14. Adam Back gets up early and catches up late with one of the founders of Bitcoin

Regarding who Satoshi Nakamoto is, Adam Back isn’t at the top of the list of suspects. But my research is different; the principle of my research is causality. The lineage and origin of Bitcoin are not within this article, which is another long topic. The pedigree and origin of Bitcoin point to the birthplace of Bitcoin in the circle of cypherpunks. Adam is an active figure in the cypherpunk community. In the early years of the cypherpunk community, He discussed B-money with Wei Dai that B-money is the accounting system of his Hashcash, and Hashcash will become a candidate function for Wei Dai’s decentralized coinage concept. Satoshi Nakamoto saw this conversation and adopted the proof-of-work from the Hashcash paper in his Bitcoin. In other words, Adam might also use Wei Dai’s ideas to implement Bitcoin himself. This possibility exists. Another doubt point is his tenure as CEO of Blockstream, a company with several members of the Bitcoin Core group, including Gregory Maxwell and Pieter Wuille et al. Some people in the market think that the Blockstream company controls Bitcoin. Did Satoshi Nakamoto use his real identity to handle it? Jameson Lopp, the core developer of Bitcoin and the chief development engineer of the Bitcoin security platform BitGo, answered the market’s doubts with the article “Who Controls Bitcoin” (1). Less than 20% of the code uploaded by the Blockstream company is. There was also a misgiving that Blockstream was the small block school in Bitcoin, and they turned out to be correct. It can be seen from Adam’s remarks that he does not understand the connotation of the so-called big block and a small block in the blockchain, but the public speech and the internal speech may be very different; maybe the internal talk is not what he said so. I’m not an insider, so I can’t know the inner word. They insist on the route of value storage. They insist on the second-layer technology of Bitcoin, security, green mining, and satellite Bitcoin network, making Bitcoin on a more secure road. This article describes this debate: “8. Which is Satoshi Nakamoto’s intention, the stored value or the application debate?” The essence of Bitcoin is a natural development, but there is right and wrong when there is debate. Who has this level to make Bitcoin go on the right path? Is it Satoshi Nakamoto? Is Adam him? Of course, the correct road does not mean that Adam is Satoshi Nakamoto; it only means that the level of Adam’s team is high. There is a high probability that a high-level person is Satoshi Nakamoto. Maybe Adam is the deeply hidden Satoshi Nakamoto. Our thought process was to keep drawing portraits, drawing, and drawing; Adam jumped into the frame of my analysis.

Satoshi Nakamoto is not an outsider; he is a person in the circle of cypherpunks. There are a few people in this circle, Hal Finney, Adam Baker, Wei Dai, and Nick Szabo. Hal, we ruled it out; now it’s Adam’s turn. If Adam’s superficial remarks look, he could have been ruled out long ago; if so, this topic is too easy. We want to find behavioral evidence, that is, objective evidence.

Adam Back, British cryptographer, cypherpunk. Born in London in July 1970, now lives in Sliema, Malta, and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Exeter. He is proficient in C++ programming, worked with David Chaum, the creator of the cryptocurrency, and was the first to receive an email from Satoshi Nakamoto about bitcoin.

But Satoshi’s email to him has never been published publicly. Is this email actual? Could it be that Adam playing Satoshi Nakamoto, emailed Wei Dai? Adam did not post the email, indicating that he may have played Satoshi Nakamoto, and sent an email to Wei Dai.

It is unknown whether his residence in Sliema, Malta is his current residence or his residence in 2009 and 2010. If he lived there, it could be ruled out immediately because its time zone is nine hours ahead of the US Pacific time zone. But I have not been able to find information on the exact place of Adam’s residence.

Adam is also low profile, but he has Twitter, which he joined in 2010, and now has 490,000 followers. His company has only 190,000 followers. And Satoshi Nakamoto doesn’t use Twitter. Adam entered the Bitcoin forum in 2013 and rarely commented on the forum, only the one he introduced himself was found. If he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, he should be familiar with the road and not fail to speak in the forum. Adam didn’t know how to play. It is very different from Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin Forum has been active until now, and Twitter is in the “broadcast” category and is very different from the community model. Satoshi Nakamoto likes the community model, the community belongs to like-minded people and volunteers, and the business atmosphere is much lighter. There is a difference between the two people’s preferences. Habit belongs to the way of behavior that is not easy to hide.

Both will use C++, but Adam likes C, and Literature (2) says in his self-report: ” I evolved into a philosophically an anti-C++ person preferring C.” Combining his age, it is customary to like C, just like Hal likes C, so I adapt and believe his remark. On the other hand, Satoshi Nakamoto never mentioned the C language because he used C++ from the beginning.

Another characteristic of Adam is that he is very academic. He has the habit of applying for patents (3). He applied for patents from March 25, 2004, to February 12, 2018. Some of the patents after 2014 are that they cede personal power to Blockstream company. The blockchain does not pay attention to patents but to publicity and open source. Satoshi Nakamoto removed his name from the copyright of Bitcoin software, so Auburn Satoshi registered the copyright of Bitcoin to his name. These are two completely different ways of thinking. With patents, how can people participate? One of them is a patent filed by Adam and two others on March 31, 2010: “Data Redundancy at Multiple Sites” is worth mentioning. Explain that Adam is working on other projects during this time, and colleagues are participating. From the ranking of applicants, Adam is the first inventor, and his contribution to the project should be the greatest. At this time, the customer service of Bitcoin began to increase, and the revision task was also cumbersome. If he was Satoshi Nakamoto, where would his time come from? Back then, working from home was unpopular, so how did he not let his colleagues know he was doing private work? If that’s the case, the colleagues will know, and all the relevant colleagues will be big bitcoin bulls, Patrick E. Bozeman and Zachary Wily. Have you ever heard of it? Patrick has been cooperating with Adam on patented inventions from 2004 to 2014, and in 2014, when Adam entered the Blockstream company, there was no joint patent. From this cooperation, Adam can work in one place for ten years. And Satoshi Nakamoto is a freelancer who does not worry about food and clothing and does things by interest.

