Chainless multi-sign wallet download and precautions

Since the tested version and mobile phone models are limited, a test version is required to report errors; thank you!

1. chainless Android APP download link

Android access link:

2. chainless Apple version access connection

Apple access link:


1. The Apple version does not currently have an APP but can be converted.

2. Please use the Safari browser to open it. Otherwise, there may be an adaptation error.

3. There is no APP icon; you have to click to access the link every time

3. chainless official link

PC official website:

Twitter access link:

Telegram Tg access link:

4. Question feedback method

1. Ask your upline group owner general questions.

2. Feedback on technical issues via email, email address:

3. Valuable suggestions will be rewarded with tokens.

5. Common usage problems

1. If the verification code cannot be obtained by mobile phone number or email, please bring it again first. If the verification code cannot be accepted more than twice, check spam text messages and spam mailboxes. If you cannot find it, report the problem via email and provide your Mobile phone number.

2. If an Android phone fails to install the app, please check the phone’s security settings first. It may be that the phone is disabled, and you need to deauthorize it before installing it. If you still can’t install the APP, please report the problem via email and provide the phone version and model.

Email address:

6. Common technical problems

1. If a white screen of death occurs when using the chainless APP, please provide the phone model, screenshots, and the link where the white screen appears, and provide feedback via email.

2. If you cannot proceed to the “next step,” please provide the phone model, screenshots, and problem description when reporting the problem. Feedback issues via email.

Email address:

7. Operation short video

There are short operation videos in “My” on the mobile phone. Below is a link to the short video, which can be opened as a web page.

  1. How to register:
  • How to import a BTC wallet to claim an airdrop:
  • How to claim an airdrop without importing a BTC wallet:
  • How to claim an airdrop without a BTC wallet:
  • How to pull people:
  • How to view the referrer:
  • How to view subordinates:
8. Your invitation code

There is no referral code for downloading wallet registration from the web.

The invitation code page can be displayed only after real-name registration in the chainless wallet.

Click on the “My” avatar, and then click on the invitation code column.

The invitation code can be modified.

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