16-1 Wei Dai is Prometheus Stealing Skyfire

Wu: Mr. Zhu has talked so much, and the previous foreshadowing is over. I heard three things, analyzing who is not Satoshi Nakamoto? In order to find out who Satoshi Nakamoto is, the thought of Satoshi Nakamoto is introduced. The third is to use a method of investigating cases that is novel and unique.

There is a lot of market research but insufficient evidence. Simply identifying who Satoshi Nakamoto is will make this matter superficial. Even Satoshi Nakamoto didn’t respond, so will he react to me just by making a simple identification? It will only make Satoshi Nakamoto look at it with contempt. Satoshi Nakamoto is great, and the phenomenon of Satoshi Nakamoto is profound. I have learned a lot, and there are still many mysteries. I plan to share my learning experience with people to inspire each other and promote the progress of society.

Satoshi Nakamoto himself knew how much he had achieved, and so did his friends. Nick Szabo said that Satoshi Nakamoto had made such an outstanding contribution, and I want to respect his privacy. Nick Szabo was right about the early days of Bitcoin. I want to convince Satoshi Nakamoto and his friends to recognize the situation. That is, the first half is over, and now it’s the second half. Satoshi Nakamoto has to make his debut in order to achieve the goal of promoting human progress and realizing the ideal of cypherpunk.

I review the history in the front; the purpose is to evoke people’s historical memory. Let the audience understand that such a group of human elites created Satoshi Nakamoto. Just like today’s small partners in the blockchain, boldly innovate, make mistakes, move forward, and hold up the brightest star in the night sky.

Wu: Mr. Zhu described the technical issues so poetically, but the third point has not been explained yet.

Satoshi Nakamoto is a cryptographer, and the quirk of his profession is that he is good at encryption. Can’t find him; the jargon just can’t be deciphered. The level of decryption cannot be lower than that of encryption. Two of Satoshi’s joys are contributing to the world and solving a technical puzzle. I discovered we had the same fun, and Satoshi became my problem. Solving complex problems requires innovation, that is, new methods, just like Satoshi Nakamoto’s innovative methods.

Wu: Yes. I remember you mentioned all sweeping and deep thinking many times. Is that the new method you said?

It is another topic. Say, Our sweeping ability is not as good as today’s artificial intelligence. But deep thinking is an advantage humans have over deep learning. Satoshi Nakamoto said that he did not invent Bitcoin, and no one will invent it within ten years. I hope Deep learning of artificial intelligence can reach my level of deep thinking within ten years. In other words, the current artificial intelligence cannot find Satoshi Nakamoto. Therefore, a new model breakthrough is required. Artificial intelligence has no problem with all sweeping, but deep learning has a problem. My approach is a new modeling approach that utilizes traditional detective methods.

Wu: I am very interested in how you found Satoshi Nakamoto.

I am verifying a method, the method of general artificial intelligence. The current artificial intelligence core algorithm Transformer is only the foundation. My idea is to develop a second-layer algorithm based on the core algorithm of Transformer deep learning. But my math ability is too poor, and I can’t modeling to surpass, so let’s see if the manual method can verify the result. The previous articles’ analysis is all negativity research, which is very easy. And the following analysis can better embody the power of deep thinking.

Another digression is an example of deep thinking. Why did Messi bend over to hold the Hercules Cup to the rhythm of Yuan Shuxiong’s song Good Morning Longhui? Messi is the god in the hearts of fans, and Satoshi Nakamoto is also the god in the hearts of Bitcoin fans. When I saw Messi bending over, I seemed to see Satoshi Nakamoto. A great man worships a god. Messi bent over and said: “Football is great, Messi admires the God in my heart.” Who is the god in Messi’s heart? Satoshi Nakamoto said: “Bitcoin is great, but Satoshi Nakamoto is nothing.” What do you think about the words of Satoshi Nakamoto? Think deeply.

