Promotion Strategy of DW20 Decentralized Stablecoin (Standard Currency)

1. User registration incentives

The rewards recommended by users are based on the people POP algorithm model. Taking the user model as an example: the principle is halving in three cycles, a total of 30 cycles, a total issuance of 210 billion, DW20 registration reward tokens 168 billion, and the first cycle reward is 200,000, starting from the 28th cycle, 100 rewards will be given, a difference of 2000 times. The total issuance of CLY is 2 billion, and the registration reward is 600 million. The first cycle reward is 377.31, and the 30th cycle reward is 0.28.

2. Incentives for seed promotion tokens

  1. There are ten rounds in total, and each person will receive 2 million DW20 tokens in each round.
  2. 30% elimination rate in each round. A round of 9 days. The seeds ranked in the bottom 30% will be eliminated.

3. Promotion suggestions for seeds

It is recommended that seed users can send 1 million DW20 tokens in each round. There is no limit on the number of participants and tokens for him.

4. Competition incentives for seeds

  1. If there are three seed records among the ten rounds, another 1 million DW20 will be awarded;
  2. Those with six seed records among the ten rounds will receive an additional prize of 2 million DW20;
  3. If there are three seed records among the ten rounds, the total number will be 3 million DW20 for the third place, 6 million DW20 for the second place, and 10 million DW20 for the first place.
  4. When your direct downline surpasses you, and you are eliminated, you can still get 10% of the tokens, which is 200,000.
  5. If the direct downline who surpasses you is still not eliminated in the remaining seed rounds, you will continue to get 200,000.

Chainless Team

Revised on January 10, 2024

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