Fifth-round seed selection and sixth-round policy announcement

After the project team released the statistical news, it caused an intense backlash from the community. The project team rechecked the data and discovered bugs in the program. Excluding this problem, most of the data machine judgments are correct again after manual verification. Data is divided into three categories: one type of data is accurate, and one type of data is doubtful. One type is data that can be seen as fake at a glance.

New statistics: February 5, 2024, 00:00 am to February 13, 24:00

The total number of registered people is 19,000

Deduct 165 accounts frozen on 2.7

116 invalid identities

444 real-name information errors

Including the above accounts with incomplete information or irregular fill-in, that is, accounts with problems that can be seen at a glance, there are 16,749 problematic accounts.

Additional matters for the fifth seed round

Three plans were proposed after communicating with friends who could get through to the phone.

1. In this round, a seed round list will be proposed based on the data of 18,000 people, and then strict inspection will be carried out in the next round. The characteristic of this plan is that it condones fraud. When we register with real names, we have clear reminders not to commit fraud; otherwise, the consequences will be severe. After the four-for-two problem occurred, it was clearly stated that the real-name data would be reviewed. This plan was unanimously opposed to this plan after explaining the situation to the group of friends.

2. There are 759 suspicious accounts; the form is reasonable, and the machine determines that the email address is incorrect. Many people support this plan and hope to give them the right to appeal. Although my views differ from those of the project team, I understand and respect the opinions of most group members.

3. The project plan was to use 767 correctly identified users, which was not supported by the majority of the group members.

Conclusion: It is obvious that the forger was subjectively intentional, and it is a fraudulent act that seriously damages the regular continuity of the community and will never be tolerated. Centralized technology helps combat this type of fraud. I agree that everyone wants to give suspicious addresses the right to appeal.


The actual number of valid real-name persons is 1,526

Among them, 759 are suspicious accounts

767 correctly identified users

57 people, including 41 who advanced from the previous round of seeds and 16 new seeds, were selected. The highest number of recruits was 179, and the lowest was 5.

The account has the right to appeal.

Activity review

In this round, we proposed a 4-for-2 plan, which the machine gave. However, on February 7, we discovered that some people took advantage of the loopholes during the test and cheated out of the rewards by swiping their accounts.

Immediately, we stopped related activities through community voting to prevent anyone from continuing to obtain rewards through wrong methods and violations. We also proposed to check the real-name data strictly, but it did not attract the attention of the group friends. On February 12, we discovered that the seed round data was abnormal and told the group members that the real-name data would be reviewed. On the last day, the number of registered people increased dramatically, and we immediately informed the group members that the real-name data would be reviewed.

After the end of February 13, we used machine screening and manual verification to exclude non-real-name users. Our total number of real-name users on the round was 767. Due to the large number of frauds, machine judgment errors may have occurred. So that real users are screened out. Users in the community who care about the project’s development will inquire and appeal if they find errors in these statistics.

In the fourth round, an abnormality in the data was discovered, and preparations were made to train the intelligent software. A bug appeared in this round of use, resulting in the first statistical error. After a day of appeal on the corrected data, it was found that all the machine judgments were correct. Artificial intelligence must also continuously learn to detect fraudulent orders and investigate and deal with them together.

The growth of anonymous users is average.

It is a worse performance than the first time. The project side does not avoid its shortcomings. We may make mistakes, but we will not cheat. Integrity is the core concept of the chain-free community.

The real-time clock records the entire registration history and contains invalid data.

Sixth Round Awards

You will be rewarded with 20,000 DW20 if you keep recruiting four people. This award will apply to more than four people. But the prizes are also awarded at the end of the round.

The total number of people recruited in the sixth round will be awarded. The first place will be rewarded with 3 million, the second place will be rewarded with 2 million, and the third place will be rewarded with 1 million. The fourth to sixth place will be awarded 500,000 DW20.

We will implement the policy of incremental improvement without harming the vested interests of the original owners, making incentives more fair and effective.

About community activities:

400,000 people: Hu Te

200,000 and three: Mountain outside the trail, Loulan Fisherman, Adi

100,000 and 6: Chuan, Mi Lier, Zhimin, Dream Sky is Extraordinarily Blue, Stability, Sky

Telegram group rewards 400,000.

Total reward:

The seed reward is 11,400,000, and the top reward is 20,500,000, totaling 1.3450W20; 57,000 TCLY.

The event reward is 2 million DW20.

The fifth round of raw data hashing

New backup hash 8fea6608a4a913462cbf682a3166f737cad8e60e51f990060a34324395e5f511

Question inquiry:

Friends who have questions can ask in the community or by email.

Email address:

Joining the community:

Telegram group:

WeChat group: Chainlesshk

Chainless  Team

On February 14,2024

Fifth round seeded list

SeedsTotal number of people New seedsTotal number of people
457323727179 115333210322
169923032172 137643654712
201603751258 194513090510
34395022550 1057279208
196864753049 2191723867
64411616345 7724061947
84268023644 19845904287
104281065342 14512511766
203247318140 10339933096
15176236340 18553390626
60083534938 18390077546
57389988337 9881686535
152924259837 8388749695
169333313537 16125861395
24006826133 18635446515
77512604033 20554952025
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