16-10 Similarities Between Wei Dai and Satoshi Nakamoto

Wu: Similarity is a topic. If there are many similarities, more similar than anyone else, If you want to identify a person, you must find the most similar one. Is similarity also evidence of similarity?

Yes. Judging similarity based on evidence.Wei Dai is undoubtedly the most similar. Every bit of it matches the portrait.

Satoshi Nakamoto is an anonymous hide, and Wei Dai is a named hide.

In the Satoshi Nakamoto entry on Wikipedia, the possible characters of Satoshi Nakamoto could not find Wei Dai’s name (1). Still, Nick and Hal’s names are listed, which is unexpected and unreasonable. Wei Dai, what are you hiding? For fear that others will say you are Satoshi Nakamoto? Auburn came out and said he was Satoshi Nakamoto, Public opinion mentions Nick, Hal, and Adam as  Satoshi Nakamoto. However, Wei Dai’s name has rarely been said, so Wei Dai’s hiding has been successful.

SSH is a secure channel connection protocol provided by Bitvise, which was developed based on the original version provided by Wei Dai in 2000, mainly using encryption. He is the co-founder of the company Bitvise, and he is the only one of these people who did not provide a photo. Wei Dai said on his website that the pictures of Wei Dai trending online are not real. There are many photos of Wei Dai, but is that the real one? Comparing the images of Lao Dai, only the photo below is similar. Only this one.But at the time of publication in 2004, Wei Dai was only 28 years old, which obviously didn’t fit. Others, such as Nick, Hal, and Adam, have a lot of pictures. Excessive concealment, once it becomes an outlier, becomes prominent.

Wu:  You are right. However, the over-concealment makes it stand out. Of the few, Wei Dai behaved unnaturally.

Not only his information but also the information of his father, Mr. Dai Xiwei, after 2007 can not be found. Lao Dai published a book, “Over the River Soldier”(2)in 2003, which is very well written and describes the difficulties in China, the hard work of the first generation of Chinese immigrants, and the growth experience of the prodigy Wei Dai. If you learn the blockchain, the first book should be “Over the River Soldier.” Otherwise, you will not be able to understand Wei Dai, the spiritual world of Bitcoin, and the in-depth understanding of Bitcoin, and you will not be able to understand the blockchain deeply. So many good early technologists have sold their coins because they can only understand Bitcoin from a technical level. Nick said that only three people in the world understand, he, Wei Dai, and Hal. It is true.

This next picture is taken from the book “Over the River Soldier”; the two must be accurate. Too bad it’s not a photo of Wei Dai as an adult. After reading “Over the River Soldier,” I can confirm that their family is not short of money. Microsoft paid a sum to acquire Lao Dai’s handwriting recognition technology. Lao Dai retired from Microsoft at the age of 50. Although We can’t be sure he is rich wealthy, which means that he has no worries about food and clothing. Wei Dai is the only son in his family, so he doesn’t have to worry about life and has enough time to develop Bitcoin. Lao Dai is his benefactor, life mentor, and role model. Generation over a generation.

Wu: I want to read this book

Satoshi Nakamoto accompanied Wei Dai like a shadow. There is a sentence in Wei Dai’s  B-money: ”Kagrees to send KB the solution to problem P before 0:0:0 1/1/2000.” Note the which, reminiscent of the Genesis block on January 3, 2009. The time and date are so close that the similarity of the start date is the unconscious inertia of thinking. Look at the time “0:0:0 1/1/2000”; he published the idea in 1998, which shows that he thinks he could be completed the project on January 1, 2000. It takes one year or one and a half years from publishing ideas to completing the project. This time is his estimated time for the completion of his project. In fact, his Bitcoin program development is less than two years. He has always had an approximate time to complete the plan in his mind, and this time plan has not changed until the development of Bitcoin. But at that time, the thinking needed to be more mature to do it. In 2005, when Bit Gold came out, it was close to Bitcoin, but there was no market opportunity. He saw the failure of Chaum and the inability of various digital currencies. The financial turmoil that started in 2007 made Wei Dai see an opportunity and stimulated his epiphany. So he kept thinking and figured out Bitcoin. The plan for the hands-on has stayed the same, only the B money has been upgraded, but the genes are still there, including the time plan.

Also includes gene delivery from B-money to Bitcoin:

 B→Bit, money→coin,

Bitcoin is the brother of B-money, born by a mother, but Bitcoin is more beautiful.

