The most potent brain and details are the devil—Musk’s thoughts and suggestions on acquiring Twitter

Intelligent reading: The author of this article is a super product manager with a wide range of interests. The author affirms Musk’s vision and believes he has bought a treasure. At the same time, he affirmed Musk’s improvements to Twitter’s company structure and products. However, the author pointed out Musk’s shortcomings in product improvement. He believed that although auxiliary functional enhancements such as audio and video, live broadcasts, etc., were useful, they neglected to strengthen the core business of Twitter’s social news media. The article provides an incisive analysis of social media’s commonalities and Twitter’s characteristics. The author points out who can use conversational artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency and accuracy of information distribution and who will lead a new era of intelligent push. The author has the foresight to point out the principles that should be followed to improve Twitter and creatively propose specific implementation methods, which are very high-level. Even product managers who don’t do social software are worth a look. The author believes that Musk’s idea of implementing the WeChat platform is suitable and tells Musk about the role of Tencent in the WeChat platform. Musk’s technology and comprehensive strength can take advantage of both upstream and downstream, which is something downstream Chinese platform companies cannot achieve. To build a comprehensive platform, Musk does not yet have the conditions to build Mini programs platform, and learning from TikTok to build media e-commerce is a feasible way to lead quickly. The author finally concludes that market opportunities are fleeting. Whoever can use artificial intelligence to push users’ needs accurately and provide reasonable prices in the market will win in the competition of media e-commerce. Constitute a dimensionality reduction attack on traditional e-commerce. The author hopes to see Musk play an important role in cryptocurrency.

This introduction is modified based on the review of ChatGPT. We also hope that Musk will use artificial intelligence to improve the level of X news reviews.

First: What does Musk intend to acquire Twitter?

1. One of the cheapest acquisitions in history

Those who don’t understand might be bearish on Twitter, but people who understand know it is a treasure. Musk first bought 9.1% of Twitter’s shares at $26.4 per share, while Twitter’s IPO price was $26. He must have thought about it when he made this move because he bought a treasure. Twitter, the world’s number one social media, has seen its share price not rise ten years after it went public. Facebook, which went public a year earlier, already had a market capitalization of US$1.2 trillion, an increase of more than ten times. Twitter must have done something wrong. What if the cause is found and improved? The stock price may skyrocket, rising more than ten times.

Musk said: “The potential is so huge. If I take action, there is so much that can be done.”

With a track record of visionary moves, history is poised to validate Musk’s strategic acumen again.

2. Musk has two major goals in acquiring Twitter

Let the world’s number one media become a square of freedom

“I was sitting on the phone one time listening to him (Musk) rant. What was so interesting to me was that in that moment, he justified his anger and indignation by saying how important Twitter is to the future of humanity… …At that moment, I saw that he didn’t see Twitter as a business issue… and anything that might hinder Twitter’s success was not a business issue, it was a moral issue.” – Yoel Roth, former director of integrity and safety at Twitter.

Achieve media neutrality and, thereby, credibility. Musk did not succumb to advertiser pressure, and it survived the first wave of pressure.

Let Twitter be X

In July 2023, Musk changed Twitter’s “Bluebird” logo to “X.” As for the letter X, X CEO Linda Yaccarino said: “X is the future state of unlimited interactivity—centered in audio, video, messaging, payments/banking—creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities. Powered by AI, X will connect us all in ways we’re just beginning to imagine.”

Musk’s goal is to make X a world-class comprehensive platform. If realized, it can potentially have a market value of trillions. These are two exciting and ambitious goals.

For more than a year, Musk has made drastic changes to Twitter. The reduction in fees and efficiency increase has been successful. But it seems to be stuck in a quagmire regarding product updates. He is the product manager of X, and the details should be his responsibility. It feels like the details are not the work of a master. It may be his flaw. After all, he has too many big things to decide. Even with a super-powerful brain, his CPU is still overloaded.

How can Twitter be improved? Based on my understanding of the industry and experience, I am willing to make suggestions and improvement plans to help Musk achieve his great goal.

A free square is what we all need.

Second: Rules that should be followed to improve Twitter

After thirty years of exploration, the Internet has formed some rules. Twitter is an Internet product, and it must follow these rules and the experience of its predecessors to avoid detours.

1. Grasp the pulse of the times and be an innovator in intelligent content distribution

Times are changing. The Internet has developed from the “click” to the “push” era. Twitter is the innovator in the push era. The next era is the era of intelligent push. New leaders emerge in every era, and the leader in the intelligent push era is China’s TikTok. It has entered a new short video market and is unbeatable with its powerful Juqing intelligent push engine.

