16-16 Bitcoin U.S. dollar (or HK dollar) standard + community civilization = skyrocketing

Wu: Mr. Zhu, this article is the last in the series. In addition to analyzing whether Satoshi Nakamoto appeared, I also want to ask a few questions that users care about.

OK, I can only answer conclusively. For details, viewers can read the article below and click on the link.

Wu: You explained very well in the last episode as the number of maintainers decreased, the Bitcoin system also became centralized. I want to ask an extreme question; the last maintainer also disappeared; what will happen?

Good question. In this way, the Bitcoin system program can never be upgraded. Bitcoin is forever lost in the possibility of improvement. Bitcoin becomes digital gold that outperforms gold. If asset currencies dominate the future, Bitcoin and gold will be competitive, although Bitcoin performs better than gold. It’s not that a good product must sell well. Bitcoin also has flaws. For example, because the price of Bitcoin is too high, the number of people who can reach a consensus is not as large as that of gold people. It’s hard to say who wins and who loses.

Wu: That’s why you want Satoshi to lead the community, to stay competitive.

Yes. Currently, the Bitcoin community mechanism is imperfect, and users have no decision-making power. It is not as good as the system of listed companies, which must be improved. With the community system, it has one more competitive advantage than gold.

Wu: What is the bitcoin dollar (or HK dollar) standard?

It is the content of Chapter 13 of my article and “Q&A” 4.6, which introduces the method of using U.S. dollars or Hong Kong dollars to realize the Bitcoin standard. You can click the “Expand” link at the bottom of the screen to inquire. Simply put, use the UDAI or HDAI linked to the U.S. dollar as a ruler to measure the value of specific commodities, and use Bitcoin as a stored value currency to measure the increment of the total value of commodities. After 34 years, the Bitcoin standard will initially be realized.

Wu: Only the Bitcoin standard can realize the Hal Finney conjecture?

To be precise, the bitcoin standard refers to entering the mainstream financial society as soon as possible through the bitcoin dollar standard or Hong Kong dollar standard. Bitcoin and UDAI or HDAI stablecoin jointly complete three functions of a currency: value storage, value measure, and medium of currency exchange. As a result, Bitcoin’s total value is equal to all industries’ value.

In Chapter 13, I drew the bitcoin price growth forecast curve under the bitcoin dollar standard, which is very attractive. Realize the Hal Finney conjecture in the 17th Bitcoin halving cycle. It will reach 10 million US dollars per bitcoin in another 54 years. Whether UDAI is needed at this time depends on the practice. If UDAI is not required, one bitcoin is equal to one bitcoin. Without the process of the Bitcoin-dollar standard, it may really take 132 years to realize the Bitcoin standard. The time is long and there are many variables, and it may die in the middle.

Wu: Is there any difference between the bitcoin and the bitcoin dollar standards?

I answer this question systematically in the linked Q&A. The Big market prophets have long predicted that one bitcoin equals one bitcoin, which is the bitcoin standard. But like all prophecies, they are intuitions, no paths given. Simply put, the Bitcoin dollar standard is the path, or method, to realize the Bitcoin standard.

Wu: You also pointed out the defects of blockchain payment in the article. Do you have a solution?

I propose a transparent and centralized solution with the two advantages of Bitcoin thinking and centralization.

Wu: You are logical and rigorous, and I look forward to your proposal.

It depends on Satoshi Nakamoto; my plan is his thought.

Wu: Back to Satoshi Nakamoto again. Are you so sure that you found Satoshi Nakamoto?

Yes. Logically, Satoshi is not an alien and a dummy, he is a member of the cypherpunk, so the circle is tiny. It is a matter of choosing one of several people. According to the authentic portrait, compare several people. As with the hash algorithm, computation is hard, but verification is easy. To overturn my results, first, overturn the portrait. The portrait is not a single piece of evidence; it is drawn by analyzing facts one by one. No single piece of evidence can solve the problem. For example, can moving a few blocks of Satoshi Nakamoto prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto? No! That can only confirm that someone has the private key of Satoshi Nakamoto, which can be used as a single piece of proof that someone is Satoshi Nakamoto. Because Satoshi Nakamoto can give the private key to others without showing up himself, it still has to be consistent with the portrait. Because the picture represents the facts, it means the whereabouts of Satoshi Nakamoto. The portrait may be incomplete, and it is impossible to summarize all the characteristics of Satoshi Nakamoto. For example, it is also a feature to be able to log in to P2P websites to speak out. But the portrait represents the essential characteristics of Satoshi Nakamoto, which is enough to deny a person. Therefore, it only makes sense to conform to pictures, move blocks, and log into P2P sites.

