcoin Forum. It is their interest community, and it is still maintained today. The maintainers have no interests, and the maintainers are believers in Bitcoin. But Satoshi Nakamoto is gone, and the Bitcoin Forum has declined. Because the interest is gone, on the contrary, the preaching of Bitcoin believers is surging and can be seen everywhere. The advantage is that it is powerful, but the disadvantage is that the concepts are confusing. It takes a long time to reach a consensus. The current consensus is the value of Bitcoin as a store of value.

The chainless platform has been working on building its website and community from the beginning. At that time, Satoshi Nakamoto was alone and had no money to spend. We now have the conditions to spend money on the built community, so we should do better. Now is not the early days of Bitcoin. The community level should be a pivotal point to examine Web3 projects. Without a good community, it will eventually become a centralized project.

The Internet is peer-to-peer. It just eliminates communities divided by region and divides them by head. Although the giant projects of WEB2 have massive traffic, they are not community projects because they do not meet the conditions defined above. And Bitcoin and Ethereum are not complete community forms.

Only by creating a perfect community mechanism can the Internet’s characteristics be maximized, and a real Internet revolution can be brought about.

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