Regarding artificial intelligence development, X is also firm and has excellent potential in intelligent distribution. How to do it? I will analyze it in detail below. If done well, X will leave the predicament and take off.

2. “There are monkeys on every mountain,” it is not easy to find a blank market

Facebook’s Threads aimed to surpass X; within a few days of its release, one hundred million people registered. However, registrations quickly declined because Threads was weaker than X and couldn’t match X functions. “There are monkeys on every mountain.” Any field you enter is someone else’s territory. Why can you defeat your opponent? Especially under the conditions that the competitive landscape has been basically determined, it is impossible to achieve without innovation and comprehensive strength that surpasses the opponents.

WeChat has done an excellent job in expanding its functions. Is there a platform like WeChat in the United States? No. So, Musk’s X assumption is valid, but it’s not enough to be correct. Doesn’t Facebook want to do it? The key is the implementation path and details.

3. Innovation has a window period; don’t let Threads surpass X

WeChat’s private domain social networking is the best, but its influence internationally is less than WhatsApp. There are many similar products in the world. Once the user group gets used to a product, they will not change it without special reasons. WeChat missed the enter window period in the international market.

TikTok is different. It took advantage of the lack of similar products in the international market to gain 1 billion global users in one fell swoop. TikTok China and TikTik International are two products. TikTok China has much richer content. TikTok uses its social media characteristics to initially possess the attributes of media e-commerce. We will wait and see whether it can establish an ecosystem similar to WeChat. The window period for intelligent push is short; no intelligent push product currently focuses on news. When a product that distributes information more efficiently appears, the original less efficient product will fail. X’s most likely competitor is Threads; both have comparable technical capabilities, and Threads is backed by Facebook, posing a threat.

4. Who is the same type as X?

X belongs to the same category as TikTok, YouTube, China Weibo, and China Toutiao. They all use content push distribution as their main business through the Internet, called “social media.” The term media is easy to understand, and social media is divided into public domain and private domain social media. There is a difference between the two.

X’s social networking is different from that of WeChat and Facebook. WeChat and Facebook are private-domain social networks. Regarding social intensity, WeChat is the strongest, followed by Facebook. However, X and others are public-domain social networks, and the intensity of social is very weak, called shallow social. What should public social look like? Copying the improvements of WeChat and Facebook is doomed to failure. The brutal data from X’s newly designed X group has already taught Musk a lesson.

TikTok and YouTube are better than X, both public domain social media. How do they socialize?

TikTok has implemented private domain social networking, an auxiliary function for TikTok. Will people give up WeChat and chat on TikTok? Won’t. The scene where Big V communicates with his fans is a public-domain social. Comments on Big V’s posts are also public domain social, which can play a role in communication. The number of fans who can have private social interactions with Big V is minimal. If a Big V doesn’t add fans, it will also cause resentment among fans unless he doesn’t refuse anyone who comes. So, this feature is subject to discussion.

YouTube handles shallow social networking very well, using private messages and comments. X also has a private message button. This button makes it too easy to send private messages, and it is easy to send them through group send. As a result, it has become a world of advertising. How does YouTube handle private messages? Fans on YouTube can only send messages to the address published by the host. If someone advertises to these addresses, the cost is too high. Generally, the host only publishes their email addresses, which have the function of blocking spam. There must be a reason why YouTube handles private messages without interception. Who is right, and who is wrong? X’s original way of designing private messages was too crude. There have been fewer private message advertisements recently because X has added the “private message request” function. But most of my DM requests are ads. X is learning from WhatsApp, and they all have problems, while WeChat has no ads.

Another issue is, would you accept a stranger’s request? For the transition from public to private domains, Facebook uses mutual friends to establish trust in adding strangers. There is a mutual understanding process from strangers to friends; shared interests, expected benefits, or common beliefs are needed for interaction. If I add Musk, will he respond? TikTok, YouTube, and even Weibo are the objects X learns from and imitates, especially their folding techniques. Folding is essential; I will discuss this separately later. Learning is not shameful; for example, YouTube is good at learning. For example:

YouTube displays a horizontal layout, while TikTok displays a vertical layout. Later, when YouTube adopted the short video function, it also used the vertical layout. TV displays have a horizontal layout, and YouTubers have started to choose a horizontal layout to follow the rules. TikTok’s choice of vertical layout is a pioneering move, which shows their ability to study details. The principle is that the mobile phone is held vertically, and it is convenient to hold it vertically to watch videos. YouTube learns from its opponents and changes itself, which is why it is ahead. I have great admiration for Neal Mohan, the product manager of YouTube. They are masters at handling changes and no changes.

