Behind the scenes of SEC approval of Bitcoin ETF — beginner’s thoughts after reading

First of all, it must be said that this is an in-depth and good article that focuses on hot current events in “politics, economics, finance, stocks, futures, cryptocurrency, capital, competition between great powers…” and constantly crosses boundaries! This article fully demonstrates Mr. Zhu Weisha’s in-depth research, practical experience, and comprehensive understanding of the above fields, especially the multi-dimensional and in-depth cryptocurrency perspective, which is inspiring.

At the same time, this article is quite profound and far-reaching for a novice. Understanding it takes a lot of thinking, and this is my true feeling as a “novice in the currency circle.”

The first time I saw this article, I felt it was brain-burning. After reading it, I only remembered one thought throughout the article: “If you can’t defeat, lead!” Let me know that the United States wants to lead this digital financial revolution. They want to take over and maintain their world dominance in finance. If the U.S. government has such motivation and takes action, it will suit cryptocurrency’s future development. It is enough for ordinary investors to know this, and they will know what to do next.

But I thought: If there are top expert-level teachers who personally lead us in learning the knowledge and practical operations of cryptocurrency, why not take advantage of this to learn? Even if you only make a little progress every day, if you persist in studying 365 days a year or even a few years later, you will accumulate a lot of progress. No one is born an expert. Human potential is unlimited. With persistent study, a novice may become a master!

In order to learn more about the story behind the article, I asked Mr. Zhu to send me some of his research materials. Then I read it bit by bit, carefully and patiently, and slowly, I became familiar with the entire Bitcoin spot ETF. The event’s background, development process, and context can be understood more clearly. Then, when I went back and read the article “Behind the Scenes of the U.S. Securities Regulatory Commission’s Approval of Bitcoin ETF,” I felt a lot more relaxed: I still had a lot of questions that I didn’t understand before, but now I suddenly found that there seemed to be no problem.

I told Mr. Zhu: “(Repeated reading and writing) is a good learning method and a process of sorting out my thinking for me. I am grateful to him for being so willing to lead everyone to learn.”

Let’s talk about the benefits of learning.

As a newbie who just entered the currency circle in January this year, when I first promoted the registration of DW20 to my friends, my friends often asked, “What kind of currency is this?” “Turn it into money” and “Why do you give us coins for free?” I couldn’t answer these questions. I felt guilty then, so I could only tell them: I don’t understand cryptocurrency, but the project team is trustworthy, and It doesn’t cost a penny; register and wait for the value to increase.”

This method is no problem for people who trust you, but the number of people who trust you is limited. How do you promote it to people who relatively trust you or even do not trust you? Especially for a newbie who has just entered the currency circle, he does not have a wide range of enthusiasts and network resources in the currency circle. So, these should be the everyday situations many novices face who believe in projects but cannot promote them.

Learning is a very effective method. For example, in our group, we use our daily spare time to follow everyone’s discussions and dive to learn a little bit. If accumulated like this, we will have a deeper understanding of cryptocurrency. So, what changes will this understanding bring? My own experience is that, first of all, I became confident. Looking back on the past, I would feel guilty whenever others asked some questions. Others will feel this guilty conscience. If you recommend something to others that you don’t even understand, It is not easy for others to believe; through learning, I know that the essence of cryptocurrency is not speculation but a future financial development trend. Through learning, I now know how to answer questions I didn’t know how to respond to before, so I will ask others about it now. When promoting, your mentality, tone, and the content of your answers will be more convincing, which means the promotion is more likely to succeed.

Looking back at history, the birth of any new thing may be accompanied by doubts, incomprehension, contempt, and trampling… Without firm confidence and sufficient research, being alone in the world’s doubts will be challenging. The courage to move forward is the meaning of learning.

Mr. Zhu Weisha’s article is fascinating. If you want to learn more, please click on the original link of “Behind the scenes of SEC approval of Bitcoin ETF“.

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