A Letter to Musk Elon

Dear Elon and the X team,

The article about X forwarded to you earlier was conceived when Mr. Weisha Zhu discussed the CLChat project with us. At the time, Mr. Zhu greatly admired Mr. Musk’s acquisition and transformation of X. He also pointed out specific areas in which X could be further improved. While we were summarizing the points discussed, it occurred to us that they might be helpful to X and valuable for us to develop the CLChat platform. Thus, Mr. Zhu took time to put together those points and write the article.

This letter includes an introduction to the article, Mr. Zhu’s profile, and a table of contents. The article is also attached for your easy reference.

Introduction to the article:

Mr. Zhu, the author of the article, is a super product manager with a wide range of interests. The author applauds Mr. Musk’s vision and believes he has bought a treasure in X. Furthermore, he appreciates Musk’s transformation of Twitter’s company culture and products. On the other hand, the author also pointed out certain shortcomings in X’s products.

Zhu believed that, although auxiliary functional enhancements such as audio, video, live broadcasts, etc., were useful, X neglected to strengthen its core business of social news media. The article provides an incisive analysis of social media’s commonalities and X’s unique characteristics. The author points out whoever can use generative artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency and accuracy of information distribution will lead a new era of intelligent content. The author has the foresight to point out the principles that should be followed to improve X and creatively proposes specific implementation methods, which are very high-level.

The article is worth a read even for product managers who don’t work on social software. The author believes that Musk’s idea of learning from the WeChat platform is suitable and elaborates on the role of Tencent Pay in the WeChat ecosystem. Musk’s technology and comprehensive strength can be leveraged for both upstream and downstream services, which is something downstream Chinese platform companies cannot achieve. To build a comprehensive platform, X does not yet have the means to build a Mini Program platform as WeChat did, and learning from TikTok to build e-commerce media is a feasible way to take the lead quickly. The author finally concludes that market opportunities are fleeting. Whoever can use artificial intelligence to push users’ needs accurately and provide reasonable prices in the market will win in the competition of e-commerce media. Launch an all-in attack on traditional e-commerce. The author also hopes to see Musk play a more important role in cryptocurrency.

Zhu Weisha’s profile:

Zhu Weisha is a well-known entrepreneur that has been active in the Chinese market since the 1990s. Founder of Yuxing Information Technology Ltd. (8005.HK), one of the first companies listed on the Hong Kong GEM in 2000, with many years of practical experience in the tech and financial fields, and an expert scholar.

He embarked on his cryptocurrency journey in 2017, introducing the groundbreaking concept of a chainless platform with a transparent centralized system based on blockchain technology. He issued the DW20 (DAI WEI Coin), a stable currency with a similar issuance mechanism to Bitcoin. The DW20 aims to grow gradually to US$1, potentially challenging fiat currency.

Achievements in Cryptocurrency:

The first to confirm that Wei Dai is Satoshi Nakamoto.

The first cryptocurrency project with more than 600,000 words of articles published before listing, see chainless.hk.

The first to propose a general POP algorithm based on heads for the token issuance of such projects.

The first to design a growth stablecoin DW20, allowing Bitcoin to attain the position of store of value.

The first token to have a public market-making fund during the token’s growth phase.

The first community improvement plan to address the community problem posed by Kevin Kelly.

X : @zhuweisha2 @DW20

For more infomation please visit  https://chainless.hk

Table of content for the article on X:

Section I: Why did Musk acquire Twitter?

One of the cheapest acquisitions in history

Musk had two major goals in acquiring Twitter:

Let the world’s number one media become a square of speech freedom

Let Twitter become X

Section II: Rules that should be followed to improve X

1. Grasp the pulse of the times and be an innovator in intelligent content distribution

2. “There are monkeys on every mountain,” it is not easy to find a blank market

3. Innovation has a window period; don’t let Threads surpass X

4. Which apps are of the same type as X?

5. How to stay minimalist amid market changes?

6. Function expansion relies on folding, and WeChat does it best

7. Are the added functions keenly needed? Or auxiliary?

8. X’s assessment criterion should be daily active users plus duration

9. Establish an ecosystem, relying on a robust main business

Section III: Suggestions for improving X

Do an excellent job in X’s main business

X’s major issue: information overload

Use Grok skillfully to improve the efficiency of intelligent information distribution

Use generative AI to capture user demands accurately

Once the user clicks “like,” the system should continue to push similar content

Design a similar-content link  to view related postings

If the user doesn’t like the post or wants to see opposite opinion, then select the opposite button

Design a comment button on the homepage

Ads can be turned off

Add a list of hot posts

Add a message subscription button

Provide information organizing tools for Big Vs

Improve the “Follow” button

Newly added “groups” are not silky smooth

Improve benefits for getting the blue label

Section IV: X’s ecosystem should use e-commerce as a breakthrough

What is the ecosystem of X?

X’s payment system has been launched

TikTok pioneered e-commerce media

Use AI to push precise demands

X optional e-commerce solutions

Conclusion: The appeal of freedom!

Thank you very much for your kind attention. We look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience.

Love and peace,

The @DW20 Team


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