Is Satoshi Nakamoto Japanese? Korean? Finally, experts say that he is Chinese.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? That is a puzzling question, and I don’t know how many people were stumped. The search for Satoshi Nakamoto has even become a craze around the world. People can’t help but sigh; Satoshi Nakamoto, you are a natural person without revealing appearance, and your photo is not you on the web!

We say that Newton and Einstein are the masters of physics, and Adam Smith is the master of economics. In this way, Satoshi Nakamoto must be the master of the blockchain. What do Koreans say about this? They noted that Confucius and Shizhen Li were both Koreans, and they claimed to have invented Chinese characters, Go, chopsticks, movable type printing, and dumplings, but why didn’t they say that Satoshi Nakamoto was Korean this time? Because it’s just too far-fetched to say that. God does not create Bitcoin, but man-made. Its development, evolution, and perfection also fully follow the general laws of any blockchain product innovation. In this development process, only a few people can make critical contributions to the birth of Bitcoin, and they are all well-documented. None of these characters have anything to do with Koreans. Therefore, the Koreans finally could not forcefully pull Satoshi Nakamoto into their arms this time.

Many people easily speculate that he is a Japanese from the Japanese name Satoshi Nakamoto. Some people even think he may be Shinichi Mochizuki, a genius mathematician at Kyoto University in Japan. People think he is smart enough that his research field includes the mathematical algorithms used by Bitcoin. However, it was immediately questioned that the all-important cryptography involved in designing Bitcoin was not Mochizuki’s field of study. Satoshi Nakamoto knows cryptography, computers, mathematics, and economics beyond ordinary people, while Shinichi Mochizuki’s knowledge composition is not enough to complete a vast encryption project like Bitcoin. Moreover, Mochizuki himself denied the claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Based on various information and clues, people who study Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin in the industry at home and abroad generally believe that people who can become “candidates” for Satoshi Nakamoto are Hal Finney, Nick Szabo, Wei Dai, Adam Back, Craig Wright, Mochizuki, and Dorian Nakamoto. In this regard, the experts also compared and checked these few people. Most of them believed that the latter three could almost be ruled out. Recently, Mr. Weisha Zhu, an expert who has deep research on the blockchain, in his long article “Invite out Satoshi Nakamoto, welcome the new world,” conducted a detailed analysis of who Satoshi Nakamoto is, discuss. He believes that Satoshi Nakamoto is indeed a natural person. The Chinese American expert Wei Dai is Satoshi Nakamoto. The name Satoshi Nakamoto means “Chinese people are smart.” And he called on Satoshi Nakamoto to end his invisibility and reappear. Weisha Zhu is a scholar-entrepreneur and a computer expert. Over the years, he has devoted himself to in-depth research on the blockchain and is well-versed in Bitcoin. The conclusion of “Satoshi Nakamoto is Wei Dai” is drawn after a portrait of Satoshi Nakamoto based on All Sweeping and in-depth thinking. This research is mainly to discover who Satoshi Nakamoto is, not to prove that Satoshi Nakamoto is Chinese. The content of these studies includes the affirmation of Wei Dai’s contribution by the Bitcoin white paper and the definition of Bitcoin, the use of Bitcoin’s SHA256 encryption algorithm for Wei Dai, and a comprehensive analysis of Wei Dai’s and Satoshi Nakamoto’s work and rest time. For the first time, it is proposed that Satoshi Nakamoto has a gold master. Through the similarity and dissimilarity analysis, among all the suspects, Wei Dai’s characteristics were utterly consistent with the portrait.

Satoshi Nakamoto gave himself a Japanese-style name, which may be a cover-up, and its purpose may be to divert people’s attention and deliberately mislead the public. Some people think that one of the main reasons Satoshi Nakamoto chose to be anonymous and invisible is that Douglas, the creator of the previous digital currency, was sentenced. As such, he may well be putting himself at legal risk. However, Bitcoin is now uncontroversially recognized as a commodity like gold, and the legal threat to Satoshi Nakamoto has been lifted.

Those interested can read “Please Invite Satoshi Nakamoto, Meet the New World” on the Internet, so I don’t need to go into details here. Or visit the website; Sun TV’s link is as follows:

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