One of the most successful examples of combining public and private domain social products is Facebook. It helps us reconnect with friends of friends we haven’t contacted for years. It facilitates the formation of interests, benefits, and beliefs based on groups. These groups, often necessary for influential individuals (Big Vs), are carefully screened and divided based on interests, benefits, and beliefs.

5. How to stay minimalist amid market changes?

Indulge human laziness instead of changing it! Jane is easy to use. Google search, WeChat homepage, WhatsApp homepage, etc., have remained unchanged despite small changes since their release. Times have changed, and our opponents have changed. How can we stay minimalist amid market changes? Only through clever function expansion.

6. Function expansion relies on folding, and WeChat does it best

How to keep it minimalist? WeChat does this best. Later, we will have a picture showing the entire WeChat platform. WeChat folds extended functions into secondary and tertiary pages through 5 buttons. WeChat’s homepage has basically not changed significantly. If WeChat only had a chat function today, it would have ceased to exist. There is nothing wrong with X insisting on minimalism. Still, it also maintains simplicity while maintaining its crude appearance when launched. Where are the extensions? It is not good at using folding pages. The reason why it has not died is that its main news business is still irreplaceable. WeChat maintained minimalism when it was released and has become the X look that Musk wanted. The main businesses of the two are very different, and the paths to achieve them will be very different. But folding is a must.

We saw a similar product of X: China Weibo. It’s not folded properly, the homepage is too bloated, and there’s no restraint in flooding ads. Doesn’t it know how to deliver it accurately? Is X going to look like that? The key is that Weibo’s life is not as good as Twitter’s. There are many restrictions on its main business. The current price is only about half the listing price of US$17. X is still very restrained in advertising, but the advertising accuracy is not enough, and there are also problems with folding. We have found several reference objects that can be learned from for X.

7. Are the added functions just needed? Or auxiliary?

X adds video and audio calling, which is a general feature. Still, it is an auxiliary feature at best and does not do much to change the landscape of X. The purpose of the call is in the private domain. For the public domain, live streaming is a necessity. X is suitable to add the live broadcast function, but the location of X live broadcast is wrong and takes up a large space at the top of the precious homepage. This space is enough to fold all entrances. Who can livestream? It must be a Big Vs. Take a look at how YouTube does live streaming and just copy it. X’s “Following” button, which looks outdated and backward today, should be improved by adopting the same follow method as YouTube to increase user stickiness.

8. X’s assessment criterion is daily active users plus duration

Most apps are not daily active products; they belong to the tool category. Daily active products must have one of the following two characteristics:

  1. Obtain or communicate information
  2. Entertainment.

Due to the nature of the Internet, only the leader in each category survives. Our time is limited; thus, few daily active app products are used, and 3-5 apps are enough for ordinary people. Daily active Apps are all striving for duration, also known as “stickiness.” We can use WeChat without Facebook and WhatsApp and watch YouTube without TikTok. Who is X’s substitute? Currently, X has no competitors; the problem with X lies within itself; its potential has not been fully realized.

Increasing users does not mean increasing stickiness; just like smoking, it must be addictive to have a chance at daily use. Musk is not in favor of addiction. X is a daily active product, which is very rare and requires addiction to ensure daily activity. When examining addiction, the user’s reading time is an important indicator. News has a hot spots nature and is, of course, prone to addiction. Any idea beneficial to the main business addiction, such as intelligent reviews, is worth adopting. Daily activity products must examine the “duration” indicator.

9. Forming an ecosystem, relying on a robust main business

Figure 1 below is the WeChat ecological diagram I found, which covers Musk’s desired functions. The WeChat chat in the picture is its main business, and WeChat is also the first channel through which Chinese people can obtain information. More than 77% of Chinese people get information from the WeChat homepage. A strong main business is fundamental. Without a strong main business, the rest of the ecosystem is empty.

