How could Jobs be Satoshi Nakamoto?

Where there is the Internet, there is hype, and there is never a shortage of topics if there is hype.

Recently, it has been mentioned that the Bitcoin white paper can be found in a program called VirtualScannerII in the Apple operating system Mojave (10.14.0) and later versions. As a result, the old topic became popular again:

——Why did Apple put the Bitcoin white paper in the system? Any hint of something big planned?

——It looks like a document for testing programs, but why did you only choose the Bitcoin white paper as a sample?

——Some people have long said that Jobs is Satoshi Nakamoto; it seems it is not groundless!

On April 5, a netizen named Andy. Baio published a blog post on “Bitcoin white paper is hidden in every version of macOS.”

That is not a secret. Since Apple released Mojave (macOS 10.14) in September 2018, the Bitcoin white paper and the Apple computer operating system have been distributed to hundreds of millions worldwide. Since then, people have discovered and pointed out this matter one after another. Apple user Bernd178 has asked about this in Apple’s official discussion forum. In November 2020, Josh D (Josh@schwa23) mentioned this “little secret” in a tweet.

Some people say that this is Andy’s way of paying tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto because April 5 is exactly the birthday announced by Satoshi Nakamoto when he released the white paper. Some people also say this is a small easter egg, and everyone is happy.

However, the heated discussion about whether Jobs is Satoshi Nakamoto needs a serious and rigorous debate out of respect for these two-century figures.

The most rigorous research and conclusions are already available and very interesting. In the series of articles and video interviews published by Mr. Zhu Weisha, a senior Bitcoin research scholar, “Please get out of Satoshi Nakamoto and welcome to the new world,” he summarized the main characteristics of Satoshi Nakamoto. Portrait of Satoshi Nakamoto”. According to this “portrait,” the Satoshi Nakamoto we see is such a person:

First of all, he is a cypherpunk, which is a prerequisite;

He lives on the west coast of the United States and is a freelancer, so he doesn’t have to run around for a living;

He has strong programming abilities;

He is an individual, not a team;

Of course, he is a man. When he released Bitcoin, he was a young man in his 30s;

The above conclusions are all drawn by Mr. Zhu through scientific and detailed research methods and are discussed and analyzed in detail in articles and videos.

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto is hard to say; five continents and four oceans, a vast sea of billions of people, it is too difficult to find this Satoshi Nakamoto, who is anonymous on the Internet and finally wholly invisible. Over the past ten years, countless hacker heroes, industry masters, and even the recently popular ChatGpt have been cited, but no final result exists.

With this portrait of Mr. Zhu, this matter has become more manageable again. The circle is exceptionally narrow, and very few people in the world can make such achievements. Then, according to the “portrait” comparison, only one person meets the characteristics, but of course, it is not the great Mr. Jobs.

It’s not difficult to find someone after you have a portrait. Mr. Zhu’s derivation process is exciting; every feature in the “Portrait of Satoshi Nakamoto” has sufficient evidence to confirm it.

Even if someone signs with the private key, it doesn’t if the portrait does not match. After reading the full text of Mr. Zhu, I figured out the reason.

Mr. Wei Dai is Satoshi Nakamoto. According to the “Portrait of Satoshi Nakamoto,” the conclusion is beyond doubt. Just waiting for him to come out and sign. It is a great bomb of the century.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto will not be a topic soon, but can Satoshi Nakamoto come out? If Satoshi Nakamoto comes out, what kind of new atmosphere will it bring to Bitcoin and the world? It will be a new topic that will attract more attention and discussions.

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