Adam’s early Twitter profile has this line: “Inventor of Hashcash (Bitcoin is Hashcash extended with inflation control),” saying that Bitcoin is just an extension of Hashcash! It upsets a lot of people. Of course, Adam has changed the profile only to mention the use of Hashcash in Bitcoin mining. The pictures from that year are shown in Figure 1. Succumbing to the market to amend the profile was a word of truth. It has analytical value.

Figure 1 Adam’s earliest tweets

His views at the time now appear to be belittling Bitcoin and inflating Hashcash. Wouldn’t have done it if he was Satoshi Nakamoto. Adam entered Twitter in 2010, and his profile ranked David Chaum’s electronic cash (ecash) ahead of proof-of-work. At that time, Bitcoin hadn’t become big; it was just a little famous and didn’t carry much weight in his heart. It could also explain why he didn’t take part in mining, as he didn’t think Bitcoin was as important as the job in his hands. When the bitcoin market broke out in 2013, bitcoin rose from $13.6 at the beginning of the year to $113 on April 18, when he entered the bitcoin forum. Adam understands that he, famous for bitcoin, turned A lap and found that this was his most excellent chance. His post on the Bitcoin forum, (2) on the one hand, shame, and regret, because there is no bitcoin in hand. He’s procedurally better than Nick and has the same opportunities as Hal Finney. He is sensitive to business, and Bitcoin’s halo lifts him. The current valuation of the Blockstream company is not low; it should be worth billions of dollars. This turn is done right.

Adam has no problem running a company to make money. He took the money from the USDT parent company and gave them a good word. The words are correct, so the original said wrong? Change your attitude when you have interests. Satoshi Nakamoto is not short of money. It is not what Satoshi Nakamoto did.

Don’t say how well he understands bitcoin, his academic and industrial experience has made bitcoin peripherals into business, helping bitcoin invisibly. Bitcoin will develop naturally, and you will sing, and I will appear. Blockstream company is too powerful, and the market’s view of Adam is somewhat emotional, (4) What if the market’s argument is wrong? New perspectives are needed. There is not much difference between the masters. Will his brainless remarks about Bitcoin be faked?

On the contrary, it is suspicious. It is too vital to confirm that Adam is not Satoshi Nakamoto. All speech expressions must be carefully identified and combined with behavioral characteristics.

Compared with Satoshi Nakamoto, Adam does not have the characteristics of no lack of money and is a freelancer. It has the style of an old-school scholar and likes to apply for patents. The main thing is that in 2010, there was no time to act as customer service for Bitcoin. Negation is easier than affirmation. The above points do not match the behavior of Satoshi Nakamoto’s portrait.

The text above is a different perspective from the market, but the conclusion is the same. Bitcoin is a business to Adam, and nothing is wrong. There is no right or wrong in natural growth, but feelings exist. Like Hal, Nick, and Wei Dai, read them feel with love. Adam Back is brilliant, 27 years old in 1997. He published the idea of proof of work and laid the foundation for the realization of Bitcoin. He has to work hard and have the opportunity to create Bitcoin. But also thank him for his dedication to Bitcoin, satellite network, and green mining, his forward-looking, and for guarding Bitcoin. Compared with ordinary people, Adam’s entry into Bitcoin is not too late, and the timing is too good. Wish he had been holding bitcoin. My proposal is suitable for their company.


Satoshi Nakamoto: Male, 33-34 years old, prodigy, American, living on the West Coast, a cypherpunk. Not short of money. Freelancers. There is no Satoshi Nakamoto among the suspects of the deceased Satoshi Nakamoto. He has excellent programming and product design skills and an understanding of the community. Good life, there is a good moneymaster and schemer. Satoshi Nakamoto has a deep understanding of finance. Influenced by the Austrian School of Economics. Philosophically inclined towards natural evolution, like a free life. He is the founder of Cryptoeconomics. Chosen son with a mission. Satoshi Nakamoto’s role-playing doesn’t have such a large span of character and behavior.

written in the back

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Episode 1 Starting from the Bitcoin White Paper

Episode 2: Does Bitcoin Have Value?

Episode 3 The Reason for Satoshi Nakamoto’s Anonymity

Episode 4 The Root of All Evils in Fiat Currency

Episode 5: Past, Present, and Future of Bitcoin

Episode 6 Blockchain Opens Pandora’s Box; Satoshi Nakamoto Comes Out

Episode 7 Four conditions for the rapid growth of Bitcoin

Episode Eight Satoshi Nakamoto’s Age, Gender, and Nationality

Episode 9 Cypherpunk – the birthplace of Satoshi Nakamoto’s thought

Episode 10 None of the dead pioneers is Satoshi Nakamoto; he is still alive

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