The main business is used to gather people and other businesses share users, user relationships, and payments. Advertising spaces can be designed for each function. The homepage of the WeChat payment function originally had nine advertising spaces (now it has been moved to the third-level page, leaving eight advertising spaces). It is said that Pinduoduo spent US$500 million on one of the advertising spaces that year. Figure 1 shows the video and WeChat Pay in the outer circle. The remaining products are from peripheral companies that have equity relationships with Tencent. They are all well-known applications. In fact, many famous companies with equity relationships cannot be fully displayed. In addition to learning WeChat, X also needs to understand Tencent’s investment strategy. China has two major Internet investment institutions, Alibaba Group and Tencent Group. Chinese products do not have leading technological advantages. They can only be competitive by working hard on application and forming comprehensive advantages. There was Li Ka-shing before him, and then there were Tencent and Alibaba. They are all comprehensive enterprises that use both hands and feet. WeChat’s platform is not everything Tencent is. Similar ecological investments in the United States include Facebook. Still, it is not as good as Tencent regarding ecological integrity.

 figure 1

X is the world’s gateway to information and its unique main business. For X, the WeChat ecosystem is very worthy of reference. By 2021, the number of WeChat mini programs has exceeded 7 million, and the number of WeChat mini program developers has surpassed 3 million. In comparison, Google and Apple’s APP applications are less numerous than Tencent’s mini programs. Which American company has Tencent’s ecosystem? Musk should eat upstream technology and downstream applications to build such a company. Terrible.

X’s main business must be strong to achieve like Tencent’s ecology. It only makes sense to do your 1 followed by 0. X’s biggest problem is that its main business needs to innovate again and lead the world like Starlink.

Third: Suggestions for improving X

1. Do an excellent job in X’s main business

X is the number one news media on the Internet. The characteristic of news is that it is fast. People read the title first and then read the content. Those who are not interested will just glance at it. A short message of 280 characters is enough. It is the key to Twitter’s success. In this way, people can obtain the maximum information quickly. X is the world’s fastest real-time information push system. Users can receive and freely publish information in real-time, which is the core value of X. If this is not done well, other extensions will be like water without a source.

X’s major issue: Information overload

Information overload occurs when the amount of information available exceeds people’s capacity to process it. Robots and invalid forwarding are more likely to cause information overload. One is free to post, but how does one compete with team posting and bot posting? The right to publish appears to be equal, but in fact, it is unequal.

Use Grok skillfully to improve the efficiency of intelligent information distribution

The vast sea of information exceeds human search capabilities.

Having used ChatGPT, you know that this technology is very suitable for improving X’s main business. Using artificial intelligence can solve the fairness problem caused by information overload. We assume that Musk’s artificial intelligence product Grok has the same level as ChatGPT and can use conversational AI product features to capture user demands and answer them accurately. In essence, it solves the problem of information asymmetry more efficiently, and end users, platforms, and advertisers will all benefit from it. The improvement in the efficiency of intelligent information distribution will produce revolutionary changes. TikTok’s intelligent distribution has set an example.

2. Use conversational AI to capture user demands accurately

The current news situation has few facts and many opinions and is very messy. How can we present the facts as efficiently as possible? What are the pros and cons? What are the official, Big Vs, and private sector views? It is a pain point that has not yet been realized. Now, AI can do it. Here are a few specific methods.

Once the user clicks “like,” the system will continue to push

When the user clicks “like,” the system can determine the user’s characteristics and recommend similar views to him until the user clicks the arrow “→ “to return to the original timeline, which is the X homepage. This scenario exists. There should be a lot of news reports about Israel’s attack on Iran, but there are too few reports that can be seen. Because we indulge in laziness, most people will not search for it. We hope the machine will push it to me.

In another scenario, many repeated reports on an issue may make people lose interest. If the user clicks “like” and the machine gives a summary, they can jump to the content they want to see or exit based on the summary. Overview is ChatGPT’s specialty and has the potential for practical application.

Design a like jump button to view related postings

To achieve the above continuous like push, we need to design a like jump button in the functional area of the homepage post. Currently, functional area that lists “reply,” “retweet,” “like,” “read,” “tag save,” and “send to outside.” There are six buttons. From the perspective of designing a folded page, the three buttons of “reply,” “tag save,” and “send to outside” can be put into the second level of the folded page. In the functional area, design a “like jump” button on the homepage separate from the like button. Pressing the skip button takes you to the secondary folded page, where the clicked post is ranked first. On this page, related posts are sorted by information stream rather than time stream, with the most clicked-on posts going to the top of the list. YouTube’s comments area has an optional button for the time and information streams. In addition to retaining the “reply,” “tag save,” and sending to outside buttons mentioned above on the secondary fold page, a “Comment” button could be designed to be clicked to enter the comment section of the post. Since X adds a long post, commenting has become a necessary feature.

