Second-Round Seed Selection Announcement

Registration statistics summary:

Deadline: 00:00 pm on January 9, 2024

Total number of registered people: 2083

The total number of real-name people is 1386

The total number of anonymous people is 697

Group owner downline: up to 195 people, real-name downline people up to 84.

Selected in the second round

35 of the 62 first-round seeds were selected, and 27 were eliminated (including one person who gave up the qualification)

The highest number is 195; the lowest number is 5.

Thirty-five new candidates were selected in the second round.

The highest number is 127; the lowest number is 5.

There are 70 second-round seeds.

There is a” rat” who has entered the first level of the community.

Our original rule was 30% elimination. Since the first round is subjective, it is more fair that the number of new and old downline people should be close to each other. In the third round, we still refer to the 30% elimination rate, which is close to the number of recruits, as a reference.

The list of selected candidates is shown in Table 1. The first-level downline refers to the direct downline of the seed, and the total number includes the number of new recruits from the first-level  direct downline. Rank by total number (total number = first level + second level). The data in the table does not include myself.

Increase incentives for seed rounds:

1. If there are three seed rounds records among the ten rounds, another 1 million DW20 will be awarded;

2. Those with six seed round records among the ten rounds will receive an additional prize of 2 million DW20;

3. If there are three seed round records among the ten rounds, the total number is 3 million DW20 for the third place, 6 million DW20 for the second place, and 10 million DW20 for the first place.

4. We will also reward you with 10%,when your downline customers exceed yours, and you are eliminated, you can still get 10% of the tokens, which is 200,000. If this person is not stopped, you will continue getting 200,000 tokens. For legal reasons, we only count your direct downline.

The first round has not yet been distributed, and the summary will be published later.

Question inquiry:

Friends who have questions can ask in the community or by email.

Email address:

Joining the community:

Telegram group:

WeChat group: Chainlesshk

Chainless team

Jan 9, 2024

Table 1: List of people selected for the second round

     First seed round Non seed round
IDtotal numberfirstlevel downline IDtotal numberFirstlevel downline
147151049519559 9463624512739
521471340189165 83035197311727
90205377310449 6026342128748
2426185999837 8787751485735
4368858718526 863832060465
20437707006830 1647052684543
7638960785853 10201994674436
10339933095747 17791982744242
217139045353 1000156743734
41457295236 5710458203226
19120337164238 4996550523119
10956483884242 717283232015
21351647184141 2001408103206
1669416863731 10073793281812
9712493123431 554727781412
16174365673227 8902564301212
17310200072824 10662738761111
4573237272713 924985379107
11857525562626 2676642051010
14064175552626 12935113501010
13747085822420 58585377688
2854213492316 60800958188
11979445161818 121374692177
17151629041515 80859937377
7595127271212 153629900977
1423742081211 113705143377
5020779061212 202763396577
19593393581010 21164564963
95112445777 35136905566
186734724075 12060950453
197048326365 47979940153
101011988666 206039216155
131173105953 36387717152
207857030754 166758916155
99655653755 177820749754
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