There are many places where Bitcoin inherits B money, such as proof of work itself is not used to create value.

Wu: I admire your attention to detail

That is hard work. In fact, there are many places where Bitcoin inherits B money. For example, the proof of work itself is not used to create value.

The promotion of Satoshi Nakamoto started from the community. Wei Dai is familiar with the cryptography community and the P2P Foundation forum. Strangely, did not find Wei Dai’s post on the P2P forum. Lao Dai said: “Finally, wd (Wei Dai) ran back to Boston from Seattle and accepted the invitation of the original Lotus company owner. Their (Lotus company) Peer to Peer concept on the Internet attracted wd(Wei Dai).” (2)Wei Dai is working hard for his ideal. It is such a coincidence that where there is Wei Dai, there is Satoshi Nakamoto, and Satoshi Nakamoto is the shadow of Wei Dai. Wei Dai has the habit of encrypting emails with PGP, and so does Satoshi Nakamoto also has the habit of encrypting emails with PGP. Wei Dai has only a few dozen followers on Twitter, and he is a fish in water in the “lesswrong” community, with more than 4,000 posts. Both have community habits. Habits are hard to hide and more reliable than language style analysis.

Satoshi Nakamoto has many Chinese-style English habits. For example, the use of “we” has strong Chinese-style thinking characteristics, and 15 “We” are used in the white paper. Calling David Chaum old Chaum and so on, just like I call Mr. Dai Xiwei old Dai. In the Chinese context, it is an informal and cordial honorific.

We also observed that the eighth citation of the bitcoin white paper is a classic collection of probability theory in 1957, which may not be bought in the market. However, it is the collection of Wei Dai’s university, the University of Washington. So someone familiar with the UW library may spot it.

Wu: found that the book is interesting for those interested enough to go to the library to check it out.

No need to check; he’s brilliant and knows what to do. Satoshi Auburn’s confidence comes from the fact that there is no conclusive evidence. In fact, Satoshi Auburn has already cringed in front of the evidence. The article I identified that he is not Satoshi Nakamoto was published in November last year. On December 22, he implicitly expressed on Twitter that he was no longer seeking external validation and only caring about the validation of his family. See reference (3). Although my evidence was based on his own words, it is only one-sided evidence, which is far less powerful than my proof against Wei Dai. Satoshi Auburn has already felt the pressure. He is an intelligent man, and he is looking for a way out for himself.

There is also a fun one.

Wei Dai went on a trip, and Satoshi Nakamoto’s posts dropped. Wei Dai posted on LessWrong on May 22, 2010: “I’m writing this from a hotel room in Leshan, China, as part of a 10-day 7-city self-guided tour, which may help explain my relative lack of participation in this discussion.” (4) Research the time corresponding to the Bitcoin forum, and the period from May 16 to May 26 is more suitable for this period. Satoshi Nakamoto posted six posts on the departure day on May 16 and five on May 26 after returning. During this period, He posted two posts on May 18, one long and one concise post on May 20. The flight time from China to the United States is more than ten hours. It should land on May 18 before, and he can post. He can return to the ground on May 25 or post on the 26th. Check the posting time on the 26th, and focus on starting at 18:27 and ending at 20:34, Obviously, the accumulated work is completed at one time. Satoshi Nakamoto followed Wei Dai on a trip back to China.

Wu: One is a coincidence, more coincidence, it is inevitable; you continue.

In fact, on the understanding of Bitcoin, Wei Dai expressed almost the same views as Satoshi Nakamoto in “LessWrong,” and he is the authoritative explanation of Nakamoto in the “Less Wrong” forum. But these are public opinions and cannot be used as evidence. Gwern is an excellent Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin expert. He is very active in the “LessWrong” community. Having seen Wei Dai’s performance, Gwern intuitively tells him that Wei Dai is Satoshi Nakamoto. But hard evidence is lacking. (5) He was just one step away from the door. Westerners can’t find Satoshi Nakamoto because it is impossible for the Japanese and the Chinese. Historical experience determines that Westerners are the first choice, which is prejudice. However, it helps with Wei Dai’s hiding. Even if he has a Japanese name, it is hard to remember that he is Chinese. This inference has no problem, but it does not apply to Chinese Americans. Wei Dai went to the United States at the age of nine, with the comprehensive ability of the Chinese and the innovation ability of the Americans. Having both capacities at the same time determines Wei Dai’s confidence, saying, “if Craigslist or PayPal didn’t exist, something essentially identical would have been created very soon anyway, but if Bitcoin didn’t exist, another Bitcoin may not have been created for another decade, and/or may have been created with very different characteristics, for example, it might have been coded with a monetary policy that emphasized price stability instead of a fixed supply of money.” (6) This is quite true, except that he——Wei Dai  No one can create a unique Bitcoin. It is not easy to be original. It is challenging to create an idea that humans have never had before. Unlike normal application development, Paypal’s ideas hardly need to be created.