If the user doesn’t like it or wants to see the opposite’s opinion, then select the opposite button

From the view of the folded page design, in the posting function area on the home page, design a “contrary opinion” button and press it to enter the folded page. According to the flow of information emissions, this page-related post clicks the highest ranking in the front.

The publication of opposing views is conducive to opening the information cocoon and achieving media neutrality.

Design a comment button on the homepage

Eliminate the forwarding function with comments on the homepage. Add a “comment” button to the functional area and display the number of comments with a red dot. Press the comment button to see the comments for the post. In addition to the comment button, there is also an intelligent overview button in the folded page function area. The secondary page is advertisable, so adding comments will increase an advertisement’s stickiness and value.

3. Need to add and improve the function

Ads can be turned off

The adverts should all be switchable off by the user and used to get the user’s characteristics. Knowing the customer’s dislikes, they can no longer be pushed. News is insufficient for acquiring the user’s characteristics, which must be done like YouTube by switching off something like a 5-second advert. Opting out of adverts is a reason for users to subscribe to YouTube. X’s HK$188 fee is the same as that of Youtube. Still, YouTube’s no-view ads are attractive compared to X’s fee, which is expensive, so except for those who need to post articles who will pay, those who read articles are reluctant to subscribe. Still, those who read articles are the majority, so the number of subscribers can’t increase. But not reading adverts at all is a bit one-sided; it works for Youtube, not necessarily for X. Because X’s adverts are also postings, and turning off adverts you don’t like from being pushed later is also a reason for X to charge. After you pay the money, you can choose the ads you want and keep them pushed or choose not to see them. You can also ask the system to push you the ads you need when you need them. These are the capabilities of conversational AI.

To add a hot spot

X only has two categories, “for you” and “follow,” but we also need to add a “hotspot.” The “Hot Spots” function used to be available on YouTube, but it is not anymore. Weibo still has this function. YouTube is a comprehensive media, and the characteristics of the news are not obvious so that individual attention will be very different. The news itself is hot, and the market has hot news mentioned, so the hotspot is established.

Add a message subscription button

Subscriptions in the past have generally meant subscriptions by column. In effect, the following are subscriptions by person. News comes and goes quickly; it needs to be subscribed by event, i.e., message. Because news may have continuity, subscribing to it will allow you to get continuous news. This button is a home page level button and is placed on the home page ribbon. The news subscription can be canceled at any time. There is no such service for those who don’t pay the subscription fee. Charging for an old feature is bound to be viewed negatively by the market.

It is possible to subscribe or order anything, and this subscription is pending the formation of the X ecosystem. This is where conversational AI comes in.

Provide information organizing tools for Big Vs

Head users can receive a large number of fan messages every day, but in fact, the individual’s ability to process messages is very limited; let’s say a Big V can receive 1,000 new messages every day, but due to personal energy reasons, each time can only brush up to 100 or 200 messages, which leads to the latter 800 being ignored.

With the comments, there is comment sorting, the Big V to know his follow-up to the views, to understand what the user has, what requirements, and what suggestions require artificial intelligence to help collate. A summary of information is needed when the amount of information is large, to a certain, say 200, to begin to have a summary categorized by artificial intelligence.

Musk has 180 million followers, and this function is beneficial to him. For example, my above suggestions can be important opinions summarized and screened out without the need for many retweets he can find. How do you get frontline opinions to reach Musk? He needs an AI super secretary to help him sift through his daily tweets without ignoring the important ones.

Improve the “Follow” button

Look at how Yiutube does it. Learn from it.

Newly added “groups” are not silky smooth.

It’s too inconvenient to exit the group before writing the text. It’s not the same as the group operation of the predecessors, and X is a latecomer, so it should respect the operating habits that the users have formed.

Where can you find the benefits after the blue label?

The groups can also be found. However, the profile does not contain any other geolocation modules, etc.

WeChat’s features include step-by-step guides, but X’s new features don’t. There are operating instructions in English, and X’s postings have translation buttons. Is it hard to add translation buttons to the operating instructions? It doesn’t feel as good as YouTube and WeChat’s control of the details. It has to reach the WeChat and Youtube levels as a first-class product.

Fourth: X’s ecology should use e-commerce as a breakthrough

1. What is the ecology of X?

The main business of X is news, which is the entrance. What is the space for entering? Is it a comprehensive shopping mall or a news center? Musk once said that X will work towards universal applications, including social networking, video, calling, recruitment, dating, and payment. He did not mention e-commerce here.