Wu: It means that you have established the standard of who Satoshi Nakamoto is.

It’s not a standard; it’s a necessary condition. But not a necessary and sufficient condition. The necessary and sufficient condition is that Satoshi Nakamoto, who fits the portrait, appears. Then move the block or log in to the P2P website. At this time, the moving block is the verification of the picture.

Wu: Do you think the time has come for Satoshi Nakamoto to come out?

If the Bitcoin dollar standard is realized, the inflection point has arrived. Some say the dollar will collapse in 2034, and the world will enter a dark age. Well, it hasn’t been a few years, so the emergence of Bitcoin is not accidental.

Wu: Can you tell me how many possibilities Satoshi Nakamoto has to show up?

Good. There will be possible results, nothing more than excellent to poor. I start with the worst.

First, Wei Dai denies my conclusion and clearly says: “I am not Satoshi Nakamoto,” just like Satoshi Nakamoto saying, “I am not Dorian Nakamoto.” Deny that I am Satoshi Nakamoto. I give a terrible rating of D.

Because of the result of denial, it means that his Bitcoin cannot be moved within a visible time. Anyone who moves can judge whether it is Satoshi Nakamoto based on the portrait and finally traces Satoshi Nakamoto. Unless the Bitcoin standard is realized, so there is no need to convert the currency unit at this time, and it cannot be tracked. There is a paradox here. If he does not come out, the Bitcoin standard cannot be realized in his lifetime, so the coins in his hands are almost dead. In my article, I challenged Wei Dai, please to say no. Once it is denied that he will lose his identity as the inventor of Bitcoin forever, Satoshi Nakamoto consciously praises Wei Dai, so he will not do it.

Second, neither affirm nor deny. I give C-.

The problem with this is just like the interview that Wei Dai accepted. Now do you accept it or not? If you don’t accept it, you have a guilty conscience. Taking interviews now is not the past. Reporters can ask questions based on my portrait, and he can’t guide the reporter’s train of thought. If you don’t accept interviews, readers will request him in the LessWrong community, Twitter, and other places where he appears. After watching our video, there will be many Hong Kong viewers who are also good at English, will register in the LessWrong community, and will chase him hard.

I observed all his words and deeds, all of which were vague, keeping the bottom line of not lying. He is a person who likes the community. If the community casts him aside, his image will be ruined, and he will lose his friends. If Wei Dai disappears again, it will prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. This time, it is the actual name, and people will recognize it everywhere. It is also lousy chess.

Third, acknowledge but do nothing about it. I give C.

If it is not for the flashy debut, as the current market expects, Bitcoin will fall. Because the market doesn’t know what you will do? Will Bitcoin be dumped? After so many years of rest, without any progress, the market’s evaluation will be negative.

Fourth, acknowledge and lead the construction of new communities and practice community civilization. I give B.

Leading community building is good news; Bitcoin will go up. However, just building the community means that Wei Dai does not agree with my Bitcoin USD standard proposal; or does not agree with the judgment of market timing.

After America gained independence, it faced the problem of how to build a country, just like the current community building. The American sages had been arguing for four years. The community autonomy of the blockchain has been practiced for 12 years, which is far better than the conditions in Washington back then. Satoshi Nakamoto’s understanding of the community should be in place. It is conceivable that he has a good plan. For Wei Dai, this is a definite question, not difficult, not challenging enough for him.

But the goal is only half achieved for me, which is a pity.

Fifth, lead the construction of new communities and lead the community to strive hard to achieve the Bitcoin standard. I give A.

For related proposals, viewers can log on to chainless.hk and bitpish.com to read related content. As a result, Satoshi Nakamoto created the era of asset currency for humanity. People’s wealth is no longer deprived, which is Satoshi Nakamoto’s ideal and a technical problem. However, it is a challenge for Wei Dai and all partners in the Bitcoin community.

An old Chinese says that to untie a bell, one must tie it. So invite Satoshi Nakamoto to usher in a new era, realize the Bitcoin dollar (or HK dollar) standard and community civilization, will make Bitcoin enter the period of skyrocketing, enter the age of asset currency, and finally realize the Bitcoin standard.

The community civilization led by Satoshi Nakamoto has set an example for the future of humanity, and every member of the Bitcoin community will be proud of participating in this great movement.

Sixth, go beyond the above thinking. I give it an A+.

Let us all have unexpected good and look forward to it.

After a staged success, he can retire honorably again without stealth.

Wu: This is the end of this program. Thank you, Mr. Zhu;

Thank you viewers.


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