Why don’t we advertise

Different advertising methods in different trust zones are different

People often suggest that we should advertise, and today is the answer. Generally speaking, advertising faces a market that does not require trust. Before the emergence of cryptocurrencies, products were launched after they were basically mature, and many cryptocurrencies were launched in the conception stage. It is equivalent to the seed round of traditional venture capital projects. The characteristic of the seed round is that it requires absolute trust, and advertising at this time will not have any repercussions.

Another concept is relative trust, based on the project’s performance facts and the promoters’ trust. It also explains some acceptable reasons and functional pain points for customers. At this time, face-to-face promotion is most effective.

The no need to trust means the project already has market trust, such as popularity, or a pain point to impress customers. Advertising is effective.

Let’s take WeChat as an example. WeChat now requires no trust or promotion. Should we promote it in the early days? Want. WeChat was endorsed by Tencent from the beginning. I recommended downloading WeChat after my friends used it. In the early days of WeChat, there was relative trust. At that time, it was free to send messages using WeChat, while text messages cost money. It was the driving force behind the advantage of function substitution. WeChat uses users’ address books as the most significant source of promotion. Still, our Clchat ignored the issue of address books at first.

The problem with WeChat is that the address book is too simple and has no explanation. People ignorant of WeChat will not download it even if they trust the recommender. Because WeChat is still in the relative trust zone, you must add a few words to know the characteristics of your product. Before downloading Clchat, I wondered if I could add: “Clchat does not store user data.” Some instructions should be added in the relative trust stage but not in the no need to trust stage. If my friend hadn’t told me that “sending text messages is free,” I would not have downloaded it. As soon as I started using WeChat, which was so easy to use, I wanted to attract all my friends. But there are too few friends in the address book who responded. Because most people don’t even know what WeChat is. If he had an explanation (maybe he couldn’t), the promotion effect would be different.

“Clchats do not store user data” as a slogan should be prominently launched on the download page of Clchat. Toutiao does this well. “What you see is the headlines.” Today, the slogan has been changed. The download page of WeChat is a giant earth without a single advertising slogan. Right? It was right today, but it was wrong at first.

Cryptocurrency focuses on precise placement

What are the pain points of cryptocurrency? It’s all about making money. Rising is the most significant appeal. When suitable people recommend it, coupled with the fact that it has risen, users will have an aggregation effect, thus producing Soros’s positive feedback effect. The product is immature, and who knows whether the project is good or bad. Just going up is good. There are many traps here. Those who run fast will live; those who run slowly will die. If you don’t understand Chainless and are unwilling to learn, no PuPu’s learning experience and you don’t have the holding. If you make a satisfactory profit, it is recommended to throw it away.

Our tokens can be auctioned, which no other token can do. We have created a miracle in the currency circle. What is the reason? I consider myself very logical, but I still can’t explain it.

Why does the currency rise significantly? Cryptocurrency projects can all be classified as venture capital. Venture capital projects generally increase by at least several thousand or even ten thousand times from seed to maturity. It is how cryptocurrencies rise.

We will advertise. It is only an auxiliary action in the no-need-to-trust zone. Our advertising placement today is precise. We will persist in the future and put it into the participants’ hands. Rather than letting those who have nothing to do with it earn away it. When advertising and activities go together, whoever contributes gets more. For people who do not participate in community activities, their customer value is the average. Finance pays attention to high-net-worth customers, and our activities aim to distinguish high-net-worth customers from ordinary customers.

Participating in community activities is a way to earn tokens

Participate in community activities, and you will deeply understand the logic of chainless. We need more PuPu and Peter Pan.

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