Second, Comparison between DW20 and Bitcoin

Enter the white paper series3

We start to unveil the mystery of the chainless system and introduce the relevant contents of the white paper. Many programmers have had close encounters with Bitcoin and ended up empty-handed. We are destined to meet each other and believe wealth is proportional to cognition. Our airdrop design does not require you to spend money, but you must spend time reading articles to improve your cognition and contribute to your strength; otherwise, you will miss wealth.”Comparison of the decentralized standard currency DW20 with Bitcoin, the stablecoin DAI, and the standard currency USD” is divided into four sections: the design background of DW20; its comparison with Bitcoin; its comparison with the decentralized stablecoin DAI; and its comparison with the standard currency US dollar.

Comparison of the decentralized standard currency DW20 with Bitcoin, the stablecoin DAI, and the standard currency USD

Second, Comparison between DW20 and Bitcoin

The price is constantly rising in the first stage of DW20, like Bitcoin. The entire operating principle is very similar to Bitcoin. The breakdown is as follows:

1. Bitcoin token distribution is divided into 33 cycles, adopting a four-year halving strategy. DW20 has a 30-period period and adopts a three-period halving strategy.

The difference is that DW20 does not adopt the game strategy of Bitcoin halving based on time, but the airdrop strategy of halving is based on the number of people. Since the increase in project users should conform to the natural growth S curve, two regulating factors were designed to conform to the S curve.

2. The value of Bitcoin is mainly the conversion of energy value, while DW20 is the conversion of user value.

The user value of DW20 will be reflected on the chainless platform. DW20 is the transaction token of the chainless platform, which is widely used in the chainless ecosystem and can also be used for various cryptocurrency applications.

Customer value is valued entirely differently on different platforms. Usually, in social Internet projects like Facebook, the wool comes from the pig model, and the average user value is estimated at US$50. The value of Internet financial customers is calculated based on net worth. There are high-net-worth and ordinary customers. The average valuation is $500-1,000. That is a model where wool comes from sheep. The Ethereum platform’s value is the Internet finance model, which depends on the number and size of application projects; transaction fees are the only profitable model. Ethereum is estimated to have 100 million users, and during the market downturn, it was still valued at US$190 billion. The chainless platform has the same model as Ethereum, but the charging price is lower than Ethereum’s. Of course, the accounting costs are also low, and suppose the valuation is lower than Ethereum’s. The difference is that chainless platforms have user communities and user community incentives. This design is not found in all cryptocurrencies. It is a model where the wool comes out of the pig, that is, the financial e-commerce model. The innovation of the financial e-commerce model far exceeds the wool-from-the-sheep model. Although it is also a type of wool-from-the-pig model, it exceeds the profitability of the social Internet’s wool-from-the-pig model. If you think about Taobao, you will know the importance of DW20 for acquiring customers for a chainless platform.

3. The Bitcoin system does not need to make a profit. DW20 is on a chainless platform and does not need to undertake any profit-making tasks.

4. Bitcoin has a computing power base, and the cost of computing power constitutes the price floor of Bitcoin. The market price of Bitcoin will also fall below the computing bottom, but it will soon stand above the computing bottom. Every time it falls below, it is an opportunity to give away money. The bottom price of DW20 is the average user value, equivalent to the bottom of Bitcoin’s computing power. When it falls below the “bottom of computing power,” it will recover with the increase in users.

5. The shrinking issuance of Bitcoin makes Bitcoin have an upward trend. DW20 also shrinks periodically.

6. Bitcoin also has a maintenance team and community negotiation to maintain the stable development of the project, while DW20 does not even have a maintenance team, let alone negotiation. There are very few matters that DW20 can decide on. It does not have a separate community but is just a sub-community under the chainless community.

7. Our goal in the first stage is to steadily increase the price of DW20 with the increase in users, from “air” to around 1 US dollar, which will take approximately 2 to 3 years. This stage is a period of rapid growth. The original token distribution method of Bitcoin was to allow people with computers to participate. The token distribution would be fairer because the expected threshold was very low, but this hope was dashed. The distribution method of DW20 inherits Satoshi Nakamoto’s idea of fairness in distribution, hoping that the number of currency holders will reach a large number through distribution. Only airdrop is the fair method with the lowest threshold, and it is also the risk-free mode that is easiest for users to participate in. In this way, millions can be helped to seize opportunities and achieve a leap in wealth class. This opportunity, like Bitcoin, requires three conditions to be possible:

1) People Enter early, because the amount of coins given away is large.

2) Strengthen learning and understanding. For example, “Big Pie Brother” Laszlo had more than 80,000 Bitcoins at his peak, but now he asks people to donate to him on Twitter, which shows the embarrassment of life. Cognitive problems kept him from getting rich. The author’s article “Learn to make money with Satoshi Nakamoto” ( summarizes Satoshi Nakamoto’s principles of making money.

3) Work hard. In the process of promoting it to others, the influence of the currency is expanded. If you stay there, the pie will not fall in the sky. The growth of Bitcoin relies on the dedication and empathy of a large number of currency holders. It is also the logic behind Metcalfe’s law describing the growth effect of the Internet. To promote well, you need to improve your knowledge constantly. Ignorance is synonymous with leeks.

8. Bitcoin is a stored-value currency and does not represent equity; DW20 is a standard currency and does not represent equity.

9. Bitcoin is a stored-value currency and a medium of exchange, not a transaction yardstick. DW20 is a stored-value currency, a medium of exchange, and a price ruler.

10. If there is no adjustment mechanism, DW20 will become the shadow coin of Bitcoin, like Bitcoin Cash BCH and Litecoin LTC. Just like the decentralized stablecoin RAI is the shadow coin of Ethereum, its price cannot remain constant. All stablecoins require regulation mechanisms.

The adjustment mechanism for the DW20 price increase is maintained in the first stage, which is also used in the second stage. We’ll discuss this issue by comparing the second stage and the stablecoin DAI.

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