DW20 and CLY Token Seed Round Airdrop Plan V2.0

1. Seed round plan, goals, and cycle time:

Cycle time: 3 months for the seed round. The starting day is day A.

Plan: Within three months after the start of the plan period, the number of registered users will reach 80,000. Or it will take three months to end.

Method: Invite 50 seed users, send invitations on the chainless website, and the project party will make the selection.

Means: DW20 has 4.58% active tokens, part of which will be used for the active airdrops. TCLY uses the number of market promotion tokens for the airdrops. Please refer to Document 3, “Excerpt of Distribution of DW20 and Chainless Token CLY,” for the token distribution plan. TCLY and CLY are the same, but CLY and TCLY may choose one of them to be released in advance due to the needs of market operations without waiting for listing (listing and trading). Release refers to linear release date advancement. Maybe not in advance. Therefore, the name distinction was made.

The “seed users” tasks:

  1. Recommend new users.
  2. The group owner provides consulting services to downlines to help solve operational problems (1).
  3. Popularize knowledge about cryptocurrency.
  4. Feedback on the problems of his group.
  5. Participate in the chainless test (2):
    • Test airdrop vulnerabilities;
    • Effectiveness of incentive design;
    • Wallet stability and ease of use.
  6. Become an expert.

Chainless has established a service system with group owners as the core. The group owners participate in chainless benefit distribution, a community system accounting for 15% of the overall profit. Group owners are divided into four levels; please refer to the chainless white paper.

2. Token incentives

1. There are ten rounds, with 50 seed users in each round, and 1 million DW20 tokens will be distributed to each person.

2. 30% elimination rate. A round of 9 days. Those ranked in the bottom 30% by number of promoted customers will be eliminated.

3. The first round of seed users with a downline of 10 is considered passable. If it is not reached, 100,000 tokens will be deducted for each person who converts the test currency into official currency.

4. The passable first-round seed users will be rewarded with 1,000 chainless tokens CLY even if they are eliminated and fail to upgrade. Those who fail will not be rewarded.

3. Profitable of promotion by seed users

Seed users need to give away the tokens in their hands. They can give away 1 million DW20 tokens in each round (3) (4) (5). There is no limit to how many people can give away. Seed users can get 1 million DW20.

A total of 50 million DW20 can be given away in each round of seeds, and each seed will receive 1 million and 1,000 CLY. The total cost per round is 50 million (sending) + 50 million (getting) DW20, 50,000 CLY (6) (7).

The total of 10 rounds is 1 billion DW20 and 500,000 CLY. Seeds that are not eliminated in 10 rounds can receive 10 million DW20 and 10,000 CLY. Achieve class crossing.

These tokens have the same nature as unlicensed users and are locked for 270 days. It will be released linearly from the date of listing.

4. Elimination and Selection (8) (9)

The selection and elimination methods should be natural according to the principles of openness, fairness, and impartiality. However, the first round cannot occur naturally, so the chainless core team proposes primary conditions and selects those who sign up. Because it is impossible to verify the applicant’s conditions, this is highly subjective.

Data has been available since the second round. According to the people ranking, there is a 30% elimination rate, and the 15 people at the bottom will be eliminated. The original ones will be retained if the top 15 new users are not as good as the old seed users.

For example, The old user ranked 36th and attracted ten people, while the new user ranked 15th and attracted nine people, and the old user was retained.

Since the first round is the seed selected by the chainless Team, there is a requirement for seed users to pull in 10 new qualified people. There is no such requirement for second-round entrants.

5. Launch of seed round:

1. Seed users must have their real names.

2. Participating seed users are selected by answering questions on the website.

3. Send seed round invitations on chainless websites. All seed users receive the invitation within 48 hours of response. They must have a DW20 receiving address. Receive seed airdrop tokens on the third day.

4. Since you can start recruiting people after downloading, the calculation of the first cycle includes all the people recruited after downloading.

5. One cycle is nine days.

6. The winners and activity summary list will be announced on the chainless website at the end of the seed round.

7. The list of promoters will not be announced in each round. However, the minimum number of people entering the next round is reported. Users can check by themselves.

6. Conversion of test coins

Don’t cheat; we have video verification during token conversion (10). When the seed round ends and before entering the A round, the system will exchange the user test coins registered for this stage into CLY and DW20 coins at a ratio of 1:1.

7. CLY’s activities are not over yet

The seed round airdrop is over, but CLY’s activities continue. Readers can refer to the chainless white paper and the DW20 decentralized currency white paper.

8. Download:

Chainless Android APP download link

Android access link: https://eco.chainless.top/download

chainless Apple version access connection

Apple access link: https://eco.chainless.top


  1. The Apple version does not currently have an APP but can be converted.
  2. Please use the Safari browser to open it. Otherwise, there may be an adaptation error.
  3. There is no APP icon; you have to click to access the link every time
9. There is no referral code for downloading wallet registration from the web. After real-name registration in the chainless wallet, the invitation code page is displayed.

Click on the “My” avatar, and then click on the invitation code column.

The invitation code can be modified.

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