DW20 and CLY token seed round airdropped risk tips

The airdrops are the decentralized standard currency DW20 and the chainless equity token CLY.

Chinese customers were not considered in the original design. Our target customers part of those who live in mainland China. We have mentioned that the project may involve the following mainland China regulations. Customers need to read them carefully:

1. The chainless project is bound by Singapore law, and the project party does not conduct publicity and promotion activities in the country.

2. This seed round airdrop is scheduled to end in 3 months. If there is an extension, further notice will be given; if the designed number of people is reached in advance, the seed round airdrop will end early.

3. The user downloads the APP from an overseas website, and the user’s overseas operation does not violate domestic laws and regulations on digital currency.

4. Domestic seed users cannot publicly publicize and promote the product and must use the seed round of venture capital to promote it to relatives and friends.

5. Airdrops are divided into valuable coin airdrops and worthless coin airdrops. The chainless token CLY and the decentralized currency DW20 were air coins in the early stage and had no value. There will be no criminal liability since there is no case value and no social harm. If the air currency succeeds, it will be Bitcoin, with unimaginable growth, but if it fails, it will return to zero.

6. China’s identification of pyramid schemes: it is illegal for organizations with more than 30 people to reach the third level. If you are A, your downlines can only be B and C. If D is the downline, you must remove B from the group. Our system will record the number of your group friends but will not disclose it. Only you can decide whether to disclose this number. Since it is just an activity, the system does not have time to set it up automatically, and users must control the risks themselves.

7. The chainless system will use CLY tokens for Series A institutional financing before going online after the test goes smoothly, but it will not raise funds from retail investors. When it went online, the seed round had already ended.

8. Do not trade within China. Domestic currency holding and peer-to-peer transactions are still allowed. For safety, after accepting the airdrop, hold the currency and wait for it to rise. When it becomes valuable, you can trade in overseas legal trading areas.

9. For the number of bonus coins and the upgrade method, please refer to the chainless platform DW20 and CLY token seed round airdropped plan. The core implementation of the Satoshi principles of openness, fairness, justice, competition, and incentives. Let’s start with the same level, and competition for upgrade

10. For relevant legal issues, please refer to “Interpretation of Innovation in Chainless Systems Part 2, Innovation of Production Relations in Chainless Systems” (chainless.hk).

11. Our airdrop is a fair form of token distribution similar to Bitcoin. Please refer to the article “Use Airdrop to Accumulate User Energy” (chainless.hk).

12. Great opportunities in the early stages characterize cryptocurrency, and seizing one possibility can lead to class leaps. Please refer to “Six Tricks Satoshi Nakamoto turned “air” into money” (chainless.hk).

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