Angel round DW20 Incentive Plan

A direct push will be rewarded with 20,000 DW20, an indirect push with 10,000 DW20, and so on.

The 9-day cycle remains unchanged. Settlement in nine days.

The ranking direct recommendation weight is 1, and the indirect recommendation weight is 0.5. That is to say, in the seed ranking, two indirect promotions are equivalent to one direct promotion.

The first place will receive an additional award of 2 million DW20;

second place 1.5 million;

The third place is 1 million;

fourth place 750,000;

fifth place 50;

The sixth to tenth place will be rewarded with 250,000 yuan;

125,000 will be awarded to the 11th to 20th place.


The overall difficulty has increased, and the valuation of the currency has also increased. The amount of coins sent has been reduced. From a similar performance of 11 round the number of people rose and the actual consumption of coins doubled. Users accept the policy of proportional coin giving.

The incentives for the top players are retained, and the overall distribution policy is relatively even.

If the system is good, removing the head excitation can run automatically. Automation is our goal.

There is no incentive from TCLY.

If you are A, you will be B if you directly push it, and you will be C if you push it indirectly.

The Chainless Team

17th April 2024

Appendix I, Number of people reached by DW20 at the end of the Angel Round

x 周期 Cycleux 用户数 Number of Users (万人) (10,000 People)dx 新增用户 New Users (万人) (10,000 People)cx当期 发行量  current period issued (亿枚) (100000000 Pieces)Cx累积 发行量 Accumulation issued(亿枚) (10000 0000Pieces)gX 注册送币量Vx 用户价值 User Value (万) (US $10,000)px 币估值价 Coin Valuation Price (美分) (¢)

Appendix II, Changes in CLY’s Coin

px 币估值价 Coin Valuation Price (美元) (USD)x 周期 Cycleux 用户数 Number of Users (万人) (10,000 People)  dx 新增用户 New Users (万人) (10,000 People)  cx当期 发行量  current period issued (万枚) (10,000 Pieces)Cx累积 发行量 Accumulation issued(万枚) (10,000 Pieces)gx 新用户 得币 New user coins(枚) (Piece)Vx 用户价值 User Value (万) (US $10,000)
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