2. X’s payment system has been launched

According to data from the US Multi-State Licensing System (NMLS) website, X’s subsidiary obtained a currency transmission license in Rhode Island, USA, on August 28, 2023. Subsequently, 15 states in the United States have approved X to provide payment functions to users. Musk expects X to be approved by all U.S. states by mid-2024.

For X payment to be useful, it must rely on its rich ecological environment. WeChat handles payments for millions of mini-programs, which is a big business. Does X have a mini-program? If not, TikTok’s e-commerce path is worth reference.

3. TikTok pioneered media e-commerce

TikTok’s e-commerce ranks fourth, behind Taobao,, and Pinduoduo. Now, TikTok has separated e-commerce as a first-level button to establish its own supply chain. TikTok is media that can do it; X can be done. As an e-commerce company, TikTok’s advantage is that it understands user characteristics better than e-commerce companies. E-commerce must know the characteristics of people. After Facebook understands the users, and tells advertisers who need their products. But TikTok is not satisfied with just being an intermediary.

When people have needs, price is not the main contradiction. However, it is difficult for e-commerce companies to understand users’ needs. The only remaining solution is to compare prices. The characteristic of Pinduoduo is price comparison, telling customers which product of the same type is the cheapest. Obviously, TikTok has one more trick to compete with Pinduoduo. Intuitively, media e-commerce is a dimensionality reduction attack on traditional e-commerce.

4. Use AI to push precise demands

Price competition is too brutal and will produce bad money to drive out good money; X can understand the characteristics of the customer, the future of artificial intelligence to strengthen the ability, who can use artificial intelligence to push the user accurate demand or even potential demand, and coupled with a reasonable price from the market to discover, with these two points will win.

5. X optional e-commerce solutions

Media e-commerce is new, and it is difficult for people who have not actually run it to understand the risks and contradictions involved. Try it with an e-commerce category. Currently, there are two modes that X can do:

The Facebook model is more straightforward than e-commerce; X can run it alone.

For the e-commerce cooperation model, Shein is the first choice

E-commerce is a profession and requires professional people to operate it. Pinduoduo started by relying on Tencent to divert traffic. Now, when it comes to overseas, there is no channel to divert traffic. TikTok’s artificial intelligence is powerful. They have media and e-commerce, which will create a new pattern of media e-commerce, such as TikTok. The relationship with X has more competitors than cooperation. Like WeChat, X needs to find strong people with whom to cooperate.

I am more optimistic about Shein. They have no media, but their supply chain is more solid. By cooperating with them in e-commerce, X can also take advantage of its payment and news advantages.

Shein is currently headquartered in Singapore and started in Nanjing, China. It focuses on the category of women’s fast fashion. It has quickly become one of the world’s most well-known fast fashion brands. It now enjoys a high reputation around the world. Shein has developed markets in more than 150 countries and regions worldwide. Its revenue in 2022 will reach 24 billion U.S. dollars, comparable to clothing retail giants such as Zara and H&M. A round of financing in April 2022 will make its market value reach 100 billion U.S. dollars. As of 2021, its online platform has 70 million active users monthly. This number is incomparable to X’s 500 million monthly active users. If Shein is used as a secondary entrance to access X in a way similar to a mini program, how much does Shein have to pay? Guess X’s basic expenses may be protected.

Shein has begun accelerating the construction of overseas supply chains and has built factories in Brazil and Turkey. It plans to build a factory in Mexico. In the future, Brazil will radiate to Latin America, Mexico to North America, and Turkey to the Middle East and Europe. Shein earlier announced its focus on Latin America and accelerated the localization process in Brazil. It has signed partnerships with 330 suppliers and logistics service providers in 12 states in Brazil. It plans to have 85% of its sales in Brazil by 2026, a locally produced product composition.

Pinduoduo’s overseas e-commerce company, Temu, has not yet started building an overseas supply chain, and its suppliers are still in China.

Conclusion: The appeal of freedom

The market opportunity is fleeting, and media e-commerce has allowed TikTok to test its feasibility.

Whoever can use artificial intelligence to push accurate needs to users and provide reasonable prices in the market will win with these two points.

Musk said the X payment system is expected to launch this year. I want to see cryptocurrencies play an essential role in it. After all, the intelligent push and cryptocurrency and the establishment of a rich ecological environment will allow X to become a comprehensive platform similar to Tencent.

Musk’s height is beyond my reach. I discovered that he may not have done an excellent job in detail. Based on my experience, I proposed problems and solutions. If Musk can read this article and adopt it appropriately, it would be not only an honor for me but also a blessing for the development of social software. I also hope netizens who agree with this view will repost it and contribute to freedom.

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