Announcement on the issuance of seed tokens in the seed round

There are 62 seed people selected in this round, each receiving 2 million DW20 and 1,000 CLY incentives. 11 people were not selected but received the encouragement award, and each person received a reward of 100,000 DW20 coins.

Among the 62 people, nine people are still contacting the ID confirmation, and the remaining 53 have completed the issuance. The distribution of the 11 encouragement awards will begin on January 10.

The application mobile phone used by some people is inconsistent with the registered mobile phone. I hope everyone can keep their mobile phones open to facilitate faster and more effective communication.

Since it was the first time to distribute incentives and rewards, and many people were not familiar with the functions and operations of the product, to ensure that no mistakes were made, direct communication via SMS, WeChat, and the phone was used to check with each person whether the ID was correct. Due to the SMS system, many domestic mobile phone users cannot receive SMS messages. Please understand that it has also delayed the progress of this distribution.

From the next round, the distribution method will be changed, and incentives will be distributed directly to the wallets of those selected in the second round according to their IDs. Those selected in the second round, please pay attention to the chainless wallet for instant confirmation.

After receiving the transfer, the user must click the confirmation option again on the receipt notification to transfer the obtained tokens to the account. If you do not do this after receiving the transfer, the transfer will remain pending, and you cannot enter the account. Therefore, through this round of operations, everyone should have mastered using the wallet to receive and make external transfers.

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Friends who have questions can ask in the community or by email.

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WeChat group: Chainlesshk

Thank you all for your active participation, and I wish you continued success in the subsequent rounds of competition!

Work together to make Chainless a better place!

chainless team

January 10, 2024

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