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Why is it called seed round airdrop?

He Weiqiang: I am a seed round investor in chainless systems and invest money. The seed round airdroppers did not invest any money, so why is it called a seed round?

Answer: Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin allocation method is very similar to the logic of venture capital. The probability of failure in the seed round of venture capital is very high, but the success is also very high in return. Our DW20 seed round investment price is US$0; when successful, it is US$1. The principle of DW20 airdrop is that users are valuable. Users have invested future transaction value, and the capital market has a valuation for user value. At the end of the first cycle, the value of one user is 0.004 cents; see Table 1 of the DW20 white paper, which has increased 25,000 times to 1 US dollar. We estimate that if DW20 is successful, no less than 100,000 people will achieve class crossing. The price at the time of listing was 0.05 cents, which increased 2,000 times to 1 US dollar. Due to the need for testing, pre-listing is the best opportunity for investors.

Why does seed round airdrop require real-name verification?

Deng Xia: Why do seed users need real-name verification?

Answer: Anonymous Bitcoin users can still receive airdrops. Bitcoin addresses are unique, but how many addresses a person holds is not unique. The seed round airdrop is an activity, and robots must be prevented from claiming it. Real-name guarantees the promotion effect, and our community has group owners. They have referral codes. Like WeChat, you can use your real name or remain anonymous. The anonymity of WeChat differs from the anonymity of Bitcoin addresses and does not mean uniqueness. We don’t care about the authenticity of your online name; we care about the natural person. The actual name may be a robot. When the test coin is converted into the official coin, the face must be scanned during the real-name KYC authentication. It is basically guaranteed to be a natural person, not a robot. Anonymous people mostly end up being real people. Because we have real names, we will receive the equity currency CLY and can participate in various activities. DW 20 has a set number of 50 million people, while the equity coin CLY is an airdrop for 200 million people. Only the community is the basis for the long-term profitability of members. We propose the concept of a user community with coins as the link and use recommendation code relationships to verify the authenticity of community relationships. The person must be a natural person who has passed KYC.

What does it mean to guarantee that it is a natural person basically?

Deng Xia: In other words, there is still fraud?

Answer: Any technology has loopholes, and facial recognition is no exception. It can also be faked. Once you want to connect with reality, pure anonymity will not work. In future account use, we will use artificial intelligence to identify robot accounts, accept reports from other users, and reward them. The consequences of fraud are serious.

What does proof of address mean in Bitcoin?

Deng Xia: That means there is no need to transfer the Bitcoin wallet to a chainless system?

Answer: Your understanding is correct. As long as the address is signed with the private key, we can check the address through query. It does not need to transfer in, which dispels the doubts of Bitcoin users.

How do you sign without transferring the private key?

RLpeng: Private key signature verification address. How do you ensure this security? After all, private keys are very important.

Answer: How do you prove the original Bitcoin address is yours without transferring the wallet to a chainless system? We have generated a new Bitcoin address on Chainless. You only need to move a specific Bitcoin to the address. The smallest number is 0.00001234, which is about 40 cents. However, many wallets cannot enter such a small number, so they can enter 0.0001234, which is 4 US dollars now. If that doesn’t work, they must enter 0.001234, about 40 US dollars. This value does not include handling fees. Transfer to other values is invalid because the system cannot determine the medal.

What if I don’t want to transfer a specific amount to Chainless Bitcoin wallet?

RLpeng: The above method is feasible, but it still costs money. Is it possible to do it without spending money?

Answer: You can also go through the real-name registration process and receive DW20, equivalent to 50 US dollars, but the amount is only half.

How to import a Bitcoin wallet or subaddress private key?

Liu Yanmin: Systematically explain methods of importing Bitcoin wallets, please.

Answer: In order to obtain medals, it is necessary to import the wallet or sub-address private key, which is divided into wallet mnemonic import and Bitcoin sub-address private key import.

1. If a centralized Bitcoin wallet cannot be imported, it must be a wallet on the blockchain.

2. If there is more money in the Bitcoin wallet address, since Chainless is a startup wallet, it is not recommended to import it.

3. If a lot of money is in the Bitcoin wallet address, you can send a Small specific number, such as 0.0001234. to the WEB3 Bitcoin wallet built on the chainless system.

For details, see: “How to sign without transferring the private key?”

4. Importing the wallet’s mnemonic is recommended if there is only one Bitcoin wallet address and it is less than the transaction fee.

For the import method, see the link:

5. If the Bitcoin account has many Bitcoin sub-addresses, use the private key to import them. Each subaddress has a corresponding private key.

The settings of each wallet are different. There are a lot of teaching materials on the Internet. Search for the tutorial on exporting the private key of your wallet. We use Imtoken as an example to illustrate the private key export process.

