16-5 Fight the world do not do the world of Wei Dai

Wu: Fight the world, not dominate the world. This topic is fascinating. How do you come to know this question?

In 2017, I entered the blockchain industry and started buying ETH(Ethereum), but I was not optimistic about Bitcoin.

Wu: Why?

Because it doesn’t match my experience, Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared then. My logic was the result of Chinese-style education. If no one controls it, can it still make progress? Ethereum has Vitalik; the project will continue to improve. Bitcoin has no controllers; the community is a mess and may fail; at least, it will not progress and may let others surpass it.

Satoshi Nakamoto and I were not of the same age at that time. Our civilization is not at the same level. It took me about three years to figure this out. Barely keeping up with the times now. Looking back at history, you will find it ridiculous that the so-called conflicts are between civilization and barbarism.

Wu: Regarding the clash of civilizations, some people say that Satoshi Nakamoto is an alien; what do you think?

Some people say Satoshi Nakamoto is an alien representing a high-level civilization. It is not unreasonable. To conquer the world is not to rule the world. Satoshi Nakamoto’s answer from the perspective of future civilization is from his practice.

It is the result of Satoshi Nakamoto, rooted in American community culture for hundreds of years. Why didn’t I simplely identify who Satoshi Nakamoto is? Because looking for Satoshi Nakamoto is to explain and popularize the origin and history of civilization and purify and sublimate one’s thoughts. In the past, people said that I was a farmer, and I was not convinced, but now I admit it. In the past, I was a farmer’s level on the loess high slope. The minor achievements are pure luck, catching up with the good times of reform and opening up. And I regard the potential energy given by the times as my ability. The vision and level are insufficient, the pressure is high, and mistakes are constantly made. In 2015, I finally had the opportunity to sell the company and started my favorite learning process. I’m lucky.

Wu: You also have time to study the blockchain

The Bitcoin Satoshi blockchain is Suitable for me. This industry spans too much, and everyone is blind. There is no theory but practice. Satoshi Nakamoto can explain clearly, but he is too lazy, saying he is good at programming but not good at writing articles. Later, when he became invisible, he was even less able to speak as Satoshi Nakamoto.

He has a “credit” for the chaos in the industry, so he opens Pandora’s box and runs away. Of course, Satoshi Nakamoto has his theory called natural development. But it is difficult for latecomers. Many Mongolian doctors talk nonsense, and it takes a lot of effort to figure out a bunch of confused concepts, which increases the difficulty of learning.

Wu: What wrong concept? Tell me a few.

It takes a lot of words to explain the concept clearly. To put it simply, for example: “Internet of value,” “Decentralization,” “De-trust,” etc., are all one-sided refinements of Bitcoin ideas from a technical perspective.

Wu: I didn’t understand why you spent so much time on the basic concepts, but now I know.

The crap of this series is to help Satoshi Nakamoto, but I can’t stand up to his height. I share my knowledge with the people. There is no right or wrong concept and no distinction between high and low. For example, agricultural, industrial, and Satoshi Nakamoto’s new civilization have their scope and value, and there is room for their natural development. But it is essential to know what civilization we are in and what civilization people are in. Today’s agriculture is not an agricultural civilization; it is full of elements of industrial civilization and the Internet, including the contribution of Satoshi Nakamoto’s thought.

Wu: You mentioned agricultural civilization, industrial civilization, and Satoshi Nakamoto civilization. Can you explain?

The characteristic of agricultural civilization is the small-scale peasant economy, the most representative of which is the thinking of land occupation, just like Putin today, occupying the land of Ukraine. He’s a crazy Siberian farmer who threatens to drop a nuke. After the United States conquered Iraq, it would not withdraw its troops if it were a peasant mindset. I’m not belittling farmers; I don’t mean that. The thinking that conquering the world must dominate the world is the thinking pattern formed from the barbarism era of land reclamation and scrambling, which is peasant thinking.

Industrial civilization is characterized by industrialized large-scale production, organized according to the social division of labor. It has interconnected systems such as the company system. Still, it has the characteristics of agricultural civilization, that is, the thinking of conquering the world, so sitting down the world has not fundamentally changed.

I ran a company and was influenced by contemporary economic theories, including the property rights system. To Start a company and then Control the company is natural for me. The company I set up if I don’t do it, let you do it? A controlling right has value in the capital market. You can see that the bosses of Chinese companies do to dead, and some are not dead, and they go to jail. Some retire regularly. Those are not enterprises; they are called state-owned enterprises. Bill Gates and others will withdraw at that time. Although they are all industrial civilizations, our thinking is more peasant than theirs.

