16-13 Mr. Xiwei Dai, the father of Satoshi Nakamoto and the great patron

Wu: We introduced earlier that Satoshi Nakamoto has a financial backer. From the title, you believe that the patron is Wei Dai’s father, Mr. Xiwei Dai.

Yes. In Section 7.2.3 of the article “Invite Satoshi Nakamoto to Welcome the New World,” I introduced “A great moneymaster gave Satoshi Nakamoto the bottom line.” The patron refers to Mr. Xiwei Dai. I said in the previous video that Satoshi Nakamoto’s name was given by Mr. Xiwei Dai. An inference is different from evidence in that an inference is what happens given the existing evidence. Evidence is that the facts corroborate each other, and inference is what is the scene formed by these facts. There are bound to be elements of imagination and error in such inferences. The parties may laugh.

Wu: There has never been a report of a patron from the market. How did you determine that there was a  patron?

By thinking deeply.

I start learned Bitcoin from reading the white paper. Discover some uses of “we” referring to one person and some to plurals. At that time, there was a saying in the market that a team developed Bitcoin. When I read Satoshi Nakamoto’s customer service collection, I found that one person answered and solved the problem without asking others. The developer does the customer service by himself and then develops; the rest of the customer service is also his own. What does this mean? The white paper may not be a person, but the program must be a person.

Satoshi Nakamoto had no financing and left without making money from 2007 to the end of 2010. It is not difficult to make money in the United States as a software expert, but he has not made money for 4 consecutive years and must have a source of living funds. If he had a family, someone would take care of him if something happened. Judging from his dedicated customer service performance, no emotional fluctuations can be seen the developers don’t need to worry about housework.

Cypherpunks are the source of his ideas. Judging from the span of Bitcoin, the cypherpunks’ thinking is more technological, and Satoshi Nakamoto should have other brainstorming places. Because Satoshi Nakamoto’s products and market sense were outstanding, he started programming at the beginning of the financial turmoil in 2007. Nick Szabo, also a cypherpunk, only began to find someone to code bit gold for him in the second half of 2008. Nick is 12 years older than Satoshi Nakamoto, so he should have a richer social experience. Neither the crypto++ made by Wei Dai nor the SHH file encryption product of Bitvise, in which he participated, have no high requirements for market timing, so he has other sources of product experience.

Who changed Satoshi Nakamoto’s mind from posting “a swarm of bumble bees” to leaving 19 hours later? And this person’s legal awareness is obviously higher than Satoshi Nakamoto’s. Leaving 19 hours shows that the discussion is not complicated, and the patron is one person, so the possibility is very high.

The most beautiful thing is no matter how tempting the outside world is, Satoshi Nakamoto will not come out until today; who will control him? The daughter-in-law is unlikely, but the elders are more likely.

And the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. If Wei Dai is Satoshi Nakamoto, the term has a deep meaning. Judging from Satoshi Nakamoto’s customer service, he said that “winning the next war” and “CIA has been staring at us early” are relatively straightforward, with different styles and different heights.

I made a preliminary portrait of this patron, who understands technology and products, but has no programming ability, is rich, has high political and economic literacy, is his immediate family member, and is an elder.

After we locked Wei Dai, we searched and found the book “Pawn Crossing the River or Over the River Soldier” by his father, Xiwei Dai.

After reading the book, it fits the portrait and yields a lot.

Wu: First, give us introduce Mr. Xiwei Dai.

Mr. Dai was born in 1947. In 1981, China just opened the door to studying abroad. He keenly seized the opportunity, and at 34, he was allowed to study abroad at his own expense. Self-funded means that tuition and living expenses are all paid by yourself. Northeastern University waives tuition fees, but living expenses must be handled by yourself. At that time, his wage income was 60 yuan RMB. He has no relatives when He goes abroad, only courage, that is, the desire to pave the way for the next generation, and the phone number of an American friend given by a friend of a friend. He is also a well-known unit in China if he does not go abroad. The original unit is the China Academy of Sciences Beijing Observatory.

History is such a coincidence that Wei Dai published his Bitcoin white paper at 33. Like his father (34 years old), he started a new journey. But, having his father paving the way, Wei Dai was luck than his father.

Speaking of going abroad at that time, the country’s people were highly envious, but the process was not as good as selling piglets back then. At least someone received the piglets, and Lao Dai only has 20 dollars in his pocket. Old Dai said it was easy, but in fact, it was challenging. When he arrived at the Boston airport in the United States, He was unaccompanied and faced the strange world alone. It happened that no one could be found on Saturday. He asked clearly about the $10 taxi to get to Northeastern University. The kind driver, the older man, understood his difficulties and drove the car to the police station of Northeastern University. The American policeman he saw talked and gestured, and the policeman understood what he meant, knew that he had no money, and let him make do with a small bed in the police station.

