16-14 The Metaphor of Satoshi Nakamoto’s name

Wu: The name Satoshi Nakamoto is a fact. According to the facts, there can be many interpretations. You have studied Satoshi Nakamoto very deeply; let’s see what you understand.

If the name of Satoshi Nakamoto is not Chinese, it needs to be explained differently. Wei Dai is of Chinese descent, and the literal interpretation is that Chinese people are smart. What is the meaning of this word? Are the Chinese stupid? Chinese people are initially smart. Lao Dai said: “Smart as a Chinese.” (1) The world agrees that Chinese people are brilliant; why are there few major inventions that affect the world in modern Chinese? Why lose creativity? If Satoshi Nakamoto did not go to the United States, would he be able to create Bitcoin in China? Father knows his son well. In Lao Dai’s book, we see that he knew that his son was a genius, and he had to give his son an environment no matter how hard As long as he had the opportunity. Poor parents’ hearts all over the world! If Satoshi Nakamoto did not go to the United States, there would be no American environment for freedom of thought, and he does not stand at the forefront of the world; how could he create it? Humanity is lucky to have a great country like the United States!

 Satoshi Nakamoto told the Chinese by name that under the right circumstances, the Chinese could stand in the forest of nations worldwide and make a significant contribution worthy of the Chinese country. China’s practice has proved that in the industries with the weakest regulation, such as the Internet industry, China is closest to the world level. In fact, as an Internet application technology, China once synchronized with the world, but the “original smart” did not play a role. So China, my dear home country, you have to reflect and see what you have done in the trend that Bitcoin represents the future. We have collectively passed up the opportunity to embrace community civility.

Satoshi Nakamoto opened Pandora’s box, and the blockchain devils were swarming. Yes,  everything is peaceful when it is closed. Old Dai stayed safe at the observatory but also had no bitcoins. If you don’t go, others will go; no matter how smart you are, it’s useless.

Because of its freedom, Hong Kong has become the third-largest financial center. Freedom makes people prepared for danger in times of peace and makes people forge ahead. Today, Hong Kong is at the forefront of the blockchain again. I wish Hong Kong good luck.

Chinese people are very difficult. Wei Dai was five years old and his father, Mr. Dai Xiwei, was 34 years old. At that time, Lao Dai went to the United States to study only with 20 dollars. Wei Dai’s mother also went to the United States the following year and called Wei Dai when she got to the airport. At that time, ordinary Chinese had no telephone at home and could only use a public paging phone. After hearing the call to answer the phone, he rushed out of the house. His later description of this passage is very touching.

My Mother

“The phone call is from your mother!” yelled my uncle from outside the house. I ran right out the door when I heard that. After thirty seconds, I was at a public phone talking to my mother. Tears came out of my eyes as I spoke into the telephone. She was at the airport, ready to go to American. She also cried as she said goodbye. I was six years old then. Three years passed before I saw her again.”

……………… (1)

He was nine years old when he went to America. Wei Dai is 11 years old at the time of writing this article. His English is from unfamiliar to proficient. Wei Dai participated in an essay contest held by Boston Public Schools, won first place in the middle school grade, and the article appeared in the newspaper. The wisdom of the Chinese is reflected in Wei Dai. Using the name Satoshi Nakamoto reflects the nostalgia for the mother country. A “ben(original)” word is worth pondering. I can feel his mood because our heart is the same.

One hundred years after the Revolution of 1911, China is still spinning around the word “ben.” Is it right? Every Chinese with a conscience must reflect on.Thanks to Mr. Dai Xiwei, “Old Satoshi,” Without his spirit of pawns who can only advance but never retreat, Satoshi Nakamoto is still spinning on the word “ben.”

Bitcoin is rooted in Chinese artisans and American innovation, fused in Wei Dai. So Bitcoin is both American and Chinese, is both Satoshi Nakamoto and Cypherpunk. It is built together by the Bitcoin community. It Is the global owner of Bitcoin.

Wei Dai went to America without giving himself an American name. Instead, he has a resounding name: Satoshi Nakamoto! So, from now on, will we call him Wei Dai or Satoshi Nakamoto? As for me, I prefer the Big Pie Brothers Laszlo Call him: “Satoshi”!

Full text conclusion

Satoshi Nakamoto: Also known as Wei Dai, male, Chinese-American, born in 1976, prodigy, living on the West Coast of the United States, is a cypherpunk. Cryptography expert. Computer software product design and programming experts. Founder of Cryptoeconomics.

One of the great founders of Bitcoin, the only original creator of the Bitcoin system.

Chosen son with a mission. He is the contemporary Prometheus.

At this point, please come out of Satoshi Nakamoto’s journey like a detective novel is over. The journey to meet the new world begins, and the trip to the Bitcoin standard begins. The subsequent greatness, we are waiting for Satoshi. We are also waiting for an answer from the world’s elite. It is not something I can accomplish. Just like the Bitcoin community, it takes a step-by-step relay. Together We will create a New and Fairer World for our Children!

Wu: The ending is very touching. Please answer questions that users are most concerned about, and you say that Satoshi Nakamoto comes out with four possibilities

good. It cannot be explained in a few words. I’ll add two more chapters. I want to thank the audience for watching such a complex program and for putting forward your valuable opinions.



Over the River Soldier

戴习为著/Dai Xiwei


Electronic Industry Press,344-358, Beijing, China, April 2003

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