Summary of the second round and announcement of selection of seeded players in the third round

Registration statistics summary:

January 9, 2024, 00:00 am ~ January 17, 24:00

The total number of registered people is 1699

The total number of real-name people is 1316

The total number of anonymous people is 383

The group owner can directly downline up to 64 people, and the real name can directly downline up to 58 people.

See Table 1.

Twenty-nine people were selected for the second seeding round, and 41 were eliminated.

The highest number of recruits was 181; the lowest number of recruits was 12.

There are 37 new picks in the second round.

The highest number of new recruits was 121; the lowest number of recruits was 10.

Three people were eliminated by themselves, but his downlines were selected. This situation occurred because the number of customers directly promoted by his downlines was much smaller than those indirectly promoted.

See Table 2.

About community activities:

We have added a reward level of 600,000

600,000 for one people: Sky;

400,000 for two persons: Xiang Yang and Zhimin;

200,000, for three winners: Han Wei, Peter, and Parker;

100,000: for fifteen:Adi, Peng*feng, outside the trail, DW8186, Lu Zhiqiang, Iverson, Vicki, Lu Xiao*, Hu Te, Yanzi, Oubao, Xiaowaishizhi, Meng*hai, jianying, YIyang.

Ye*rui was rewarded 400,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan for providing important opinions for Xiuwu.

Telegram group reward: 123, From now.

Activity review:

The second round of activities lasted for 9 days, which was 7 days shorter than the first round. An average of 188 people a day. The first round averaged 130 people/day. The data grew, but lower than the project party’s expectations.

Judging from the data, the number of people attracted to the indirect downline has increased significantly, and the minimum number of people has doubled significantly.

The total number of anonymous people dropped from 697 in the first round to 383 in the second round.

A person’s social radius is limited, and you must use the tokens in your hand to motivate your direct( first-level )downlines to develop their downlines.

The data analysis shows that the top few are direct (first-level ) downlines whose total number is much larger than direct-level but is far from sufficient. The entire proportion of the two is at least 5 times that of direct downlines, which is reasonable.

Competition currently does not extend beyond one’s social circle.

Finding capable downlines and letting them enter the seed is a suitable method. Five first-level downlines are entering the seed, equivalent to entering the seed yourself. The smartest one is the 844913675 group member. He only finds one downline person, and If he finds 2 to 3 more people in the same way in this round, he will be successful, too.

The vast potential to pull the down line is also the key to ensuring further rise.

As the number of people increases, seeds face from absolute trust to relative trust field.

New awards added in the third round

After two rounds of practice, we found the shortcomings of the incentive method, and we added 6 awards in the third round.

In the third round, the first place will be rewarded with 3 million DW20, the second place will be rewarded with 2 million, and the third place will be rewarded with 1 million. The fourth to sixth place will be awarded 500,000. Someday, in the third round, a real-time registration number clock should be set up on the chainless website to let everyone know in order to compete for reward spots.

We will implement the policy of providing incremental improvements without damaging the vested interests of the original seeds, making incentives more fair and effective.

Question inquiry:

Friends who have questions can ask in the community or by email.

email address:

Joining the community:

Telegram group:

WeChat group: Chainlesshk

 Chainless team

January 19, 2024

Table 1. All the winning qualified personnel

二轮种子晋级 The second round of seeds advanced直接下线 Direct downline总下线 Total downline新人升级 New upgrade直接下线 Direct downline总下线 Total downline

Table 2

本人淘汰下线进入 you eliminate the downline entry
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