Summary of the third round and announcement of selection of seeded players in the fourth round

Registration statistics summary:

00:00 am on January 18, 2024~24:00 on January 26, 2024

The total number of registered people is 8448

The total number of real-name people is 4293

The total number of anonymous people is 4155

In this round of old seeds, the highest number of Recruit was 513, the lowest number was 23, and 15 people were selected.

The highest number of new seeds was 208, the lowest number was 24, and 57 people were selected.

A total of 72 people were selected. See Table 1.

Activity review:

The number of direct referrals from newcomers has increased significantly, and many downlines and uplines have been on the list simultaneously.

The total number of real-name people in the three rounds was 6,995, and the 4,293 people in the third round exceeded the combined number of real-name people in the first two rounds, which was 2,702.

The total number of anonymous people in the first round was 697, and the total number in the second round was 383, showing a downward trend that has little impact on the overall situation. Therefore, no severe distinction was made. In the third round, it was discovered that someone used a robot to swipe data to receive airdrops. In order to maintain fairness and justice, we made targeted improvements: only counting real-name people. From now on, only real-name people will be counted. Before the public listing, there was also a face-swiping KYC authentication. The real-name information is easy to authenticate and trace. We have warned that the consequences of using real-name cheating will be severe. We hope you will not cheat.

For group members whom policy changes have harmed, we will give them priority in future activities and compensate them.

There are also pure Bitcoin users among the anonymous number, and the actual number of influential registered users exceeds the number of real-name users.

Excluding anonymous data, data growth is expected. Everyone is welcome to supervise, criticize, and jointly maintain the chainless community.

The competition goes beyond personal social circles and pulls people from absolute to relative trust. Go to those who have resources. The old seeds contain three rounds, and only 15 people are retained. The strength of the old seeds lies in their understanding of the project and how to utilize their advantages better, and there are still ways to think of it.

Finding a capable downline and letting him enter the seed is a way to get rid of it. 86388675 group friends found a downline member, 1839007754, who directly promoted 70 people. Both were selected.

Someday, during the third round, the idea of setting up a real-time registration number clock on a chainless website did not materialize.

In the third round, the first place will be rewarded with 3 million people, the second place will be rewarded with 2 million, and the third place will be rewarded with 1 million, awarding 500,000 DW20 for the fourth to sixth place is correct. Promoted the growth of head data.

The January 21 trades from Sky and Mr. ¥ catalyzed the rise in personnel.

For over-the-counter transactions, the project party does not participate.

Cryptocurrency is highly speculative, and most speculators survive. It is hoped that old community members can play a training role in guiding speculators to become investors. Because the chainless project is an investment project, it has valuable logic.

New awards for the fourth round

Added an award of 20,000 DW20 for attracting 4 new people. Group members with more than 4 people who have not entered the seed will be awarded according to this standard.

We will implement the incremental improvement policy without damaging the original owners’ vested interests, making incentives more fair and effective.

About community activities:

600,000 people: Sky;

400,000 for two persons: Mr. ¥, Parker;

The fourth place of 200,000: Zhimin, Xiang Yang, Xingwei Waishan, Lu Xiao*;

100,000 is9 people: Bloody Gang, ADi, Sweet, Guoli, Dafu, Han*, Loulan Fisherman, Mi Lier,

Telegram group rewards 400,000.

Total reward:

The seed reward is 144 million, the top reward is 7.5 million, and the event reward is 350 million. 72,000Tcly.

Question inquiry:

Friends who have questions can ask in the community or by email.

Email address:

Joining the community:

Telegram group:

WeChat group: Chainlesshk

Chainless Team

January 28,2024

Table 1. All the winning qualified personnel

The fourth round of the promotion personnelNumber of first-level downlineThe total number of real names in the first and second level downlineNew seedsNumber of first-level downlineThe total number of real names in the first and second level downline
1945130905143241731020007 124
3501787159851696088241 98
21351647181782132343106 91
10956483881781806122213 88
1020199467255457323727 78
18736167092482102674862 75
7696775731231839007754 70
236062745231745493291 62
15921642394231268006822 60
   196762292 55
   235623527 55
   1081824114 54
   2006087151 54
   786569385 52
   1079918949 51
   1129064738 46
   1925593605 44
   1798192119 41
   1954962116 41
   459961921 40
   319758768 39
   1353797005 37
   109468531 35
   1699230321 35
   515117614 35
   702894972 34
   573899883 34
   964828949 34
   1782597366 34
   1856250408 33
   494363270 32
   917189854 31
   1225411645 31
   737299867 30
   544745172 30
   2097088208 30
   1241646469 30
   635053138 29
   765278480 27
   813318391 27
   323969977 25
   1693525352 25
   816544592 25
   838874969 24
   1542680140 24
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