Wu: How did your thinking change?

Peasant thinking originates from only one person can possess a land, it is my not you. Resulting in black-or-white thinking. It is wrong to have a different point of view people. This is the land-occupied thinking of the mind. Without the awareness of sharing, everyone is an enemy. After studying Bitcoin and blockchain, I found that I am just a stupid ×, and my thoughts are not on the same channel as others.

Wu: Can you talk about what Satoshi Nakamoto’s civilization is?

I am not a professional in this field, so I used nouns indiscriminately.

Wu: It’s okay. It’s a personal opinion I would like to hear.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s civilization is a community civilization.

Agricultural civilization was born in the four ancient civilizations, and industrial civilization was born in Europe after the Renaissance. Community civilization was born in America via the Internet. The characteristic of community civilization is that people’s sharing characterizes the community. The United States has many early communities of billions of people, a population far exceeding the size of her territory. Therefore, community civilization, like the previous two civilizations, significantly changed production relations. I did not use the term Internet civilization because the Internet has not considerably improved production relations. Instead, I put forward the term community civilization, and with the influence of Satoshi Nakamoto, capable sociologists can build the theoretical basis for the next generation.

Wu: That makes sense. What are the characteristics of community civilization?

I don’t have much creativity. I analyze, compare and summarize other people’s things. Let me sum up the “lazy man” ‘s point of view, and I will say a few things he disagrees with, and he will speak up. He uttered twice because he opposed it.

1. Satoshi Nakamoto does not believe that the Bitcoin system is his private property

Satoshi Nakamoto deleted the copyright of Bitcoin to contribute to society, making it impossible for those who wanted to occupy the copyright later. Therefore, the program of the Bitcoin system is a public social property.

Fair mining system. Satoshi Nakamoto’s coins are also mined. He understands gold very well. But he digs too much, and the distribution system is unreasonable. Because a system is not perfect at the beginning, it is allowed. I think he is designed for a purpose, so I reasoned about his use. I was planning the bitcoin standard to ask him to donate because I thought it was God’s choice.

The point that programmers are not paid is flawed. Programmers should be paid. It’s correct that Ethereum gets paid. There is a contradiction between altruism and miner incentives. It was not handled well.

No equity, breaking through the boundaries of corporate ownership.

Hidden so far. But Satoshi came across a decrypted one, so I said in the preface that Satoshi Nakamoto’s good days are over.

Wu: It reflects that Satoshi Nakamoto conquers the world but does not control the world. He has a lot of ways to control Bitcoin, and he doesn’t do any of them.

2. Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin is the first to use the community system to allow participants to be rewarded fairly

Community is the gene of altruism, which is in the DNA of America. So let Satoshi Nakamoto play with excellent proficiency.

Bitcoin uses the community to achieve fair distribution and secure accounting.

Created a precedent for the community economy suitable for the Internet era to surpass the corporate economy and achieved a market value of a trillion in 12 years without a single controller. There was no advertising either. Instead, one person invented it and worked in customer service for two years.

The community system has been well summarized in web3, and the time relationship will not be mentioned here.

YouTube also has participants reporting back. Compared with Satoshi Nakamoto’s design, there is still a big difference. Satoshi Nakamoto is fairer. What is a fair design based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s ideas, and how will it develop? It is the domain of community civilization.

3. Believe in the natural development

The departure of Satoshi Nakamoto led to the evolution of the community. Programmer Taaki proposed the BIP 001 proposal, the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal, and Luke Dash proposed BIP002, a small step for them, a giant leap for humanity. Since then, Bitcoin has entered an era of programmer community governance, experienced numerous risks, and basically completed the work of Bitcoin issuance. Now issuance is not the main contradiction, but comprehensive community governance is the main contradiction. The core team members are only five private key controllers left today, and Bitcoin has faced an existential crisis. Both the dollar and the world economy are in crisis. Now the community needs Satoshi Nakamoto just like the United States needed Washington back then.

Wu: Is Satoshi Nakamoto related to Washington?

My research is to get to the bottom of it and find similarities in their behavior. My conclusion is that Satoshi Nakamoto learned from Washington. Washington influenced the United States just as the Renaissance influenced Europe. He is the originator of community civilization, and his thinking is similar. Let’s compare.

