Summary of Seed Round Group Leader Selection


The selection of seed round group leaders will end at 24:00 on December 30, Beijing time. A total of 83 emails were received, and 62 people qualified.

The first selection round is highly subjective and not based on scores. The purpose of designing scores is to allow everyone to express their true opinions better. The purpose of designing 50 people is to make those who cannot be the group leader quit despite difficulties.

It is our goal to establish a community service system. Friends who are unwilling to achieve the goal, which is 11 people, will naturally be excluded. 10 emails were also excluded from sending duplicate emails.

All the remaining personnel were selected based on openness, fairness, and impartiality. Thanks to the friends who truly expressed their wishes. There is still a chance in the next round. Competition and incentives are two other Satoshi principles.


Starting from 0:00 on December 31, the first nine-day seed round competition officially begins. The elimination rate remains unchanged at 30%. The next round will eliminate human subjectivity and be selected by machines.

Token issuance method:

Tomorrow, we will start sending text messages and emails to selected friends based on everyone’s answering address, and they must respond within 48 hours. The content is the number of tokens you obtain and three pieces of content that require the user to reply:

  1. Register a phone number,
  2. Email,
  3. The ID number of the chainless wallet.

Give DW20 tokens to some people as a thank you and send them separately.

The reply email is: and the tokens will be issued after confirmation.

This letter was also sent as an attachment to the 73 friends who participated in this event.

Question inquiry:

Friends who have questions can ask in the community or by email.

Email address:

Joining the community:

Telegram group:

WeChat group: Chainlesshk

This group allows the selected seeds to join freely. Other friends must obtain the consent of the Chainless group leader to join. After 100 people join, the group leader’s consent is required.

This group does not discuss politics and other irrelevant topics to avoid being banned from the group.

DW20 Token Distribution Disclosure and Summary 1

1. According to statistics, 62 people have received rewards, which, according to the rules, is 124 millionDW20 and 62,000 TCLY.

2. Ray Yang’s BitPush is 3 million, and Newscoolook social software is 3 million, totaling 6 million DW20.

3. Rewrite and comment on the white paper: Tang Wanchuan, Zhang Hai, Shi Guangrong, Hao Wu, Mr. Lu, Miles, Mr. Ren, He Bing, and Hu Te. A total of 9 million, 1 million each. (Note: The original author of the white paper’s share of the token team does not need to be disclosed)

4. The DW20 Q&A was written by: Hu- Li, He- Wang and Shi- Wang, a total of 6 people, totaling 1 million.

5. Regarding the DW20 white paper, Mr. Li, Mr. Hu, Mr. Zhou, Jianying, Robin, and Henry Zhang expressed constructive opinions and played a constructive role. A total of 2.4 million, 400,000 for each person.

6. Community suggestions: Mr. Lu, Sky, Xiao Wai, Mr. Lu, Ms. Xu, Vicki, Mr. Han, Hu Te, Mr. Hu, Tea Language, Lu Zhiqiang, West Max, Jo, Mr. He, and Peter Liang. A total of 3 million, 200,000 per person.

7. 11 people were not selected, totaling 1.1 million, 100,000 each.

Total: 146.50 million DW20, 62,000 TCLY.

Registration statistics summary

Deadline: 00:00 pm on December 30, 2023

1. The total number of registered people is 707,

2. The total number of real-name people is 438,

3. The total number of anonymous people is 269,

4. The number of group owners pulls people up to 49 max, and the maximum number of real names is 34.

Exceeded expectations.

The group’s next step is to turn anonymously registered group members into real-name registrations. Points will only be awarded if you are downlined is real name.

The system is not transparent; Users can query the data by themselves when officially online.

Answer statistics and analysis:

Among the 83 responses:

Question 1: Have you ever invested in Bitcoin?

51 people have Bitcoin.

Question 2: Do you have an independent Bitcoin address?

There are 48 people with independent Bitcoin addresses.

The above two questions are market surveys. Nearly half of the people using our products are not cryptocurrency users. Consistent with our prior estimates. It has also increased the requirements for product ease of use. Developing products with ease of use similar to Tencent’s is our goal but also a considerable challenge.

Question 3: Bitcoin is a centralized ledger and a distributed competitive accounting method

The answer is no, it is wrong, there are 20 people. Bitcoin’s ledger is distributed storage, and the contents stored are the same, which is the content of the same ledger. The ledger itself is not decentralized. The massive impact of misinformation can also be seen.

Question 4: DW20, like Bitcoin, has no actual controller.

The answer is no, it is wrong, there are 9 people. Our team as a whole is equivalent to Satoshi Nakamoto. The issuance method is the program, and 80% of it is issued through the POP algorithm. 10% of the stable funds have a clear purpose, and 4.58% are publicly issued through a similar seed round issuance method. The share that the team can control is the same as Satoshi Nakamoto.

Question 5: The chainless token CLY represents the equity of the chainless platform

The answer is no, it is wrong, there are 7 people. CLY represents the platform’s value and is the platform currency, which is no different from how YouTube platforms use equity to represent the platform’s value. 50% of the platform’s profits are distributed to coin holders, and group owners and big Vs receive 15% of the total profit rewards. The rewards for group owners and big Vs are equivalent to the operating costs of traditional companies. The system has a gross profit of close to 35%.

Question 6: The DW20 airdrop method was Satoshi Nakamoto’s original intention for computer mining

The answer is no, it is wrong, there are 14 people. The Laszlo uses GPU mining, but Satoshi Nakamoto is opposed to it. Satoshi hopes to use computers to distribute it more evenly. Understanding Satoshi Nakamoto’s thinking, DW20 tokens are distributed more evenly.

Question 7: Will you serve your downlines as a group leader?

Three people answered no. We are a community service system, and those unwilling to contribute will naturally be excluded. Our community service system is much more advanced than Binance and Coinbese.

Question 8: How many new users can you introduce?

11 people could not or did not answer. Also excluded. For those who were excluded due to questions 7 and 8, thanks to their integrity, each person will receive 100,000 DW20 tokens.

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