Wu: According to your logic, I must read the original text first, then read the relevant materials, and think deeply to find a reasonable explanation. This example is perfect, and it answers how Bitcoin fans should position Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto is someone like Messi. I still have questions. You have analyzed the five most concentrated players in the market, Dave, Satoshi Auburn, Hal Finney, Adam Back, and Nick Szabo. Your logic is that the market is generally impossible to go wrong. Isn’t this the case that the market makes mistakes?

Yes. If the market is natural, it will be the correct result, just like most U.S. stocks. But human manipulation is different. There are loopholes in manipulation; what is a loophole? We are according to the portrait. Draw a picture is the current method of artificial intelligence based on all sweeping. ChatGPT has a solid classification ability, and we can do an excellent job of portraits using ChatGPT. The core of sweeping is to have enough information, and the most challenging thing for me is to deny Adam Back. About him, I found so little information. I almost gave up my research. I was lucky enough to find evidence of Adam’s publication of the patent, providing an alibi. The sweeping logic tells us that all the facts float on the surface and are expressed as right weights. Can you review what we omitted earlier? Close your eyes and think, who jumped in front of your eyes?

Wu: More than a dozen people you mentioned, including Laszlo and Gavin Andresen, came to mind. The most profound thing is Wei Dai and the goldlord. goldlord is used in the title. Also used the word great. Other you used the word great to Hal Finney and Nick Szabo earlier. Obviously, this goldlord is unusual in your eyes. Another person worthy of greatness is Satoshi Nakamoto.

That’s right. There is also a great figure, Satoshi Nakamoto! Wei Dai, the sole creator of Bitcoin, is what we are looking for. Wei Dai fits my profile. I am thrilled because he is our clan. The Chinese are the greatest contributors to the world in modern times. The goldlord is his father, Mr. Dai Xiwei, who is also a legend. Mr. Dai Xiwei gave the name Satoshi Nakamoto. I will explain the meaning of Satoshi Nakamoto at the end of the article. I will provide proof for each of the above sentences. It is the power of deep thinking.

My analysis is just like ChatGPT; it is all sweeping. Think deeply about the total fact, and come to a conclusion, and the benevolent see benevolence, and the wise see wisdom. The mainstream view in the market is the jury’s verdict, just like the market’s verdict on Satoshi Auburn. Satoshi Nakamoto will echo my analysis because Satoshi Nakamoto is more intelligent than me.

Wu: Are you so confident? Most people I know don’t believe that Satoshi Nakamoto will show up.

Of course, there is logic in everything. Who doesn’t believe  Satoshi Nakamoto will show up is a brain-slapping person who judges based on his experience. There is neither sweeping nor deep thinking. We think based on facts and make judgments about probability. Isn’t the probability of not predicting the outcome in advance just like headless chickens bumping into each other? Let me say one more thing; Satoshi Nakamoto, watch our video. Weighing the pros and cons all the time. I gave him plenty of time. He was watching me perform to see how much I guessed, right? There is only one reason for not showing up; my medicine does not cure the disease.

Wu: What result do you think will happen?

As requested, I will add an episode and give four excellent, better, medium, and poor results. So Satoshi Nakamoto will exceed my excellent judgment, which is excellent+ because I can’t stand at the same height as him. To what extent, I cannot think.

Prometheus, who stole Skyfire, is my interpretation of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Wu: Looking forward to it. Very suspenseful.

We solve a case; there must be witnesses and physical evidence, as well as the confession of the parties. All evidence should be consistent with each other. I am very grateful for the experience in the Foshan Detention Center in Chain and recorded that experience. It is a pity that the last two chapters are lost, only the Commercial Prison chapter. That is the place where I learn training and sum up deep thinking. Five hundred eight days, the last day the judiciary did not break the law, I successfully walked out of the gate of the detention center. Fortunately, the habit of deep thinking has not been lost, and I used it to help Satoshi Nakamoto and his little friends today.

Witnesses are closely related people. So I start with one of the people I admire, the most critical witness, Nick Szabo, the great founder of Bitcoin.

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