Wallet download test and selection seed user notice

The chainless multi-signature wallet is an integral part of the chainless financial platform. It has many functions that the encrypted wallet does not have. This time, it is open to test the airdrop function. Airdrops are conducted through seed user radiation. Seed users implement an incentive elimination system. For details, please refer to the “DW20 and CLY Token Seed Round Airdrop Plan“. In each round, seed users choose 50 people, each with 2 million DW20. One round lasts for 9 days, with a 30% elimination rate.

In line with the principles of openness, fairness, and impartiality, all those who wish to become seed users should fill in the questionnaire provided by this website, which is only published for seven days, and this questionnaire will be ended after seven days. Then we will notify the selected person by email. You have to reply within 48 hours after receiving the email. If we do not receive your reply, your eligibility will be voided and we will send a replacement notification to someone else.

For downloading issues, please refer to chainless multi-signature wallet downloads and precautions.

Other questions about airdrops can be found in the “Airdrop Instructions” column.

Note: There is no referral code for downloading wallet registration from the web.


Chainless Android APP download link

Android access link: https://eco.chainless.top/download?code=chainlesshk

chainless Apple version access connection

Apple access link: https://eco.chainless.top/download?code=chainlesshk


  1. The Apple version does not currently have an APP but can be converted.
  2. Please use the Safari browser to open it. Otherwise, there may be an adaptation error.
  3. There is no APP icon; you have to click to access the link every time
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