1. Washington took command of the All Colonial Army at Cambridge, Massachusetts, on July 3, 1775. Washington also declared that he would not be required to be paid any additional remuneration other than necessary expenses.

Satoshi is also not paid.

2. On December 23, 1783, Washington resigned as army commander-in-chief to the Confederate Congress, which convened later in the House of Representatives in Annapolis, Maryland. It is a very important precedent for the nascent country, avoiding the emergence of a militaristic regime. Washington firmly believed that only the people had sovereignty over the country and that no one could seize power in the United States by relying on military force or just because he was born a nobleman.

Satoshi Nakamoto left the role of top maintainer on December 12, 2010, after the Bitcoin system was stabilized. However, Satoshi firmly believed that communities could evolve naturally.

3. Washington handed over power in 1783 and became President of the United States in 1789. It took six years in the middle

It has been 14 years since Satoshi Nakamoto left. The American system is complex because the Bitcoin system is simple.

4. During the inauguration of the President, Washington was cautious to ensure that the scale and decoration of the ceremonial scene were as simple as the republic’s standards and would not exceed the royal families of the European countries at that time.

Washington’s wife, Martha, was quite disappointed with his election as president, and she only hoped to maintain a peaceful life with Washington in Mount Vernon.

Satoshi Nakamoto is low-key. He met a lousy guy like me today and forced him to come out.

5. Washington was a benevolent founding father. Americans call him the father of the United States. No love of power; the world is public.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of the bitcoin system and the father of bitcoin, does not love the power; the world is public.

Wu: You want to tell us that it is not surprising that Satoshi Nakamoto appeared in the United States?

Yes. I used to know that the world is public, but I didn’t know what it meant the world is public. Having seen Washington and Satoshi Nakamoto, I know I am no more civilized than in the 18th century. I am humiliated, I am not a few years younger than his father, and Satoshi Nakamoto educated me. He is also Chinese, but his civilization is 1.5 orders higher than mine.

Wu: I agree.

What I feel most profoundly is Satoshi Nakamoto, a commoner great man. He set an example for us. Anonymity and invisibility are the prices he pays for his ideals and future civilization. Bitcoiners pay him great respect.

Wu: Can you briefly describe Satoshi Nakamoto in your mind?

In fact, I have been describing it, but it isn’t easy to describe it. Nevertheless, I will try it because everyone’s Hamlet is different and incur ridicule.

The community is a public instrument.

community matters, community decision

The God of the Bitcoin Community

I think Satoshi Nakamoto is a god-man, not a god. However, I like the words of Maxdeath from VeChain China:

“He has a humble personality and is open to accepting advice from others. He is very smart, but he is not as a cut above the rest intelligence of many geniuses such as Vitalik Buterin. He may have never been considered the top person in his life, so he knows his own Insufficient, even knowing that he may make mistakes, so, in the process of Bitcoin from its inception to its birth, he has been absorbing other people’s suggestions and new knowledge without reservation, which is one of the important reasons why Bitcoin can appear and even succeed “. (1)

Judging from Max’s name, he is not a supporter of Bitcoin. It is clear from his writings that he is a person who has carefully read the 80,000-word post on Bitcoin, which is rare. He doesn’t know anything about Satoshi Nakamoto’s life; he doesn’t know that our Satoshi Nakamoto was a genius since childhood.

Hal Finney and Max spoke of his modesty, and I felt the same way reading his postings. It is a habit that Chinese people have been brought up with.

Wu: You talked about why he disappeared because he didn’t want to be a great leader.

Right. Agricultural civilization needs great leaders, followed by industrial civilization, and great leaders of community civilization are harmful. The best comparison is between Bitcoin and Ethereum. He is Civilian Washington. Washington still came out for the benefit of the people and was unanimously voted, the only one in the history of the United States. And Satoshi Nakamoto will reproduce this history.

Wu: Are you so sure that he will come out? Most people think you will fail.

It’s up to him to decide whether to come out or not. I’m a quack doctor and feeling me right, take my medicine.

Wu: Your conclusion that he’s willing to come out?

He has a few questions that he hasn’t figured out. He has already taken medicine for the foreshadowing in front of us. But, of course, he can only come out.

Wu: You are terrific. Now I want to talk about the reason why he came out. I am looking forward to it.


1. Maxdeath

Shanghai VeChain Information Technology Co., Ltd. Senior Blockchain Research Consultant


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