  • 1. Open the BTC wallet and click “…” at the top right corner on the wallet page – “Advanced” – “Wallet Address.”
  • 2. Swipe left on the child address that you want to export the private key and enter the password.
  • 3. Back up the private key according to the security prompts and keep it safe.

The link in the fourth item above also has a private key export method.

How do you transfer a Bitcoin address for less than the handling fee?

RLpeng: How do you transfer a Bitcoin address that is less than the handling fee?

Answer: You must direct to transfer the address’s private key. …….。 Since it is less than the Bitcoin handling fee, you don’t have to worry about the unsafety of a chainless new wallet.

How to make selection transparent?

Wang Yuxiao: Using the ranking method to determine the qualifications to participate in the airdrop starting in the second round, how to make it transparent? Is credibility guaranteed?

Answer: The ranking list will hide part of the information. The number of people ranked last is announced on the Chainlass wallet and the website. You can know it by comparing it.

What is the appeal of airdrops?

Liu Yanmin: The airdrop is not attractive enough to solve why I should participate in the airdrop.

Answer: This question is similar to He Weiqiang’s question. I answered this question in “Why is it called seed round airdrop?”. The part of the answer is transcribed below:

“Our DW20 seed round investment price is US$0; when successful, it is US$1. The principle of DW20 airdrop is that users are valuable. Users have invested future transaction value, and the capital market has a valuation for user value. At the end of the first cycle, the value of one user is 0.004 cents; see Table 1 of the DW20 white paper, which increased 25,000 times to 1 US dollar. “

The calculation of recruiting people is unreasonable

Cindy: In the article “Business Model Innovation of Chainless Systems,” it is introduced: “According to the chainless token distribution, if you introduce a new user, the introducing party can get 10% of the user’s reward.” The seed round does not have this benefit. But there is a 30% elimination rate. If my downline goes up and I don’t get a reward, I may be eliminated, which will definitely affect my enthusiasm.

Answer: This is an excellent question. A system must have unified policies. We will also reward you with 10%. When your downline customers exceed yours, and you are eliminated, you can still get 10% of the tokens, which is 100,000. If this person is not stopped, you will continue getting 100,000 tokens. For legal reasons, we only count your direct downline.

How to ensure that users are downlines recommended by you?

He Bing: How to ensure that users are downlines recommended by you?

Answer: Chainless innovation in community relations. The entire system is a recommendation code system. We give each “seed user” a round of 1 million DW20 tokens to be distributed. How to distribute DW20 tokens is the seed user’s own business. Only at the end of the round will the seed be given his 1 million. You can check his registration as your downline’s name and transfer it to him DW20. The coins in your hand are the attraction.

What do you need “seed users” for?

He Bing: What do you need “seeds” for?

Answer: chainless has established a service system with group owners as the core. The group owner participates in the distribution of the benefits of the chainless, and the community system accounts for 15 percent of the profits of the chainless. Group owners are divided into 4 levels; please refer to the chainless white paper. Seed users are tasked with:

1. Recommend new users.

2. The group owner provides consulting services to downlines to help solve operational problems.

3. Popularize knowledge about cryptocurrency.

4. Feedback on the problems of downline users.

5. Participate in the chainless test.

Test airdrop vulnerabilities;

Effectiveness of incentive design;

Wallet stability and ease of use.

6. Become an expert.

Seed rounds are suspected of taking too much care of those around them

Lu Bo: Taking too much care of the people around you will affect justice. Fairness is crucial to crypto projects.

Zhu’s Answer: Your understanding is incorrect. Who will invest in the seed round? People around me. I am not a big shot in the currency circle; I am a barbarian who broke into the circle. The core of the community is trust and fate. What Is the relationship between you and me? It is the relationship between the programmer to Satoshi Nakamoto’s relationship. The first communities he launched were a cryptography mailing group and a P2P forum, but there was still a lot of opposition. Only a few people in Hal Finney believed him. Is Hal Finney close to him?

Except for those who know how to enter the seed round, like Hal Finney, it is generally said that family members, including relatives and friends, enter. Friends’ entry is their trust in you, not whether the project is successful. Our connection is outside the coin circle. Our trust lies outside the coin circle. Most people outside the circle are novices. Therefore, the article must be detailed and compensate for the lack of potential energy. That is why I named seed round investing.

Lu bo: I agree; those who believe first will benefit, and those who recognize the value first will benefit. The first movers will take risks and are also promoters…, so you are not sharing it with the people around you but looking for value recognition through the people around you.

Zhu replied: Correct. It is the true meaning of Satoshi Nakamoto.

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