“and/or possibly create with very different characteristics,” which refers to the line of thought of Nick. In other words, Nick can create something different from Bitcoin. There are only a few people in the circle. Wei Dai has enough judgment on Nick’s Bit Gold.

Since Wei Dai is Satoshi Nakamoto, he dares to say that Satoshi Nakamoto did not create it, and no one can create it. According to Satoshi Nakamoto’s definition of Bitcoin, wouldn’t Wei Dai make it? If he is not Satoshi Nakamoto. According to Wei Dai’s own explanation and the confirmation of Nick and Hal Finney, he has all the conditions to create Bitcoin. Therefore, the odds that Wei Dai didn’t make it but an outsider created it are zero.

here is no Hooke’s achievements nor Newton’s law of universal gravitation. Only a few people are in the circle, and it is necessary to inherit and develop. Satoshi Nakamoto can’t pop up from outside the circle. When we focus on a limited number of people, the evidence flows like a tidal wave.

From Lao Dai’s book, we can see that Wei Dai is a child prodigy and genius that his father is proud of. No one knows a son like a father. Wei Dai came up with B-money at 22 and became a world-renowned cryptography expert in his 20s. After graduating from university, he declined the invitation to Microsoft Research Institute and went to Lotus Company for P2P technology to accumulate a dream technology. If the dream has not been realized, nothing has been done until now, and you can still work without pay, is it logical?

Being able to work without pay is a consideration after wealth freedom. So what makes Wei Dai’s wealth free, saying he is not interested in earning $100,000 a month? (7) The most logical one is Satoshi Nakamoto! B-Money dreams come true. “Hiding away from the view of traditional society, living a happy life without being disturbed.” (2) This is his father’s evaluation of the characteristics of him and their kind in 2003.

A slight similarity can’t explain the problem, but there are more similarities and connections than all possible people, and that is him. So this section adds Satoshi Nakamoto feature to Wei Dai.

Wei Dai: Male, at the time, was 33 years old, a prodigy, American, living on the West Coast, a cypherpunk. No shortage of money. Freelancer. He has excellent programming and product design skills and an understanding of the community. Good life, a good father is a money master and brain man. He likes to live freely. Good at hiding and sending emails to be encrypted, but not good at writing articles.

The above is the similarity analysis. To here, outsiders can also shut up. It is indisputable that Satoshi Nakamoto is Wei Dai.

Wu: Yes. The evidence is strong.

However, novelty hunting is not my goal. There are still many codes that have not been deciphered. We still have to go back to decipher the profound value and learn together the thought value conveyed by Bitcoin.


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3. Dr Craig S Wright@Dr_CSWright 22 December 2022

I have been too angry for too long as I cared for external validation. That ends.

The only validation I seek now is from my family and from seeing my ideas come to fruition and to be used by the world.

Not everyone wants what I have to offer…— Dr Craig S Wright (@Dr_CSWright) December 22, 2022

4. Wei Dai May 22,2010 at 12:29 AM CST


I’m writing this from a hotel room in Leshan, China, as part of a 10-day 7-city self-guided tour,

which may help explain my relative lack of participation in this discussion.

5. gwern April 20th, 2013


(Unless of course Wei is Nakamoto, for which there’s not terrible evidence, in which case he knows all that but the evidential value is still there for us.)

6. Wei Dai April 20, 2013


 if Craigslist or PayPal didn’t exist, something essentially identical would have been created very soon anyway, but if Bitcoin didn’t exist, another Bitcoin may not have been created for another decade, and/or may have been created with very different characteristics, for example it might have been coded with a monetary policy that emphasized price stability instead of a fixed supply of money.

7. Wei Dai 2014年7月22日


The reason for writing this post was that there seems to be opportunities “out there” for earning up to hundreds of millions of dollars (like the opportunity to mine Bitcoin at version 0.1 that I narrowly missed) while doing very little work.  In comparison, doing busywork for a month to earn some unknown amount of money between $0 and $100k is not particularly motivating to me at this point.

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