The police bought him hamburgers for dinner and booked him into a Sunday night at the campus hotel. This paragraph is very touching. His English was so poor at the time that he didn’t leave the name of the policeman, and he still doesn’t know the name of the policeman to this day. In China, people thought that going abroad was a paradise on earth. In fact, Lao Dai started the difficult journey of working and studying, which was much more difficult than working at the Beijing Observatory.

In the second year, Wei Dai’s mother also went to the United States and started working and studying abroad. Wei Dai remained alone in China with relatives in his care of him. Three years later, Wei Dai came to America.

Lao Dai proudly described Wei Dai’s childhood prodigy experience in the book. However, the most interesting thing is that the high school recommended Wei Dai to attend Harvard University’s summer school. Usually, In this summer school, the study student will enter Harvard, but Wei Dai is still unwilling to go.

Lao Dai has worked hard and is already at the world’s top in pattern recognition technology. Pattern recognition is a branch of artificial intelligence. In 1991, he sold his handwriting recognition technology based on pattern recognition to Microsoft and became a senior software engineer at Microsoft. He retired from Microsoft in 1996 at the age of 50.

Lao Dai has a good product and market sense and agrees with most Western values, but he said his thought is Chinese education. In 2002, he finished “Pawn Crossing the River,” a history of the struggle of the first generation of immigrants in China. Unfortunately, we can no longer find his articles and introductions after 2003, and a scientist in his prime just disappeared.

Not only is Lao Dai the same as my portrait, but reading “Pawn Crossing the River” solved many mysteries for me.

Wu: Let’s hear.

Old Dai is courageous, daring to break through, and sharp. Lao Dai went abroad very keenly and grasped the timing. The school did not provide living expenses. Lao Dai thought: I don’t know what changes will happen. Going abroad is the most important thing. The product launch of Bitcoin, Wei Dai believes that the timing of the launch is one of the reasons for the success of Bitcoin. How similar the two are.

Old Dai also knows C++. He said that there are American programmers in their 60s and 70s. Will Old Dai participate in program development? That is something that must be recognized. Satoshi Nakamoto’s dialogue with Laszlo and customer service confirmed that it was one person. Old Dai and Small Dai discussed computer issues and admitted that Wei Dai’s knowledge structure surpassed his own. It is also Wei Dai’s plan in terms of product design. He said that by 2003, half of the time was spent developing programs; that is, there were no programs developed for many years before 2003. In this way, he will become unskilled in programming development. From the perspective of Bitcoin program volume, it is one person’s workload. In 2009, Lao Dai was 63 years old and had already passed the best age of program development. The famous hacker expert Kaminsky spoke highly of Satoshi Nakamoto’s code, and it was obvious that Lao Dai was unsuitable. But there may be ideas in terms of ideas, timing, and specific technologies, so there is the wording of “we” by Satoshi Nakamoto. Using economic means to solve technical problems may have contributed wisdom from Lao Dai. Therefore, I position Lao Dai as a funder and counselor. Finally, Wei Dai is placed as the sole creator of Bitcoin.

Regarding legal opinion, Satoshi Nakamoto’s sudden change 19 hours later obviously played a decisive role in Lao Dai.

We found Lao Dai’s words at Microsoft in “Pawn Crossing the River”: “Smart as a Chinese….” I have not seen the relevant expression of Satoshi Nakamoto. Naming belongs to the field where counselors can intervene. From Wei Dai’s statement, “he will come out eventually,” they know that Satoshi Nakamoto will be deciphered in the end, and the market will understand the meaning of the name. Wei Dai did not have an English name, such as David. Lao Dai also has no English name. Wei Dai didn’t use his English name as a pseudonym; why? Wei Dai’s respect for his father. The feelings of the Chinese people are reflected in Lao Dai and Small Dai.

 Xiwei Dai and Wei Dai, two generations of work, achieved results. Therefore, there is no reason for anonymity in promoting Chinese.

Old Dai is like a pawn crossing a river, only advancing but not back. Bitcoin can have what it is today, and Satoshi Nakamoto can have what it is today, thanks to Wei Dai having such a brave and hard-working father, a  great patron behind the scenes of Bitcoin, and a role model in life.

Chinese people are inherently smart, which is what Lao Dai wanted to tell the Chinese people.

Wu: What does it mean for Chinese people to be intelligent?

See you in the next chapter.

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